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June 21, 2021

The Presidency of the Fulani republic of Nigeria can wail, rant all they want concerning the establishment of Eastern Security Network for the safety and protection of lives and property of the people of the former Eastern region of Nigeria. This Fulani regime of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari seem to be a weakling to combat insecurity in the country because he rose to power by inciting terrorism against the Nigerian state.

There won’t be any need of launching Eastern Security Network - ESN, had the governors of the defunct Eastern region of Nigeria stood firm, rigid on their constitutional responsibility as the chief security officers of their various states of abound and jurisdiction.

Constitutionally speaking, every governor has the prerogative exclusive mandate to protect its state and masses within its state geo-space. Governors in the defunct Eastern region failed woefully, they were timid to question the marauding Fulani raiders causing all manner of sacrilege against their people, their communities and villages which suddenly led to the formation of the peoples oriented security outfit - Eastern Security Network. If comparative analysis and findings were to be taken into cognizance, Benue state indigenes are mercilessly being massacred on daily basis in their farms and homes; nobody will deny this gory trend of the Fulanis', even the state governor - Ortom Samuel went and cried to Aso Rock to call this killer herdsmen to order but surprisingly he was told point blank by the Presidency to go back and embrace the killer herdsmen, the Presidency even told him to give in to RUGA settlement.

The fact remains that Eastern Security Network came at the appropriate time when needed, who even knows what would have been the fate of those facing constant massacre, rampages, maiming and pillages from the hands of the Fulani terrorist herdsmen in Ebonyi and Enugu state respectively, without Eastern Security Network in place?. Eastern Security Network was birthed as a child of necessity that is urgently needed when it's time to confront the killers of our people in their homes and farm lands usurping our lands to be theirs in perpetuality.

The grand deception by the Imo State Commissioner of Police that Eastern Security Network attacks police facilities and security formations was to give a dog a bad name in other to kill it.

Eastern Security Network doesn’t only operate in Imo state, but in all the entire states of the defunct Eastern region, but Imo state police commissioner is trying to paint the security guard black and white so as to effectively tarnish their image promoting the Fulani stronghold of Nigeria as their forefather's estate - Usman Dan Fodio. Insecurity in Imo state, has political undertone that even the Supreme Court Abuja made governor of the state, Hope Uzodimma, once stated; political opponents were the ones behind the insecurity in the state and not the Indigenous People of Biafra and her security wing - ESN. 

Imo state governor, former senator - Hope Uzodimma, committed himself in all angles, he may probably not even know where exactly his problems are coming from, in a first place, he stole the peoples mandate to climb to the position of power through the Supreme Court inappropriate installation. The Tanko Mohammed’s corrupt Supreme Court verdict was a miscarriage of justice delivered to incite the people against each other, its lopsided judgement might be final and unquestionable from what is obtainable in a corrupt state like Nigeria but it lacks moral antecedent and judicial credibility. It’s a pure judicial fraudulent and criminality for someone duly announced by an assigned electoral body (INEC) with fourth position to come first without substantial evidence or prove.

How did Supreme Court not to remember what prima facie means in law before dispensing ruling on a subject matter before her inglorious court room and corrupt judges.

Instead of Imo state Commissioner of Police wasting his time witch-hunting himself in guise of chasing Eastern Security Network, he should rather focus on his police work and leave Eastern Security Network alone. Eastern Security Network is not only the peoples mandate, it is also the only reliable security outfit that has the peoples interest at heart. 

The governor of the state, Hope Uzodimma initially thought as he was fraudulently installed into power without much resistance by the people that he can do the same rubbish the Supreme Court did, by ingloriously mapped out indigenous lands of the people of Imo state for Fulani RUGA settlements and grazing reserve but Eastern Security Network said no and enough to that rubbish of selling our people out so as to remain relevant within the eyes of his Fulani masters that criminally imposed him on Imolites.

This is the fact and what the Imo police commissioner must understand before opening another pages of uprising in Imo state. Open grazing, unlawful destruction of farms and cash crops - trespassing, killing of our people in their farms and homes are halted today in Nigeria is because of Eastern Security Network. Though, the Fulani Presidency of cows and not human beings might keep coercion on grazing routes recovery across the federation which may likely work in Northern Nigeria, but impossible in Eastern region hence the implications will be suicidal. Before the existence of Eastern Security Network, open grazing and pillaging of farm land and the unlawful destruction of cash crops without compensation was seen as normal because there was no mouthpiece of the indigenous people then, Fulani terrorists hide behind cattle grazing committing  abominable crimes against humanity that not even the Eastern governors saw anything wrong with it and intentionally refused to speak out because they all want to be Fulani Vice President come 2023 election.

It was when Eastern Security Network came onboard that the game changed and their dreams of Vice President slot could not materialize. It’s because of Eastern Security Network's relentlessness to secure Biafra forests and dislodgement of Fulani terrorists hideouts in Biafra forests that instigated the seventy-five [75], Fulani groups to converged under one umbrella named; Northern Consensus Movement that places a hundred million naira [#100M] bounty on the person of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for his immediate arrest. The incessant killings of indigenous people by the Fulani terrorist herdsmen was neither stopped by the Nigerian Police nor the Military, instead evidences abound which confirmed that the Nigerian soldiers and police give succor for Fulani forays to raid communities and villages. 

Eastern region is known as a peaceful and serene distinct environment since time immemorial. Fulani controlled Presidency always making use of this tricking word; farmer-herders clash whenever Fulani raided communities or villages, this was always done to divert attention and to make it look as if their was confrontation between the herders and farmers. Contrary from the Presidency’s deception, Fulani normally invades or invaded community or communities of interest or villages and kill at will without provocation. Fulani mindset is to ransack, annihilate and conquer the people and their lands, it was perfectly working for them not until Eastern Security Network surfaced and put an end to this Fulani herdsmen menace in our region.

Fulani herdsmen owning to rifles, spills innocent blood of their hosts, they raid community and hold to land grabbing that brought about insecurity in Eastern Nigeria. Inspector General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba’s assertion that insecurity in South-East Nigeria makes Nigeria Police to lost over hundred billion naira [#100Billion], monthly is unclear and a pointer if Nigeria police and military are behind the numerous Fulani herdsmen killings and sacking of indigenous communities and villages. Insecurity in the whole of Nigeria can be traced from the Fulani invasion and grabbing of indigenous peoples ancestral land which could be said to be connected with the notion by the Nigerian Inspector General of Police that police lost certain huge amount of money due to insecurity in the region. 

On the other way round, it is pertinently logical to argue that the same Nigeria police might also be behind the hundred million naira [#100Million], bounty by Northern Consensus Movement placed on Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, if the dislodgement of police extortion on the roads in Eastern Nigeria simply means insecurity to the police boss, it simply indicates that insecurity in the region hangs on the shoulders of the Nigerian police, Military and Fulani terrorist herdsmen as the brains behind it. Eastern Security Network has specified mandate, its major obligation is to dislodge Fulani terrorists herdsmen in Biafra forests that have field moments gang raping Biafra farming women and subsequently killed them; unfortunately for them their is no means of escape. 

Eastern Security Network is neither after anyone doing his or her legitimate businesses nor anyone of good behavior irrespective of your ethnic nationality. It is immoral for Fulani herders to rear cows that will eat up the farm produce of it's fellow farmers, it’s absolute uncalled for and unreasonable. Not even the most undeveloped primitive lowest of the low nation promulgates open grazing in this contemporary world like the Fulani Nigeria Presidency does. 

Written by Kelechi Okorie, Co-script by Ndubuisi Eke.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke

Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07

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