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May 21, 2021

Some concerned Nigerians are calling for reasoning to prevail over fire and brimstone, the Gen. Mohammadu Buhari’s APC led government is seriously implementing to emasculate the Oduduwa and Biafra peaceful agitators in the Southern part of Nigeria in disguise of fighting security challenges, this move is more of political tricks to divert world attention not to know the on-going genocidal war they are effectively carrying out against the people of Biafra. This ghost concerned Nigeria groups went as far as with their hallucinatory story by trying to sound politically correct thus that the reason behind Igbo politicians not being afraid of the Indigenous People of Biafra was because of the election boycott by members of the indefatigable emancipation movement.

Their argument was not only fictional but far from the truth, they decisively forgotten that vote in Nigeria doesn’t count neither does Fulani central security controlled armed forces understands debate or voice of reasoning. Besides, the same security armed forces that was advised to tread with caution in discharging their duty by protecting lives and property are going about killing innocent masses unjustly in the name of restoring peace with lethal force. Had it been that Nigeria adhere to voice of reasoning with ethical principles where government decisions and policy making are just, common reasoning implies that shoot on sight order by the Fulani President and Presidency is irrelevant in Southern Nigeria when Northern Nigeria remains a bed of roses for Fulani terrorist groups.

The simple question that should be bothering most Nigerians ought to be, why is it that the same "Operation Restore Peace" in the South East and South South cannot be replicated in the Northern part of Nigeria with AK-47 where all kinds of terrorist groups are having a field playing ground?. Nobody can pretend not to know about the acknowledgement of the incessant killings, maim and abduction of Biafrans since the Police genocidal code name; Operation Restore Peace in Southern Nigeria commences. Just few day ago, Biafra Reporters ascertained the cowardly extra judicial murder of Barrister Richard Okoriafor’s mother by the men of the Nigerian army.

Barrister Richard Okoroafor is an IPOB legal luminary, who was behind the released of over three hundred and fifty [350] Igbo men and women airlifted from Obigbo Rivers State, to military barracks in Abuja and Niger state respectively. During their incarceration, Barrister Richard Okoroafor reported the number of women illegally detained and gang raped by members of Fulani military officers, according to Amnesty International verification. One of the women gang raped by men of the Fulani Nigerian soldiers during their incarceration had series of injuries in her private part to the extent her womb was removed for her to survive says Amnesty International. 

The subtle method used by this disgruntled unscrupulous element claiming to be concerned Nigerians are double agents for Nigeria government, they specialize in the trade of deceiving gullible masses to rely on their fictitious hope on 2023 election that nobody is certain if Nigeria can still be in existence by then. Fear is the only thing dragging Nigerian youths not to stand out to demand the dissolution of this brutal enclave, most of the youths sees it as a waste of time not knowing that they while away their future to remain in a country without future. No government can ever defeat the people never, it doesn’t matter how powerful the Trojan regime of atrocity might be. 

Through the doggedness of IPOB ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the indigenous people in Nigeria has stirred up and chosen their path of freedom, the people choose disintegration of this colonial vestige relinquished to the Fulanis' by the British colonial crown without decolonization of all the ethnicities lumped together in this contraption of a country, the people's decision must be allowed to prevail because power belongs to the people not few privilege individuals in government houses. The solidarity support from Oduduwa agitators to Biafra in this trial time shows every ethnic nationality is fed up with Nigeria in all aspect of life and it's existence. 

Shoot on sight order by the Inspector General of Police Mr. Usman Baba, no doubt is a declaration of war on Biafra and Biafrans, no one should get it twisted. The deployment of four units of police only in Ebonyi State to shoot on sight anyone as perceived as Biafra activist tells sane mind all that you needed to know; the ground plan is ethnic cleansing and nothing more so as to forcefully assert his Fulani tribesmen in our ancestral lands. With concern, what the peaceful Oduduwa agitators are doing be it rally, symposium or peaceful protests doesn't work in Nigeria, it can only work elsewhere maybe in advanced nations of Europe and definitely not in Nigeria because Fulani hegemonists believes in arm struggle to freedom than peaceful negotiations to freedom which is referendum. 

The more peaceful one is in Nigeria the more the government in power send in Fulani military personnel to peaceful agitators to send them to their early graves. Besides, Fulani controlled federal government does not know nor understand the word peace rather the only understandable language in their bone marrow is war and arm struggle, come to talk more of disintegration of their great grand father’s estate - Usman Dan Fodio's  Nigeria. It is impossible for peaceful minded agitators to achieve their quest for freedom instead, the Fulani oligarchy are ever ready to empty their treasury and lobby entire world emissaries than to let go of any region in Nigeria. 

In a nutshell, freedom is not given, it is taken. Cowards died seven time before their death, only by bloody revolution the world takes freedom fighters serious not by petition writing on human rights abuses by a repressive, oppressive regime state like what is obtainable in Nigeria. Though, in some occasions it becomes pertinent to hold the world accountable with peaceful approaches before going in a hard way of bloody approach which the Indigenous People of Biafra had long passed through with their blood thinking the world will intervene but all to no avail. 

Be that as it may, the game has changed, the much awaited bloody revolution is now where radical transformation of sociocultural, political, and economy will be harness through the emergence of new sovereign nations that our upcoming generations will look forward to and commend the hard work of their brave parents that fought for them to live a decent life as human beings not as one animal caged in a zoo. 

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