Biafra: The Destructive Nnamdism And The Delima Of A Collasping Nigerian State

By Mazi Chika Austine | The Biafra Post 

October 13, 2020

I laughed with deep head nodding each time I read various attempts by some money mongers and poorly mentally positioned so-called “analysts”, trying to downplay the personality cum holistic human composition of the man Nnamdi Kanu. I understand that “downplay” is a workable tool in socio-political life, but think about it, it doesn’t work on all humans and situations. If there is any admissible grave error or political bushel standing before the Nigerian state now, it is Nnamdi Kanu whom they knowingly or unknowingly miscalculated and underrated. 

Nnamdi Kanu has proven how dangerous poor analyses on one who is resolved can be on most downplayers. From the era of Radio Biafra Broadcast in 2012 to his incarceration down to his reappearance which is heralded by his ongoing schooling of all in not just the geographical space called “Nigger-area”, but down to the world. I subscribed unto the Biafran restoration pursuit under Nnamdi Kanu due to his super-intelligence which is clad with boldness and truth. With these tripod tools enveloped with his deep understanding with matters of divinity, he has not only succeeded in ending the British government failed political chemistry aka Nigeria but by far led the path for African and coloured race renaissance. 

One cannot believe to see and hear that one’s an offensive player (Nigeria) is now on defensive trying to survive the severe IPOB diplomatic bullets coming from multidimensional fronts. What Nnamdi Kanu has successfully led IPOB and Biafrans into, is what Chinese Sun Tzu spent years trying to conceptualize in his book “Art of War”. He successfully dragged Nigeria into multifaceted costly wars she never bargained nor prepared for. The interesting story here isn’t Nigeria stepping into the war, but her trapped state due to her stalemated and frail tactics.

The Concept Nnamdism

Most men of social science are taking a sincere under studying the concept of Nnamdism which I made up from the character “Nnamdi Kanu”, not as his follower only, but as a trained historian and diplomat. I have studied Nnamdism closely and it shocks me how most critics of his often approach analysis on his approach with cursory mind. I can make out from which angle they (Nnamdi Kanu) critics make their cursory analysis. Generally, there seems to be a consensus on such statements like, “he doesn’t stand on his words” which they commonly reference some of his statements which the contrary was seen instead of what was said. 

This is where I deeply regret ever attributing “intelligence” to some of these people earlier. If Nnamdi Kanu has made his approach predictable and digestible, the current pariah state he has taken Nigerian state would not have been achieved. The strength of every strategy lies on the degree of secret, and complicated his strategy appears to the enemy. The question we should ask today is, is Nnamdi Kanu defeated? Is IPOB relegated?. Are they a strong reference points to Nigeria locally and internationally? The answers to these few among hundreds of questions will guide our further analysis on the concept Nnamdism.

Domestic War Front 

IPOB started as a mockery that so called “intellectuals” and “stakeholders” under-estimated her at their peril and that of their Fulani estate called Nigeria. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu understands the importance of sensitization on his people which not minding the costs and obstacles took to the microphone to unearth and declassified the deeply classified truth. That is the very first step he took that many felt he was either calling for “government settlement” or he was a “miscreant” trying to “cause trouble”.

From status of “settlement” seeker and “miscreant”, the entire Nigeria and Africa began to forcefully change their view on Nnamdi Kanu to worthy of listening and “intelligent” man. A lot of minds were won as truth he was unleashing is highly restricted ones. A lot of clergy men, journalists, academia and men of all works of lives got Nnamdified. Although this Nnamdification started from Biafra land, his consistency and strategy of not having a friend other than truth led to his acceptability beyond eastern Nigeria to “Middle Belt” and “Oduduwa” land. 

The implication of this wide mastership Nnamdism has taken beyond Biafra land is that he has successfully delinked millions of minds from believing in “one Nigeria” project thereby making Nigeria’s unity porous and non-defensive. Statistically, millions of these minds are youths who have withdraw their energies towards defending Nigeria and re-assigning it voluntarily to their ethnic blocs. That is soft but penetrating injuries Nnamdi Kanu is cutting on Nigeria’s soul. 

