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August 28, 2021

Only those that knew nothing on how desperate Fulani extremists are on their quest to enforce radical Fulanization on indigenous population in Nigeria will keep arguing through their nose without ascertaining nor see that Nigeria has becoms a tomb, a pit in which human beings killed by the government sponsored Fulani terrorists are deposited. Fulani fundamentalist are in a hurry to fulfill their target, they might get their target accomplish more especially Northern part of Nigeria and Middle Belt, unless a unify resistance force like Eastern Security Network-ESN, set up by the Indigenous People of Biafra is put in place, without it, many parts of Nigeria won't only be in auto reverse mode but will be brutally Talibanized.

The same thing the Taliban did in Afghanistan is exactly what the Fulani terrorists wants in Nigeria. They have successfully encroached to the power with the Presidency's complicity, aid and abating. Security formation has been compromised through infiltration. What awaits Nigeria is for a terrorist flag to be officially be hoisted in the Presidential Aso Rock Villa though Yusuf Buratai the former Army Chief of Nigeria ceremoniously once handed over same terrorist flag to tyrant Muhammadu Buhari for reference point. Before then, strategic posts both political and security apparatus must have been bastardized with terrorist ingrain members. This is exactly what happened at the Nigeria Defense Academy. Troops at the NDA can repel the attack but they were ordered not to, until the Fulani terrorists' mission on specified targeted officers was accomplished without much stress.

The attack by Fulani terrorists on Nigeria Defense Academy was not a national disgraced as some groups claimed, Fulani top military officers played the game very well, and it was perfectly executed. Those targeted military officers who are giving Fulani terrorists headache were gruesomely killed mainly those of them, officers from Middle Belt and of course, officers from Igbo extraction. Going by geographical location of NDA, It is impossible to carry out a successful attack and go scott without an already mounted inside spies. And who are those spies?. Fulani terrorists ingrained military officers inside the Nigeria Defense Academy. Those Fulani spies are the enemy at the gates, they paved ways for any Fulanization terrorist attack.

They are the same people with military uniform watching indigenous population got killed in various communities and villages but did nothing. They leak security information and details to their co Fulani terrorist members. Nigeria Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami, who was indicted in his involvement with Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorist groups is in tyrant Muhammadu Buhari's kitchen cabinet. As a Minister of Communications and Digital Economy who has link with Fulani terrorist groups and its foreign allies, has a prerogative power to determine who lives and who dies as every Nigerian data is in his disposal to do with.

The just recent attack on NDA is not ordinarily, Presidency won't act beyond writing trash press statement through their fiddle minded Media and Publicity Secretary, Gaba Shehu, that the perpetrators must be brought to book after which the Fulani cannibalists will go scott free with Presidential pardon and appointments for jobs well executed. Every government loophole, lapse has been identified by the Fulani terrorists, more deadly attacks are still coming, Biafra Reporters once stated that only a unified resistance force like IPOB's security wing; Eastern Security Network-ESN can stop them. IPOB is the only force Fulani terrorists are afraid of, without IPOB, Eastern region would have long before now becomes another Middle Belt, where a Fulani Imam like Salihu Zaria will be threatening to kill Christians and it happened, surprisingly the Nigeria security forces refused to arrest him put him on probation.

So far as Fulani is concern they won't stop killing till their targets are achieved. There are classified hidden information surrounding the attack on NDA, many Nigerians do not know that. The just murdered Commander of the Special Task Force, in Plateau State, Major-Gen. Atologbe, was a prime target and other Middle Belt officers and Igbo officers were included. That was why the attack was carried out successfully and went uninterrupted without being repelled. Defense headquarters claimed that the soldiers at duty posts were asleep when the Fulani terrorists invaded the elite defense academy was nothing but a lie from the pit of hell. It is impossible for all soldiers to went asleep at the same time. Inspite of the, Circuit Camera Television - CCTV, being stationed for surveillance at very strategic points before the attack was shut down, this gave the Fulani terrorist invaders upper hand to kill officers, kidnapped officers and left without any of them sustaining casualty.

Only tales by moon light story for kindergarten can accept the drama. Major Gen. Atologbe committed a crime after he arrested some Fulani terrorists in Plateau State and paraded them publicly and his refusal to either release them or transfer those arrested terrorists to Abuja, as he was ordered from top Fulani military officers. Major Gen. Atologbe declined the order, insisted that those Fulani culprits must be tried within the jurisdiction the crime was committed. He was removed, before his execution was carried out. Immediately he was removed Fulani Imam, Sahiru Zaria made an inciting threat to kill Christians in Plateau state. Recent Fulani attacks in both Jos and Benue state respectively were directly connected to an orchestrated plan by the Fulani terrorists to attack NDA Kaduna. Fulani controlled Presidency can never make this hidden plan or agenda open so that the public will not know their evil plans of Fulanization of Nigeria. Their major intention was to subdue Middle Belt precisely Benue state, into submission before matching forward to former Eastern region of Nigeria.

Nobody is safe in Nigeria anymore, the life of Biafra nationalist leader, Mazi Nnamdi, who is being incarcerated in the DSS dungeon is not guaranteed. Fulani control Presidency might use their militias and carry out attack on DSS facility where Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is being held incommunicado, and when this attack is done will be blame on bandits. Nothing Fulani won't do to get their set target, without mincing word and the cost involved.

Whatever, anybody says is none of their business, as it stands now, Jos has become another Afghanistan where nations around the world are evacuating their citizens for fear of Taliban attacks. Many states in Nigeria are evacuating their indigens from Jos mainly students. Fulani terrorist groups won't back down till Nigeria is officially handed over to them with their flag hovering inside the Presidential villa in Aso Rock Abuja.

They all know what they are doing; Muhammadu Buhari's led government is part and parcel of the game plan. They all have separate terrorist factions. Just like Pakistan openly supports Taliban to topple legitimate government in Afghanistan, the same way Fulani oligarchy send their militias to spill the blood of the innocent masses. Whosoever, that speak against the Muhammadu Buhari's terrorist government becomes a target. Not even journalists are spared, media houses are force to compromised. Freedom of speech is highly prohibited, totalitarian radical Fulanization is swiping over Nigeria. Their focus is total control of Nigeria, but IPOB won't let them, sooner rather than later it will be an open confrontation by a unify resistant force against the Fulani terrorist groups.

Written By Kelechi Okorie, Co-scripted by Ndubuisi Eke

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke

Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07

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