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May 29, 2021

Cock that crows earliest morning might belong to household but its voice belongs to neighborhood. Same way, mother hen shouts and wails while watching bird kite taking away her child is not for the bird kite to let go of her child but for the world to hear her voice. No one can deny the fact that Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has not tried nurses her wounds after the freedom for all emancipation movement group came on board. For that so reason, Biafran people share the stand against the Nigeria terrorist state and her lobbyist agent; British High to Nigeria, Catriona Laing, who is fighting unethical Nigeria’s unity in diversity to stand as indivisible entity to retrace her steps in order to avert the cloudy rain that might drench all sundry when the time comes.

As it concerns Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, that took it upon herself struggling to restore Biafra nation to be free from Fulani cow controlled slave camp called Nigeria. The world as whole together with the junk narrative writers, must know this is not 1967-70 Biafra genocidal war, when complicit world media mainstream lied against Biafra people by thwarted the narrative by tagging Biafran solders fighting a just war of survival rebels. 

Perhaps, it’s necessary to make it clearer before hand so that compromised brown envelope journalists won’t have breathing space to change the narratives, as Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, knew her variation from the mother hen is that IPOB is determined to fight till the end and can never abandon the same noble course for upcoming generations to continue the same suffering, instead upcoming offsprings shall meet Biafra as a free independent nation.

It is an evidential fact which International Society For Civil Liberties and the Rules of Law, in their latest findings confirmed that for years the Nigerian state has resorted to the use of military force cum state violence to suppress Easterners that comprises the Biafran populace.

Over 6 (six ) years now, the massacring of IPOB members remains unabated. The Nigerian police force and its sister military, did all they could to cover up those atrocities against the very indisputable evidences. In 30 May, 2017, over 220 (two hundred twenty) innocent IPOB members were murdered by Nigerian military and police at Eke Nkpor, Anambta State. Nigeria combine trigger happy arm security forces mowed down harmless youths in their numbers for observing Biafra Remembrance Day, that peacefully assembled to commemorate their forefathers that died during the war. At Eke Nkpor, Aba National  High School, Igweocha Trump Solidarity Rally Porhacourt (Igweocha), Onitsha head bridge, Emene, Isiama Afaraukwu hundreds of harmless Biafrans were massacred in broad daylight. Only in Aba alone, number of those taken away with no trace of their whereabouts till date outnumbers those that were killed on ground.

It will be pertinent to make it clearer for doubting Thomas to know Mohammadu Buhari’s led presidency, Miyetti Cattle Breathers Association and Nigeria Police/Military aid and abated the Fulani advancements that are destroying farmlands, raping Biafran ladies, killing and butchering people on a daily basis. In spite the ugly scenarios, best thing  an executive  governor in the east could do was to shed crocodile tears, a supposed chief security of the state.

The escalation of state sponsored violence in entire Nigeria has reached its climax with no remedy to savage the indigenous populace  before God said IPOB should come and rescue his people. IPOB took it upon herself as a sole responsibility to defend her people by launched a security wing called Eastern Security Network ESN, to stand against marauding Fulani terrorist herders. Since then ESN has been facing multiple musters-from the government, to Fulani sponsored killer herdsmen sympathizers, to some Igbo sophisticated morons as leaders who turned to be sellouts.

Rather than the Eastern Fulani stooge governors to support ESN, they went behind the door and launched a compromised security outfit called Ebubeagu, to counter the already peoples oriented security-ESN, who are tirelessly safeguarding bushes, farms that has been left in the mercy of Fulani killer herdsmen. Barely, 24 hours Ebubeagu security was formed, Fulani herdsmen stroked in Ebonyi State, a State Southeast governor forum chairman Eng. Dave Umahi, came form, no repel by Ebubeagu. All Nigeria military and police could do was to descended their arsenal on IPOB security wing. This is the same security forces that were unable to descend on the killer herdsmen as it was reported time without number that Nigeria soldiers and police always decline calls from the Fulani victims whenever they are under Fulani attacks.

should incase of tomorrow, complicit brown envelope journalists must not be allow to change the narratives as they succeeded during 1976-70 Biafra genocidal war. They must not forget to add that Eastern security network refused to vacate the Biafra farm land to allow Fulani terrorist herders to continue committing  their numerous atrocities which prompted Buhari’s led government to redeployed troops to engage Eastern Security Network, unfortunately most of the troops deployed could not live to tell the story. Instead of the so called trained soldiers to face the real battle they unexpected at of cowardice started attacking civilian populace and market women, that alone is enough reason that might spring up the mysterious unknown gunmen. The unknown gunmen must be saints sent by God, as they adhered the plea of vulnerable masses that are constantly under the caprice of maltreatment by Nigeria arm security extermination. Unknown gunmen don’t only savage vulnerable masses, they also apply proper rules of engagement whenever on exchange shoot out with Nigeria terrorists security in both military and police uniforms.

Most recently is the declaration of war against innocent Biafran populace by the Inspector general of police, Usman Alkali Baba, who ordered his boys before national television to shoot at sight anything or anybody suspected to be an IPOB member. The junk press statement replicated 1967 genocidal remark in the person of Adekunle, he ordered his boys to shoot at sight anything that moves in Biafraland. Today another genocidist emerges in the person of the Nigerian police chief, Usman Alkali Baba, to continue where his predecessors stopped.

Not withstanding, already Fulani hires terrorists from various Africa nations who were incorporated into Nigerian military and police to wage Jihadist war against Biafra are now on ground, but one thing is certain, all the state sponsored terrorists in military and police uniforms will be swallow in Biafra land. Not even an inch of Biafra land will be ceded to Fulani oligarchy or we all die defending the land of the rising sun. The essence of this reminder is not for anyone to show pity, for we have known no pity as Biafra land is defiled by Fulani terrorist rapists hidden under herders show no pity whenever they are on rampage. In a nutshell, in order to remind petition writers cum enemies at the gates while giving narratives to start from the   beginning and how we get to where we are.

For those of you asking if war is coming, don’t worry, the message is simple, know you thee now that we are in the middle of a war. If you are safe where you are, be watchful and be ready because you do not know the next hour. No matter what happens, the land of Biafra will never be conquered by those from Futa Jalon, be rest assured.

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