By Nwawube Ezeobi | The Biafra Post

May 21, 2021

We came together 

Under heavy rain

Under the scorching sun 

As hostile as the enemies in the desert

More hostile than the enemies in our government houses.

We came together, under suffering, 

We came together in pains and agony.

Bonded in common idea and anguish

We took an oath. To March together.

To move without looking back.

We took an oath, to move without letting go.

We took an oath that we shall stand to fall than kneel before the oligarchy.

Yes, an oath that if only one man is left, he will never abscond but March forward.

The water that manures our resolve is the blood of the comrades in the street that was shed.

The bond that hardened our hearts is the last request of the comrade whose brain was shattered by the enemies pump.

How can I flee the battle ground?

The ground where my comrades laid down their lives for me to March on and be free.

How can I abscond the force that propel my living, what about the Oath?.

What about my generations yet to come.

If I run, when I meet compulsorily with Saint Ikonso, what will I tell him?.

If I abscond the force that's propelling this ideology, what will I tell saint Lady Umenwa?

If I flee the force, what will I tell 3.5 million children whose tears we promise to wipe by restoring what they died for?.

There is no room to hide, there is no time to flee.

We are faced with the demons yet we go nowhere.

We stand and to defend motherland 

We stand and to liberate our race.

This is Biafra land 

We are warriors 

We are defenders 

We are Biafrans.


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