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June 21,2021

Nigeria cannot offer us Biafra in a million years, we have to take it by force. So, if there is something we are certain of, it is that there will be another war.You will be shocked what Nnamdi Kanu just did.

When America formed NATO in 1949, it was to assuage the growing forces of the USSR who were becoming almost a bully to the rest of the world.

It is thanks to the NATO alliance that the USSR collapsed. With NATO, America built an impenetrable wall of resistance around the perimeters of Russia so that they become a dot inside a hostile circle.

Stay with me!

If we assemble three people who have actually digested the history of the Biafran war and asked them why Biafra lost the war, they will readily say three things: Starvation, Sabotage and Insufficient supply of equipment.

Do you know what? They are very correct. But part of the victory of the Nigerian forces was that they were able to reduce Biafra to the Igbo regions.

Now, brace for the shock! 

After studying the working Nigerian map with which the war was fought I acknowledged that Ojukwu had zero chances of winning. This is because he was reduced to 'a tiny dot within a circle.'

This popular phrase "a dot within a circle" did not originate today. Ojukwu encircled, there was no back door. He was pushing an attack from the centre of nowhere.

surrounding him were the new cur states created by Gowon (South-south), before him was Lagos, the capital city and beside him were the middlebeltan region of Nigeria and the neutral Cameroons. 

There was every chance of cutting Biafra off the circulation of food and military equipment from these strategic angles. If Biafra had won, it could have only been a miracle.

52 Years Later!

The old alliances have collapsed, new ones have emerged. Today, Nnamdi Kanu has authored a Copernican revolution with what could be called WATO: it is no longer the circle that controls the dot, rather the tiny dot controls the circle. 

This is urgent!

There were three powerful alliances with which Nigeria fought the war which has collapsed recently: Hausa/Fulani alliance, Fulani/Yoruba alliance and Nigeria-Cameroon cooperation. 

WATO has hijacked these powerful strangle hold of the Nigerian government over Biafra. WATO means West African Treaty Organisation. The future hope of west African economies.

Nnamdi Kanu has formed a military alliance around the perimeters of the dot. He has circled the dot with a powerful resistance: by the east is Ambazonia, by the west is Oduduwa and by the north Middle Belt Republic.

In the nearest future, the WATO would be a formidable alliance against neo-colonialism and senseless wars.

You may accuse Nnamdi Kanu of being a war monger but WATO is the only assurance that their won’t be any war simply because to avert a war, you must prepare for it with every possible alliances.

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