Biafra: The long awaited revolution in Nigeria is here

Comr Nwawube Ezeobi | The Biafra Post

October 14, 2020

Karl Marx in his writings and positions on the need and inevitability of social revolution which he view as not anything near political system but a dialectical necessity, had envisaged and boldly posited that revolution is a consequence of a long delayed justice borne out of systemic decay.
To him - Karl Marx's inference, social revolution builds up over time which must not neglect the importance of evoking the consciousness of the citizenry. 

In the Fredrick Lugard and Flora Shaw created contraption called Nigeria, this concept had eluded the masses for over 100 years. 
The ethnic nationalities just like most African nations for many years were unconscious and all afraid of their lives not to challenge any government oppressive state and regime atrocities until the emergence of the Indigenous People of Biafra intellectually and radically led by a true comrade worth the salt, the preacher of truth (Onyendu, Onye Ezi Okwu), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu invoked the spirit of resilience, formidability in the minds of his members through the instrumentality of a simple radio station. 

Just like Karl Marx the great philosopher had earlier opined, successful revolution can only be achieved when "if the people are conscious of their society, the evils of the ruling class, the tools of the ruling class and the inevitability of the shed of blood and manipulations of iron". Today the youths of the ethnic nationalities forcefully joined together as Nigeria and manipulated by the British government controlled few have risen up, borrowing a leaf and ideology from the Indigenous People of Biafra indestructible nature to challenge the status quo. 

Fulani as an invading occupational race using every tool of government might, suppression, oppression, intimidation, manipulation, subjugation, subject to slavery and neo-colonialism in today's Nigeria is a knock out game on a failed mission, they tend to know better that Fulani mission in Nigeria to enslave Indigenous nationalities that formed Nigeria can no longer stand as the people of the ethnic nationalities are now wise and rising from their slumber to ask questions whose interest is Nigeria favouring?. Is Nigeria meant or favouring Nigerians or the proceeds from Nigeria is meant to develop other nations of the world leaving the masses in penury and abject poverty?. What's the essence of having Nigeria that always soiled her hands in the blood of her citizens she's meant to protect?.

The revolution we see happening today all over the entity called Nigeria in the name of #ENDSARS, #ENDSARSNOW, has come to bring a total end to the ruthless state called Nigeria. The Nigerian youths have protested in the streets and towns of Nigeria even in Biafra land to see an end to the demonic SARS department of the Nigerian Police Force and fortunately enough the vibrant youths got the system shaken up from its foundation only within just one week. This message signaled that power lies with the people to liberate themselves in any oppressive state as free men and women, free people define their society.

Now that SARS has been disbanded, do we go back to sleep as if all is already well?. How about the highly criminal political class that earns millions in a month while our teachers/ lecturers in the universities cannot boast of repositioning and reshaping our education school standard not to talk of having three square meal a day?. Isn't it wide obvious that we are living in a decayed and retrogressive state. How about the highly corrupt Nigerian politicians who have made it practically impossible for the masses to enjoy the basic needs of life?. I mean those whose children are all in diaspora studying while the children of the masses are wasting away at home in name of strike and those opportune to be in school are wasting as a result of poor learning infrastructure, insecurity, high rate of living etc. 

What about the rate of marginalization?. Insecurity in the state and the criminal silence of the Nigerian political leaders who have secured themselves with the police and military that should be securing the masses. Subject to question; what do we do about the Zamfara gold that belongs to the Zamfara government and the Biafra oil that belongs to the Federal Republic of Nigeria?.
How do we reconcile the continual governmental insensitivity as it concerns the masses with the decaying social and economic stability of humanity in the contraption called Nigeria. 

Ending SARS is a step that will be a building of castle in the air, if we are to go back to sleep from the government brutality on the masses, it means cowards we are but a gracious and historic stepping stone is, if we are to never back down and demand for a total overhauling of this fraud system and imperial government. It is time to bring down the criminal system and embark on a compulsory national discussion about the rationale for the continued existence of the slave yard called Nigeria. It is time to listen to demands of the Indigenous People that are trapped in an unworthy national relationship. 

“When the comrades coughs, the capitalists trembles” -  V.I Lenin.

The time is now!, Our simple demands are:


Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
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Published by Charles Opanwa 


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