By Zephaniah Makuochukwu | Biafra Reporter

June 21, 2021

By now as a Nigerian youth, you must have heard things like " the youths are the leaders of tomorrow" by the corrupt old Nigerian politicians, and some of you will foolishly believe in such lies. The politicians that told your father's when they were youths that time of lie the same politicians that are still in office and still brainwashing you with the same lie, any slightest issue you will run to social media to wail, and after that nothing will change. No security you wail, election rigging you wail, poor health facilities you wail, poor economy you wail, no social amenities you wail, no freedom of speech you wail.

High unemployment rate you wail, Fulanis' taking over all sensitive positions you wail, when will you - the brain washed Nigerian youths stop wailing and confront the issue head on?. Some of you Nigerian youths are still holding on to 2023, it's laughable. If Nigeria lasts till 2023 which it won't last, you will also wail, rant and return back to your respective homes. It's time to put aside the stipends giving to you by this demonic politicians and fight for your future and the future of your unborn children.

The worst part of this evil is that, in your own very eyes these politicians will change their age just to hold unto power, of course you also wailed and nothing got changed and that's why the late Gen. Muhammadu Buhari called you - lazy youths. During the stage manage already scripted they call election, this evil politicians will use you as a political thug to gain power, after you will be thrown to the bin. Of course you will also wail and return home as a nonentity without a future for self.

Have you as a youth making good use of your naturally endowed brain cells care enough to ask some pertinent questions like what do I think will bring an end to this our unnecessary wailing in this contraption that is not functioning well?. Do you think or consider that protests can change anything?. Do you think that your vote count?. Do you still believe that these blood sucking Fulanis' will leave power for you to administer?. Do you still believe in a better Nigeria without the devolution of power and resources?. 

Have Nigeria ever gotten any better since 1960 till date?. Are you enjoying the dividends of democracy?. Do you have twelve hours [12hrs], not twenty- four [24hrs] steady electricity light?. If Nigeria is not getting any better after 60 years, what kind of miracle will make it better?. Indeed we are all suffering this untold hardship together in the abundance of resources, it's time for you as a youth in Nigeria to support the total disintegration of this animal kingdom called Nigeria. If you love your future, the time is ripe to put your own effort so as to be heard by the powers that cage your dreams and aspirations, a bloody revolution is the key. It doesn't matter which tribe you come from, we all have the same enemy - which is Fulani. Your wailing won't solve any issue until referendum is given.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke

Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07



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