Written by Tari Nami

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June 21,2021 

I don't have any problem with those who desire Ijaw Republic, Ibom Republic or any other that shall arise soon, no, but the problem is, have you counted the cost? Are you ready for it? Or it's just another distraction? If you are ready, then start work.

But don't think because you made one newspaper publication, or showed your presence in UN, you will succeed in distracting those of us who wants full Biafra.

Do your own while we do our own. After all, Biafra is an alliance of free nations which includes Ijaw and Ibom but if you can do it alone and you don't need the alliance, there's no problem too.

Those of us who needs the alliance will not stop as those of you who wants to walk alone shouldn't stop as well if you are serious.

If you are serious, then you will be focused and face the enemies as we have been doing for long. All we desire is that you start and join us in the field.

Well, I must remind you all that our collective people are desperate to have a life outside Fulani so you must hurry. Not upto two days after Ijaw National Congress (INC) made their stand and gave conditions, the mask wearer Buhari replied almost immediately that those their conditions are rubbish as there can be no conference whatsoever.

My question now is:

1. Now that you have known you will not be listened to, what are your plans?

2. How long will you wait for the clown in Aso Rock to change his mind before you make up your mind?

3. If these steps are not aimed at distracting the Ijaw and Ibom people from Biafra restoration, why didn't you give specific dates?

You know, the last time they threatened and gave dates, we called them out for doing nothing. Maybe, this time there are no dates.


To me, Ibom Republic is a joke and Ijaw Republic is a distraction...:

Until I see people march in massive number in Akwa ibom state demanding for Ibom Republic, their leader sort for and arrested or he goes into hiding for fear of arrest and boys become militants ready to die for Ibom Republic as we are ready to die for Biafra.

Same way...<>

Until I see Ijaw people in massive number in Port Harcourt, Bayelsa and Warri protest seeking Ijaw Republic, boys return to the creeks like the avengers but this time not seeking amnesty Greek gift or other favours but demanding for Ijaw Republic and their leaders, mostly, the INC leader is arrested or he goes underground in fear of arrest like Tom Polo did in the past.

Then I will know, you guys truly want freedom and I will conclude you are not the ones the mask wearing Buhari spoke to that assured him that Biafra won't have access to the Coast. By bringing out yourselves this way, calling for separate republics from Biafra, you have brought yourselves out for our thorough scrutiny and we must get the facts out because the days where insincere men waste the lives and destiny of our people for political games are over.

This generation is determined to be free and no deception whatsoever can deter us from getting this freedom.

Tari Nemi is a revolutionary writer and a refined teacher

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