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August 28, 2021

What goes around comes around, one cannot eat his cake and have it back. Every Biafran politician more especially those of them from Igbo speaking Biafra deserve to be paid with their own coin. Exceptional of Enyinnaya Harcourt Abaribe, honorable senator representing Abia South constituency, others are Fulani slaves. Biafran politicians have limited rights in Nigeria political settings unlike their counterpart from Fulani extraction. Those self accliaimed leaders are Fulani property, in their various jurisdictions, masses see them as people in authority but they lack charismatic leadership quality. They are nothing but otelectual. They claim to have seen it all but they known nothing, ordinary to withstand their fellow Fulani politicians during plenary session at senate house to evaluate or review bill, you see them leaking saliva from their mouth. Hardly you see a Biafran politician without having Fulani godfathers as mentor. Some of them were sexually perused, harassed by Fulani men before been considered for political appointment. They are leaders with no pedigree, leaders without the people's mandate, not ordinary required representation charisma do they have.

Already they have acknowledged that the masses have lost confidence in them in terms of qualitative representation, their self greediness, looting of public funds is untold. Their wickedness should be replicated with meanness as payback this time election is around the corner. Anambra election is their focus, they must be taught a lesson for them to believe that power belongs to the masses. No doubt, Biafran politicians are jittery for what is to come. They are not sure if Anambra election will hold in November. Nigeria election is a scam, it must not be allowed to hold, Anambra must be a takeoff point. Not just election boycott, it will be boycotted for sure but Fulani godfathers will still install their own preferable stooge as governor elect in Anambra hence,  election date is allowed to be fixed. Independent National Electoral Commission-INEC's, claimed that unknown gunmen vandalized 50% of their facilities in Anambra state, it's a fallacy and political trick.  The electoral body only wants to divert attention so that they can go ahead and organise their usual fraudulence election in the state.

Before anything that has to do with election to be mentioned in Biafraland, Igbo politicians must first demand for the unconditional release of Biafra nationalist leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, from their Fulani godfathers dungeon. Fulani oligarchy pressurized their servitude Igbo politicians to get Mazi Nnamdi Kanu kidnapped in Kenya before he was illegally bundled back to Nigeria. Mass action must descend on Biafran politicians to call off the Anambra election now, to avert extension of Jos killing by Fulani herdsmen in Anambra state. Handshake across the trigger by unknown Angelic men resume their activities, their energy should be channeled in Anambra election. 

Election is meaningless, the more election is allowed in Biafra land the more downtrodden of the masses and untimely death of the youths. Anarchy or voluntary co-operation of individuals taking care of themselves is far better than allowing kleptomaniac Fulani stooges at the helm of affairs. State of anarchy will affect politicians more, while authoritative governing body will affect the innocent the masses. Biafran politicians know they will be affected once anarchy takes place, that is why they are hell bent pressing hard for election to be conducted where they can steal the life of the masses away.

Fulani oligarchy is working around the clock to see election is held in Anambra. Currently many churches in Anambra are assisting their own candidates to be secretly collecting Permenant Voters Card registration serial number of their church members, Biafra reporters learnt. They have started the rigging already, even when they are not sure whether the election will be held or not, and churches are helping them to achieve it. They know public election campaign is  banned in Biafra land, they have resolved to penetrating churches to accomplish the rigging mechanism. Whatever method being applied by these desperate political criminals to conduct the election must surely backfire. Why is it so, Nigeria is not yet advanced to organize electronic voting. 

However, even if the electoral body eventually or mistakenly conduct electronic voting, needful must be done to hack the saver. Hacking the electoral saver won't take anything. Biafrans are intelligent in that regard but the end point is; INEC must not be given a breathing space to fix a date for the election. The electoral body has slated two thousand [2000], National Youth Service Corps members to serve as ad-hoc staff. Their arrangement must be disrupted on time, everything to make the electoral body to postpone the election indefinitely must be done so be it. That is the only option left to hold the criminal politicians accountable, at the same time to let them know that the masses have absolute right and mandate over the government policy making.

Allowing election to hold in Anambra state is allowing what is happening in Imo state, to repeat itself again. Had Imo state election be stopped initially, Fulani oligarchy won't have used Supreme Court to illegally installed Fulani administrator in the state as governor; and hundreds of thousands of Igbo youths killed and those still been detained in various dungeons by Hope Uzodimma order, would not had happened.

Going further; allowing election in Anambra state while Biafra nationalist leader - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, remains in detention is unacceptable by the family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra. Anybody suggesting to accept election to be conducted in Anambra State deserves to be stone to death like martyr Stephen, irrespective of the person's personality. Since elections had been held every four year, nothing good has ever comes out of it, only but death, dehumanization and violation of human rights. Biafran politicians must be mounted pressure to demand for the unconditional release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the time is now not tomorrow. They should not be allowed to continue sounding politically correct while playing at the gallery; let them hit the nail at the head once and for all.

People that want election to be held cannot boldly demand for common restructuring, all of them were there when oil producing states that were given ordinary 13% derivation formula was slashed to 3%, while Sokoto state, that produces nothing was given 50%. What is the essence of election in a first place?. For continuation of downtrodden of Biafra people or what?. After which billions of naira will be deposited to their various individual private bank accounts to accept open grazing bill. Many are unaware of this, both Hope Uzodimma of Imo and his partner in crime Dave Umahi of Ebony respectively had collected billions of naira from the federal government of Fulani Nigeria to implement open grazing in their respective states.

Biafran politicians can neither advocate against open grazing bill, ranch, or water way bill nor defend the masses against Fulani herdsmen incessant killings so therefore, calling for election in Anambra State is inviting impeding misfortune and doom.

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