US Election: A Dangerous Leader On The Throne Of Power Puts The World In Danger

By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter

November 14, 2020

Former US President, Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama’s curiosity to install Joe Biden into power as a self acclaimed lord he is, godfather or tiger man should the word be borrowed didn’t only contravenes modern democratic ethos but also unlawfully endanger American people’s confidence in further US electoral process. Prior to my compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in 2010, every served corp member was placed as ad hoc staff during Voters Card Registration, which I was opportune to worked as an ad hoc staff at Kutigi, Lavuun LGA, Niger State. 

In politics both internal and external endorsement malpractices play major roles during election day(s), only comprehensive voter's card registration irregularities can profoundly be ascertained for sure for everything that has to do with Nigeria; Nigeria is well known only for fraud. It was a battle of no return to fought against all manners of voter’s registration fraud such as: multiple registrations, under age registration, inflating number of voters card registered, registration of non Nigerians etc. 

knowing the game of politicking and what it portraits for, I was hardened against the fraud to the extent complains got to my superior for my resistance, order from above as the system is run by prebendal stylish to bend the reputation with the believe in Nigeria everything is possible. An Ambassador name withheld approached us in aiding them have multiple voters registration contrary from the guiding norms which I unequivocally recommend him to INEC code of conduct in declination of such acts from us. 
Purpose of this piece is to drive home the comparative political fraud affinity between the just concluded US fraud mail votes election and Nigeria elections. The limbo tiger man, Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama thought he can easily enthrone Joe Biden into power using compromised mainstream media as he did in Nigeria in 2015 Presidential fraudulent election. Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama’s legacy in world politics is harmful than good. Irrespective of how civilized American people are still, Obama was tactically curious to rig in Joe Biden as USA President elect. 

Nigeria, as primordial and backward state she is, furiousness was suitably used by Barrack Hussein Obama’s camp that forced the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan out of office in favor of a dummy clown, a trojan military junta, an incompetent buffoon with a notion; ‘’keeping Nigeria one is a task that must be done’’. Unlike Nigeria, election malpractices in US is a brain work, a war of intelligent but in Nigeria, it’s an open war of aggression, a battle of do or die affair where shooting, snatching of ballot boxes and buying of votes are norms.

However, at least; President Donald J. Trump has proven ballot counting abuses won’t have head way under his nose, likewise, demonstrated that Democrat camp represents audacity of polar Islamic New World Order for jihadist extremism and emergence of totalitarian Islamic world government, rather than for personal interest, US election was not just only for the American people or Donald Trump per say, but  it is world election, forces of darkness fighting against light, surprised to Islamic kitchen Donald Trump puts them on standstill through legal perseverance. The American people in no doubt with CIA Homeland Security and invisible QFS-Blockchain watermarks code on ballots, the desire of Americans to have a deserved honest election counting is guaranteed. Same could have save Nigeria corrupt democracy had Goodluck Jonathan being courageous enough to challenge the 2015 fraudulence sham election, his timidity and fear didn’t only shown his silly laxity but also shows he is not worthy to defend what was defendable with democratic principles which could have saved life from the APC current totalitarian Nazi Gestapo military regime not to be on the throne of power. 

Perhaps, the worst mistake Donald Trump can make is to sweep the US election fraud under the carpet as his counterpart Goodluck Jonathan did in 2015 out being a coward. Of course, peradventure Donald Trump fails to uphold electoral law to bring culprits to book, US might probably turns to another semi Nigeria, once that is done, the great United States of America’s reputation becomes aftermath. Fear alone conditioned Goodluck Jonathan conceded defeat before the official declaration by the Nigerian electoral body- INEC. 

Joe Biden’s wily cunning ends up a compromised world mainstream media illegal President elect base on specious, speculation, fanciful and far-fetched claimed, a President elect without been officially certified in any state by the US Electoral Management Body (EMB). The authorization by US Attorney General, Willian Barr to Department of Justice to look into the election fraud imperatively can easily encourage people of America to have accurate confidence to reflect the will of voters and electoral process. America must remain great.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07
Published by Charles Opanwa


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