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October 19, 2020

It is very visibly apparent when the sun rises, the world becomes visible; the compromised global mainstream media extensively exceeded their horizons by not allowing the rule of law takes preeminence in order to ascertain the outcome of US electoral fraud before they hastily rushed to their various news editorials emasculated the collective will of the American people at the Electoral College. 

The decisive decisions by Americans to choose her preferable Presidential candidate was prematurely thwarted by mainstream media contrary from the assigned bodies in charge of collating and taking records of election results. It was much more appalling in the US electoral history that a candidate emerged or was projected as President elect by the leftist media outlets without the acknowledgement and confirmation by the General Services Administration (GSA), to prove underground global conspiracy even some social media platform(s) like Facebook et al., on their own played a hoodwinking game having suppressed peoples posts they find wanting against US election fraud by opposition party - the Democrats. In all indications, the polar Islamic furiousness to install former US Vice President, Joe Biden vindicated every bit of certainty that the Democrats are corrupt ingrained just as compromised as Mrs. Hillary Clinton and Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama respectively. 

Ballot audits or software audits that expose legal votes permitted and illegal votes discarded trapped down the election fraud culprit, a Political Director for the Joe Biden Presidential campaign manager - Mr. Dallas Jones was arrested for electoral fraud by FBI. Barely 24 hours the arrest was made Washington, DC-Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton issued a statement in line with the US constitution that “Joe Biden is not the US President elect”, Mr. Tom Fitton charged President Donald Trump to use every available legal and constitutional means to ensure that the election results can be trusted by the American people other than allowing chaos and increased risk of fraud from recklessly mailing 100 million ballots and ballot applications, making it impossible presidential contest not to be decided on Election Day contrary from Federal Law as written in US Code S 1 States in black and white. 

Inconsequential political tricks by Barrack Hussein Obama, asking President Donald Trump to concede defeat in a hurry showed definitely, that the electoral fraud committed by Joe Biden camp shall fry democrats alive in a court of law as President Donald Trump is not backing down on his law suit against this open fraud to rig him out of office. Clearly, election maneuvered by shifting of millions of votes from President Donald Trump to Democrats candidate - Mr. Joe Biden, used software switched as exposed by President Donald J. Trump’s lawyer - Mr. Sydney Powell after a whistleblower came forward and said the elections software was designed to rig elections- says Sydney Powell. 

Perhaps, terrorist ingrain nations and its foreign actors around the world queued in to push President Donald Trump out of office illegally but met their end immediately Donald Trump claimed that he won the election which became a game over for them. Although, before then, President Donald Trump had made it clear that electoral fraud outcome shall be officially forwarded this week with evidences beyond reasonable doubt to the appropriate quarters within the US election tribunal. President Donald Trump’s doggedness to stand for vulnerable races against wicked world polar dynasty controlled by agent of darkness made corrupt world system hates him with every drop of their blood. 

The imperial world cluster powers sees President Donald Trump’s unilateral decisions without consultation as threats, and in most cases, this frightened corrupt and human rights abused world leaders to have second thought by trying so hard using this current electoral fraud results to extricate him from international politics. The Israel/Palestine dichotomous West Bank and Gaza boundary dispute, United Nations General Assembly UNGA Islamic kitchen in guise of pretence considered a two states solution courtesy of International Criminal Court of Justice (ICJ) referred to West Bank, including East Jerusalem, as the occupied Palestinian Territory as the term was used as the legal definition by the ICJ in the ruling in July 2004.

This criminality pronouncement by the United Nations and her sister department - International Criminal Court of Justice, was effectively quashed by President Donald Trump’s administration which recognized Jerusalem as a Israeli capital in Dec 6th 2017. The United Nations Security Council was handicapped with the decision without their consent and approval. Same way, President Donald Trump stopped Bill Gates ID 2020 compulsory micro chips so shall his executive order scuttled the killings of innocent lives especially in Africa against bad Africa leaders are among the reasons world leaders are running crazy to kick him out of the office by using fake media outlets to accomplish their aims. The toothless barking Nigerian Presidency were quick to congratulate Joe Biden on fake media assumption as the US President elect, nothing good can be done in a backward country like Nigeria with an imposter, with President Donald Trump regaining his mandate, the giant electoral fraud can be cured and a stop to it from repeating itself.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke

Twitter handle: @Ndubuisieke07

Publisher: Offor Princewill A.



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