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August 29, 2021

Life has thought me to know that somethings I fear are also afraid of me and are not real, just a figment of my imagination as what the heart conceive, young man was scared of a picture of a painted Devil that was placed at a strategic point in his family house, he was sold out to fear and lived in the imagination of the devil coming out from that paint works to kill him and not till a day he got close and saw that it was just an art work. many of us most especially the so called Nigerians fear the late Muhammadu Buhari as if he is next after God, more especially the sold out elites in Biafra land.

The Muhammadu Buhari we fear is just like a rodent standing in front of a holographic light that boosts it's shadow and makes it look like a monster. We all are afraid of Fulanis that are just mid night killers, they are not combatants that's why they attack their preys at night falls,  mainly they only attack helpless farmers and rape armless women and are protected by the Zoo called Nigeria military. I implore Biafrans to say hello to our fear by standing up for the restoration of our only nation Biafra.The name Muhammadu Buhari you fear has decomposed in Casablanca Morocco. if we live in this fear any further we live in it for ever. Biafra is now or never.

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