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May 20,2021 

…Frowns at the deployment of soldiers of North extraction to quell the crisis
…The move could trigger another pogrom, Adebanjo warns

AFENIFERE, an apex Yoruba association has described the shoot-on-sight order given to soldiers in the South East by President Muhammadu Buhari as a move that would further threaten the unity and ruptured peace in the country.

The order which was given to the soldiers who are predominantly Northerners without first exploring the option of dialogue, the association maintained, had further fuelled the suspicion that President Buhari did not consider the life of another ethnic group sacred but that of Fulani, his kinsmen.

The leader of Afenifere, Chief Ayo Adebanjo stated this in a statement by the association’s Publicity Secretary, Mr Jare Ajayi
With the inconsiderate order, Afenifere expressed fear that the “fate of the people of the South East amid clear and present animus, arising from the deeds and words coming from Major General Buhari, now appeared to be in a certain jeopardy.”

“The rising hostility against the Southeast zone since the beginning of the Buhari administration has now become a matter of great concern to Afenifere, as this reality should also become a major concern of other stakeholders in the Nigerian project.

The Afenifere leader who described the order as “artless and heartless” said it was targeted at protesting Igbo youths.

Chief Adebanjo also noted that from the moment Buhari became president, his “disposition toward the Ìgbò, a demonstration of his own admission of 95/5%, has been against the posting of northern soldiers to kill at every opportunity, Ìgbò youths, his mode of engagement in the South-East zone has been this decisive, no dialogue, no civil discourse, just the gun and bullet approach.”

Apparently sensing some foul play, Chief Adebanjo observed that the same fate did not apply to Buhari’s Fulani ethnic group.

He said the Fulani as exemplified by the herders, was the fourth deadliest terrorist group as determined by Global Terrorism Index, the international body that monitors terrorism all over the world.

“Whereas Buhari allows his Fulani people to roam freely, killing, maiming, raping, protecting, prevaricating to the Fulani herders without a restraining order, the Ìgbò youths he orders his mainly northern military to kill on sight.”

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