By Zephaniah Makuochukwu | Biafra Reporter

May 30, 2021

This information is for the stubborn flies living as human beings amongst us in Biafra land, they always argue on every issue that concern Biafra whether it is necessary or not, especially the one that connects with the Indigenous People of Biafra. They quickly get erection and start jerking off their cowardice at the mention of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's name. Their hatred for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is innate that they see no evil happening to their people and as well hear no evil, this set of beings are the politically correct morons.

This set of beings are ready to sacrifice you in order to look relevant before their Fulani political godfathers; they even go to the extent to request for Fulani battalion of soldiers to their land - Biafra land to kill, maim, toture anybody seen discussing Biafra; they feel like the middle class because of the disbursement of crumbs coming from their masters table at will because they are hard headed to sabotage any struggle that will lead to the emancipation of the Biafrans from the oppressive Nigerian government they are working for as agents of destruction of their human lives and property.

First, sitting at home on 31st of this May, is a sign and way of honouring the class of 1966-1970 starved to death, those murdered in cold blood by the Nigerian government military, those that had no option than to pick up arms and defended our land against the Nigerian government vandals in 1966-70. The class of 1966-1970 future became bleak as a result of the genocidal war the Nigerian government brought upon the innocent citizens of the defunct Eastern region of Nigeria, their destiny was shattered by bullets, their pride, culture and heritage was trampled upon at gun point.

Secondly, it is to save your own life, your existence as a human being and to also remind self that you have a duty to mourn your loved ones killed by the Nigerian military from 1966 till date. It is an obligation that you owe yourself irrespective of creed and beliefs. Yes to mourn them is to save your life and recall how they died painfully in agony of the mind and misery of the soul that we may exist today as Ndi Igbo, Ibibio, Uhorobo, Igbanke, Effiki, Igala, Idoma, Annang, Itshekiri, Igodomigodo etc. We mourn and remember the ultimate sacrifices they made by staying indoors on the 31st day of May 2021 knowing fully well that we carry the scar of war in anguish.

Do you think that the Nigerian terrorist army knows who is IPOB?. The truth is that the Nigerian government don't care and they won't care even in billions of years to come because you are iyammiri to them, the infidel Biafrans that must be taught a hard lesson, some of us out of ignorance may think that we are doing hard man by coming out on the 31st day of May 2021 but before you embark on that journey of no return think a bit about yourself and the family you are leaving behind. Some of us keep saying that the Indigenous People of Biafra can not do them anything, who told you that the Indigenous People of Biafra are planning to do anything to anyone that defies the sit at home order when you are the flesh of our flesh and the blood of our blood?.

Cain spilling the blood of Abel his brother didn't make him the chosen one so the Indigenous People of Biafra have no gain to waste your blood but you have to be wary of the army of perdition already drafted in our land to massacre us the more because we preach the gospel of redemption and the emancipation of our people from the oppressive Nigerian state that is against our existence in every facet of life, have you heard of such before that the Indigenous People of Biafra kill their own?. 

Such are make believe stories from the enemies camp within our shores who hates to hear whatever we do pertaining to the Biafra cause because they think they are in love with the enemy and feeding fat their stomach to the brim from the crumbs the enemies offer to them to expose their brothers, sisters, uncles, nephews, nieces, cousins, fathers, mothers for possible summary execution.The game plan is this; the Nigerian terrorist army have labeled anyone seen outside on the 31st day of May 2021 as a bandit or a member of the proscribed IPOB terrorists, so saboteur note that the people you are siding are the ones that will eventually kill you. Do you think that stray bullets know who is IPOB or not?.

Before you go out on 31st of May 2021 think a bit about self ushering self to the slaughter house.

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