The uprising and surges for self-determination across Nigeria is traceable to the Nnamdification wind blowing across Nigeria. The civilize countries understand that this is a reality that is only ending at disintegration which force some of them to go on policy review towards Nigeria.  These policies review among Western countries will be discuss on my YouTube Channel - @Chika Austine pending when facebook unblocks my facebook accounts. It is inconclusive here for me not to spotlight on how the Oduduwa and the Middle Beltans are harnessing the opportunities Nnamdi Kanu have created to spike for their freedom from the Fulani hegemonic grip on them. 

To the Yoruba or better say the “Oduduwa” elders, they understand how seriously lagging behind their youths are on preparation of what is to come, the fathers of Oduduwa felt they should energize their youths towards embracing and seeing the inevitable reality coming.  There is an ethno-consensus among all those ethnic compositions in Nigeria that “Nnamdi Kanu methodology and philosophy should be adopted by all” except the Fulanis. 

I understand the various soft and hard incorporation of “Nnamdism” into various ethnic compositions in Nigeria except the Fulanis.  What this portends is that those (Biafrans) who are naturally bequeathed with such gift (Nnamdi Kanu) by nature are watching in foolishness while outsiders are softly incorporating and inculcating Nnamdism in their mainstream lives. It is worrisome that while we own Nnmadi Kanu bodily, others are owning him ideally and actively within a short time frame reflecting these ideas unto their pathway to their freedom. How does it sound to you that the same Oduduwa elders speaking out for Oduduwa nation now are same people who sat on same table where our own Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo butchered their own youths?. That is the obvious different between “passing six” as in the case of Ohaneze and “passing sense” as in the case of the Afenifere and Middle Belt elders.

International War Front 

The ongoing diplomatic decimation of Nigeria by IPOB has never been seen in the history of diplomacy where a non state actor is crippling a state actor thereby making her comatose.  Nigeria is in serious diplomatic mess which IPOB dragged her into. I see two options left for her to survive which are all grave led. I ones faulted the suicide choice of Nigerian diplomacy handlers to run eastward as an escape route to avert IPOB “offensive diplomacy”. I faulted it on the ground that China can only help Nigeria out on eco-diplomacy which is clad with destructive interests of Communist Party of China. I understand the need for such hasty decision was due to IPOB close marking on Western diplomatic engagements that was suffocating her.  But come to it, would Nigeria had survived contending Western fronts with IPOB if she maintained her ground?. The sincere answer here is NO, considering the wealth of human resources at her disposal and what Federal Government of Nigeria termed “unknown financial resources of IPOB”. 

These two deadly tools IPOB marshaled out diplomatically against Nigerian state are more deadly that MPGs and other non conventional material. No wonder less than six months, Mallam Garba Shehu and others at large are busy spilling out press statements on IPOB destructive offensive diplomacy. I indeed see reasons why they should be worried.
What is shocking today is how within a short period of time, IPOB have curried Western love and even Arabs love. It is deep intellectual demanding to grasp the maneuvery that what happened here is, that Nigeria is currently on un-official arm embargo before Western countries which Lai Mohammed told us of. Is IPOB using an approach of “crippling the elephant” and watch her die naturally?. In course of my years of studies (online) in Randolph Bourne Institute on International political development and USA foreign policy development, I have not seen such a powerful non state actor as IPOB.  Underrating her is at one's peril! She has proven to be endowed with deep understanding of international political maneuvery and how to win domestic legitimacy unknown to history of socio-political evolution of Africa.  

Successfully IPOB has forced Nigeria to be left with two surviving options before multifaceted diplomatic quagmires she created for herself. One is the option of Nigeria getting to dialogue table where IPOB will appear as "equal party" and not "subject". The second option is Nigeria to keep insulting and shouting “sovereignty” to friends of IPOB to desist from “listening to IPOB”. From what we see today, the illiterate and irrational government of today has chosen the later which is a huge chess winning for IPOB. How would one choose to ripe UK apart on verbal attack because her parliamentarians “listened” to IPOB?.

What the current government does not know is that why they are busy buying time, IPOB has moved towards to the negotiation table, presentations as it is a MUST Nigeria will come to the international set up table. It will be shocking to know by Nigerians that their government will be forced to the table unprepared with absolutely nothing to offer due to their current allocation of their time table to “sovereignty” rants. That is what they have proven years long of doing, doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. I have no doubt that the ongoing unannounced International flogging of her ass will force her to the table. We are watching.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07
Published by Charles Opanwa 


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