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June 21, 2021

 Our attention has just been adverted to news making the round that my home was invaded for the third time last night. 

On investigation, I discovered that the noble writers were actually refering to incident of 6th June 2021, wherein a joint team of Military, Police, SSS and Civil Defense invaded my peaceful home at the wee hours of the night, brutally murdered my PA, burnt him inside my car, and abducted three of my domestic staff.

Following the continued silence of the State and all heads of security Agencies over the gory incident, and failure on the part of the criminal assailants who actually came for my dear life to release from captivity the innocent  abucteees, which impeccable source has it that their safety can no longer be guaranteed, concerns are now being raised by revisiting/calling in mind the unfortunate incident of 6th June 2021 which many may have forgotten too soon, particularly the Government at both the state and Center, and thereby calling for appropriate action to be taken against the perpetrators of this heinous crime against humanity and their sponsors.

Furthermore, I have consistently maintained that I am a lawyer of international repute, and a law abiding Citizen who has at all material times discharged my legal undertakings within the confines of extant laws of the land, and my Proffessional Ethics.

I have not committed any offence known to law by being IPOB lawyer, as it is within my constitutional rights to represent any person or group in any case in Nigerian courts. I enjoy overwhelming protection of the law in the discharge of these solemn duties,  except that those who are hellbent at eliminating me are turning laws on the head to enable them do the untoward, but they SHALL continue to fail and fail again, because Chukwuokike Abiama is always with me, and my hands are than snow.

I thank all Umuchineke who defied sleep, once again last night to  remember this fresh wound which the State is desperately bent at sweeping under the carpet as usual. 

Should there be any threat of any kind or further infraction on my constitutional rights, I SHALL not hesitate to alert the world, and the noble Family writers.

Thank you our noble family writers for your impeccable reportage and standing shoulder to shoulder with your Lawyer who has committed no offence for being  IPOB lead Counsel,and accordingly doing justice to the legal undertakings.

Thank you and thank you once again.


Bar. Ifeanyi Ejiofor 


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