Written by Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter

May 29, 2021

Life itself is very mysterious, because of its difficulty vis-a-vis the impossibility to understand some certain things are beyond human comprehension, it becomes very important for one to be conscious of his or her utterances. The existence of the world itself was said to be created by a spoken word; according to scripture. Which simply means, there is power in a spoken word. Human as imperfect being, probably, maybe out of ego and pride humans tend to show off completely a different thing from what would be expected of them. 

Base on  human imperfection, use of words conveyed always comes opposite of its literally meaning. Those at the helms of affairs; more especially, those in Nigeria political scenes that may be seen as leaders are not only selfish but also arrogant in all ramifications, including the use of words. Even when their call for service is meant to be a selfless one. In Nigeria public service that ought to be a service for humanity, becomes service for subjugation against some sections map out for extermination and total annihilation. Mostly in Nigeria, certain political leaders from the same Fulani tribe can say or do whatever that pleases them and go scott free without trial. 

Funny of it all, most of the arrogant Fulani political gimmicks claimed to be supermen as if they have spare life or as if they are they givers of life itself. Their misconception for the laws of nature keeps retrospect to the  level even those of them that are alive breathing still don’t understand the mystery behind fighting against a just war.

Late Chief of Army Staff, Ibrahim Attahiru, few days ago was said to have died in a plane crash with other senior military officers on board. The air crash throws Nigeria into mourning, many Nigerians seemed not to follow his utterances against the emergence of Biafra and Oduduwa republic respectively.

Late Chief of Army Staff, Ibrahim Attahiru, was quoted to have said; “over his death will Oduduwa and Biafra emerge as new countries, Nigeria is one”. Forgotten those that came before him made the same statement and are no where to be found, they all kicked the bucket, now another Fulani COAS, Farouk Yahaya, has been appointed. The new Chief of Army Staff’s utterances against Biafra, Oduduwa, will determine if his stay on earth will be counted.

What goes around comes around, and nature cannot be cheated, no matter what. Nigeria military cowardly went and killed Imo State, Eastern Security Network ESN, commander Ikonso, in his house while asleep now, the irony of life is always mysterious, at the moment Lt. Gen. Ibrahim Attahiru, can now be address as a former Chief of Army Staff of Nigeria; the worst of it all, he died miserably together with his wife and his co partners in crime.

Many self-claimed Fulani leaders died by making unnecessary and timid utterances coupled with show of lethal force using military brutality against the emergence of Biafra. If time is not taken many more are still going to die as others did before them. It seems like most of the Fulani leaders are yet to learn a lesson behind the mysterious death of those that spoke against Biafra with their life. The Biafra struggle is spiritual, only those in spirit can understand. That is why despite loosing able men and women fighting against the emasculation and obliteration of Biafrans from the surface of the earth, yet, Biafran activists are not backing down on their quest for freedom. 

Ones tongue determines its direction either wisely or otherwise. Those of them from  Fulani extraction are still boasting what they will do to Biafrans despite when they are still nursing their wounds of the departed war criminal army chief. Biafra is an ideology that cannot be defeated with guns and bullets. Noble Prize Laureate Woke Soyinka, once confirmed it. 

Those of them that tried hard to stop Biafra had seize breathing, nobody goes after them, nature itself takes its course. Nigeria News reported that the now Chief of Army Staff, Farouk Yahaya is always cracking jokes, they are indirectly he likes to mingle with people rather than being mean. Be that as it may, he must as a matter of urgency withdraw his troops from Biafra soil before he will regret his negligent when time comes as others before him are now regretting in the graveyard.

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