Biafra: [#ENDSARS Protests]: What Fate Awaits Nigeria?

By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter

October 27, 2020

Most successful revolution recorded around the globe initially always start like a protest, at a time it might seems the oppressors or exploitative government subdues the protesters not to forge ahead on their quest for a better tomorrow but via consistent socialization, communication or media preponderant as a backbone to revolution, revolutionary leaders encourage men/women out of the streets to remain focus and resolute. 

By so doing, protesters can sustain the challenges probably, metamorphosis it to become a revolution; once, it is done the game changes. Before revolution takes place there is always uncontrolled severe unpleasant scenario as what we are seeing now like SARS brutality, police brutality; and a repressive military sent by corrupt oppressive government to inflict pains, agony, hardship, and untimely dead unto the protesters. The harboring of inflicting agony triggers uprising in a given social milieu when nothing is done to curtail it. 

Had Mr. Donald J. Trump, the United States of America President, was not careful and tactical to controlled George Floyd's dead caused by a repressive police brutality, the mass protests by Americans could had turn to a revolution. George Floyd is a Black-American, recall; there were records of police brutality against blacks in USA. As earlier noted, either protest or revolution both have unbearable oppressive affinity and intense that push the masses to rise up against the oppressors’ brutality and or draconian policies by those in power. 

Initially, Nigerian government saw #ENDSARS protest as a mere agitation that won’t see the light of the day like other protests, within a twinkle of an eye it speedily spreads like a deadly virus in a body system ready to attack the heart. For not doing the needful by the Nigerian government, #ENDSARS protest is not only a national issue rather a case of international discourse. First time in the history of Nigeria, the Nigerian youths massively came out not minding ethnicity, tribal, and religions affiliations or differences and were demanding a just course for a better tomorrow, their seriousness threatens the existence of Nigeria’s unity in diversity mainly those in power milking the country.   

Stupid provocative press statement by the Presidency that disbandment of SARS should not be seen as a sign of weakness indicates that, the repressive Nigerian government were not ready for dialogue. To make the situation worst; the Nigerian youths demands were not met, rather another brutal deadly killing police armed unit called SWAT was created within the protest period, same stock with different label. Though, SARS is part of the problems but not the problem itself rather, Nigeria is the monster. Ending SARS without ending Nigeria is the same as cutting a branch of a tree, leaving other branches to continue bearing fruits. 

Total disintegration of Nigeria through violent revolution remains the automate key to end SARS and armed forces brutality within the Nigerian circle. In a nutshell, ending SARS without ending Nigeria is as useless as robbing Peter to pay Paul. It is suicidal for the Nigerian youths to contemplate backing down, the golden opportunity to aspire for better future that must at the end guarantees their freedom may not come again in the next century peradventure, if the youths of Nigerian miss it opportunity that nature avail for them. To remain morally rigid, focus and resolute to continue displaying radical transformation of socio-political and socio-economy through either peaceful or violent revolution to end Nigeria is a task that must be done or else the Fulani political dynasty will in future make Nigerians lives seven times miserable more than what is happening now. 

The worst mistake the Nigerian youths will make is allowing the government to infiltrates the struggle with idea of tribalism and religion but once revolutionaries remain ideological focus, victory is imminently assured at the end of the tunnel. It took all these dubious politicians by shock seeing  Nigerian youths in one mind fighting a just war of survival. The piece of advice from the Minister of Transportation, Hon. Chibuike Amechi, has said it all, he opines; “fear is the only reason Nigerian police continuously killing innocent Nigerians when once, youths fearlessly rise up in mass against the government politicians will run away”. Note, as devilish as the Nigerian politicians are, peaceful revolution can never be permissible and or unworkable instead only violent option can bring them to their kneels for genuine dialogue.

Besides, before seeking for peace, there must be an iota of war or it's preparedness becomes necessary for peace to come. Hence, war in most occasions gives chance for restoring serene tranquility and peaceful atmosphere. In that case, freedom is taken by the oppressed through violent means other than given by oppressors peacefully. Nigeria not exceptional, successful revolution is violently carried out by radical revolutionaries to achieve certain coordinated specifies quests, of the best interest and benefit of all within a society. ANC headed by Nelson Mandela, fought immensely against the apartheid White supremacy in South Africa, his resilience to fight till the end even been proscribed as a terrorist group and Nelson Mandela was sanctioned with twenty-one (21) years incarceration yet, Nelson Mandela never gave up, today he is globally recognized as a role model, hero and freedom fighter. The Nigerian youths must not relent rather, stand tall against all travesties like other revolutionaries did if truly the just war must be fought and won by Nigerian youths in order to end Fulani calamitous reign of terrorism, mediocrity and police brutality.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07
Published by Charles Opanwa 


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