Obigbo Massacre: Rivers State Little Hitler Nyesom Wike Fighting A lost Battle 

By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter

November 23, 2020

Rivers State Governor, Mr. Nyesom Wike may had thought fighting against the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), will make him a hit man, [un]-deserved hero or gives him a spectacular names as he did to the Nigerian Minister of Transportation, Mr. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, little did he know even sounding politically correct to please his superiors from Fulani political dominance with sole aim of gravitating hallucinatory political ambition to serve as the running mate to a Fulani man come 2023 Nigeria Presidential election shall be a day dreaming  when the chips are down in a political circle.

The wrong political permutations is that mistakenly Mr. Nyesom Wike thought that somehow, by killing and spilling his own Igbo blood peradventure Fulani will compromise on wailing wailer resource control agitation like Ken Saro Wiwa who tried to ask questions regarding the oil in his hometown got killed by Gen. Sani Abacha junta regime, same way the Zamfara solid gold resources is currently being manage and controlled by the Zamfara State government because to them, they uphold the view that the gold is a natural mineral within Zamfara State jurisdiction. Mr. Nyesom Wike’s myopic intense motion of going after his own flesh and blood shall not only hit him back when the time comes, nature itself and posterity won’t be kind to him including that of his generations for having spilled the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent Igbos in Obigbo, Rivers State. 

Nyesom Wike’s arrogant instinct alone to stage more war aggression indicated it was a deliberate act of extermination with intension of political gains to serve as a faithful loyal staunch of almajiri Fulani house slave. Law of karma and retribution, law of natural justice which is natural phenomenon always pays back in due time when contravenes, such as intentionally indulged in conspiracy, extinguishing life of fellow brethren like the Rivers State little Hitler Nyesom Wike did for a  sod of porridge. In the nearest future people may begin to question the rationale behind the calamitous payback without knowing the culprit has the blood of innocent people on his head as a result of power intoxication.

Worsening the scenario, Mr. Nyesom Wike went to the extent of demolished the Jewish faithfuls synagogues, house of worship in guise of fighting IPOB reason best known to him, making it look as if it’s a religious war to deceive gullible Nigerians and the world at large just to make it look quite different from his inherit hatred against the Igbo race from his Ikwerre tribe of Igbo, Nyesom Wike the Cain of our time spilled the blood of his blood, and flesh of his flesh. No two ways about it, irrespective of how one sees it, it’s unethical, unacceptable to justify the Obigbo massacre as a good omen from a self centered hooligan like Nyesom Wike. For sure, it doesn’t matter how hard a happy slave work for his master, if the master can’t make his happy slave his guard it won’t be possible for the master to  release his mansion’s keys to dine together with the slave. 

Had Nyesom Wike being reasonable enough, he would have known that the Fulani caliphate collectively regard the defunct old Easterner Nigerians as “Nyamiri” a racist name, regardless of South East, South- South geological zones that doesn't exist. Perhaps, Nyesom Wike, at least by now ought to have hid his ugly face in shame after the Fulani Presidency boycotted the South-South governors meeting with the Presidency which was slated to be held in PortHacourt, Rivers State capital, with ulterior motive of flagging out of the unachievable resources control by the region. Of course, Presidency on other hand must have been laughing in Fulfude, for riding the brain of Nyesom Wike’s stupidity as being used and dumped with no second hand value of being an idiotic governor from the South. 

Nyesom Wike’s bastardize aspiration to ride in the same horse with his Fulani political fathers won’t pave way for resource control mantra neither will it prompt the Fulani controlled Federal Government of Nigeria to contemplates rebuilding abandoned four refineries in the region. Come rain come shine, the unjust battle Nyesom Wike brought to himself shall reduce him below an animal in Nigeria political arena hence, political bourgeoisies had confirmed him as a mad uncontrolled dog, a tyrant, a democratic dictator, a traitor against his own people by so doing hardly will his counterparts have confidence working with him knowing fully well that selling out is in his bone marrow. 

In a nutshell, the trait alone will typically portrait him as neither with his people nor his slave masters, a self acclaimed legal practitioner that ought to have known better about secrecy of life, peaceful assembly, freedom of worship and freedom of association turns a monster against inalienable rights both God given and constitutional mandated rights of people violated those rights in the name of political power intoxication. Very ridicule, the more Nyesom Wike is crazy denying his identity as an Igbo person, the more Fulani nomadic extremists are proudly claiming every inch of oil bloc in the so called South-South and Niger Delta, and he never care to know the meaning of the meaningless names (South-South, Niger Delta) were perfectly orchestrated in order to extricate oil in Bayelsa State to Gigawa, the brain dead lower personage fool Nyesom Wike hasn’t in his life reflects over it or challenges the lopsided injustice and environmental degradation by the Nigerian government against the Ogoni people in particular and Rivers State at large.

If time is not taken, the same way environmental activist Mr. Ken Saro Wiwa was killed by his own closest friend Gen. Sani Abacha military regime, after he conspired against his own Igbo brethren to take over their landed properties by force in PorthCourt, yet, Gen. Sani Abacha killed his best friend who he worked with against his own flesh and blood might replicate itself on Nyesom Wike’s Obigbo massacres of hundreds of thousands of innocent Igbos in Obigbo, Rivers State. The day of judgement is fast approaching and everyone must account to the people how they spilled our blood for political favouritism.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07
Published by Charles Opanwa 


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