Written By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter

October 14, 2020

The unprecedented turmoil in presidency is beyond control, initially Indigenous People of Biafra- IPOB were called jobless miscreants, then, no one could believe what shall befall Nigeria today, it takes the blood of able bodied youths and the living heroes and heroines of this fearless movement to uproot the contraption. The junk written by Senior Special Assistant to the President, Media and Publicity, Mallam Garba Shehu, alone exposed conceded defeat by Presidency and the psychological intense international pressure the terrorist rouge regime might be facing currently. 


The sham written press release by this Fulani nomadic representative, Garba Shehu, captioned; "British Lawmakers, Legal Experts and Campaigners Should Work With President Buhari, Not Fall For Propaganda", construes  the Former British Prime Minister’s submission Tony Blair, that said “bad leadership is killing Nigeria’s potentials”, before the inconsequential travesty poorly presented press release by Aso Rock Presidency. As noted earlier, Nigeria underestimated IPOB’s tenaciousness toughness, though it is very hectic all through, but consistency by this relentless movement for freedom championed by IPOB, with her diplomatic offensive to end the reign of Fulani calamitous conquest in West Africa sub-region and beyond through total dismemberment is speedily coming to logical accomplishment. 

For the fact designated terrorist Nigerian government led by Gen. Mohammadu Buhari, whose name an impostor presides over ruling as the defacto President maintained its third position as most terrorized countries in the world according to Global Terrorism Index 2020, what else do you think that prompted the British parliamentarian members to disassociate themselves to a failed state that aid and abated terrorism against its own citizens. Boldness by contentious British lawmakers’ letter to the Commonwealth Secretary General, Marlborough House, London, is an indication Nigeria has gone more far from mere concern about the Fulani terror violence escalation and complicity of Fulani political heavyweights from core Northern Nigeria extraction.

In the letter, British MP’s reminded Nigeria as their groom creator how she failed her obligations under the Commonwealth Charter as regards to human rights abuses which Nigeria was signatory to, variably or invariably, it simply means Nigeria has been abandoned by her British lord. Then, during Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s broadcast, on Radio Biafra, he made it very clear that time shall come when Fulani compatriots will beg Biafra to go her separate way. Surprisingly, just of recent a Coalition of Northern Group, through their spokesman Abdulaziz Sulaiman, demanded United Nations intervention to resolve Biafra/Nigeria dichotomous faceoff through a supervised referendum. 


Narratives is gradually changing atleast, for the first time in the history of Nigeria politics, a slight free and fair gubernatorial election was observed in Edo State, after the pronouncement of visa ban on sit-tight syndrome election riggers by a courageous US Ambassador Mary Beth Leonard, something over two hundred (200, 000,000) million timid Nigerians could not do for themselves over the years irrespective of their selfacclaimed elitism, intellectuality and professorship, fearful gullible Nigerian citizens were unable to change the rotten status quo was single handedly perfected by a courageous woman. 

If not for any other thing, no one is now in doubt the handwriting on the wall, that the only option to save life in Nigeria is the total disintegration of the trap life threaten enclave where no single common value system bind the divergent ethnic nationalities into a slave contraption camp together. The perfect alliance by the Indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB and Yoruba One Voice - YOV, to join forces will of course, render Nigeria impotent and her Fulani supremacy to an end. This very pertinent ideal alliance is open for all endangered ethnic nationalities pinned down in the Nigerian dungeon such as the people of Middle Belt and Hausa nationality respectively to triumph over Fulani neo-colonialism in Africa that ridicules exploration of this present hardworking generation under the captivity of nomadic cattle herders from Sahel. 

Perhaps, jettison the entrench draconic favorable Fulani military decree in guise of 1999 constitution by Abdulsami Abubarkar, has long been the major impediment of collective aspirations to fight against hostilities and untold inimical lopsidedness in every marginalize region to aspire for freedom as enshrine in the UN Charter for Indigenous Peoples Rights. So far so good, the beacon of hope is around the corner as present Biafran generation no longer believes in the useless state symbols or iconographical identification with Nigeria insignias in it. APC corrupt regime can bribe many foreign mission(s), as they can, 1st October, was sacrosanct to all that every nooks and crannies of Biafra land shut down by sitting at home to express and register Biafrans displeasures that the slave camp named Nigeria is worthless to be given or awarded any meaningful national honors.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke

Published by: Offor Princewill Akubumma 



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