By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter September 06, 2020
Change is among the constant law of evolution and nature, IPOB’s years of peaceful agitation In line with international diplomatic best practices and principles for the emancipation of her people from the primitive oriented shackle of darkness named Nigeria is long over due, in return the people of Biafra got more or less extra judicial killings of her unarmed innocent peaceful Biafran youths. Yes, in advance developed nations around the world, peaceful agitation vi -a -vis disintegration is workable but same becomes a tabor in a backward primordial horrible slave camp like Nigeria where life of a cow is valuable more than hundreds of human life. According to Thomas Hobbs, “man by nature is wicked, selfish and nasty”. Perhaps, wickedness of blacks against its fellow blacks is immeasurable and the inability to think critically is among the reasons black Africa cannot boast of sound development, of a truth; black Africans fails to understand the fact that the end justifies the means, their failure to identify problems at early stage with adequate lasting solution prompted the region to be always in flames, chaos and anarchy using the state of Mali as a study in this twenty-first century. Just like evolution of Boko Haram, at early stage it was a peaceful movement, Nigeria combine armed forces got their leader Yusuf Mohammed; its members arrested and later killed them without any form of trial before its second in command Abubarkar Shakau, vowed to avenge their death by wrecking series of havocs against the dwindling Nigeria state. Had the Nigerian government called for dialogue initially Boko Haram won’t had metamorphose into a deadly group we see today. The same way had Boko Haram were to remain peaceful the respect they command would have been a story for the gods and the Nigerian government with their barbaric ineptitude will never in her lifetime call them for round table discussion. Although, IPOB and Boko Haram respectively have different ideological methodology with divergent destination. Unlike Boko Haram, Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is peacefully fighting a just noble cause of freedom for her people as enshrined in the United Nations Charter. Unfortunately, the recent global conspiracy, media blackout takes IPOB's diplomatic approaches as cowardice, of a truth the leadership has fulfilled all recommended UN diplomatic procedures for the peaceful disintegration of Nigeria but to no avail, as it is written black and white in the Christian Holy Book - the Bible, “the Kingdom of God suffers violent and only the violent takes it by force”, Biafra as a kingdom of God on earth can only come by guns and bullets considering the constant reciprocated acts of barbarism by the Nigerian government, besides, freedom is taken not given. The Nigerian government armed terrorist forces both in Police and Army uniforms had spilled the blood of IPOB members to an extent that many ignorant Nigerians foolishly makes mockery of IPOB as noise makers that cannot kill an ant talk more of confronting the Nigerian security outfits in a battle field. Gruesomely, cash and carry media preponderances couple with compromised petition writers always deceive the general public with the word “Clash” as their newspapers headlines whenever state sponsored armed Fulani security terrorists in the Nigerian Police and Army uniforms shot dead unarmed peaceful IPOB members. The same strategy was employed during the time and era the Fulanis invaded and annihilated the Hausa tribe of today, today the Hausa tribe are under the caprices of Fulani controlled emirate councils likewise, some part of Yoruba land in Kwara State. The assertion made public by the resigned President of Alaigbo Development Foundation ADF, after bastardized aloofness of South East governors on the recent killings of IPOB members in Emene, Enugu State by the terrorist Nigerian security operatives in Police and Army uniforms, Pro. Uzodinma Nwala was quoted to had opined “we call on our people to arm themselves with any available weapon for the protection of themselves, our wives and our children, this is a fundamental natural right that supersedes any state law’’. This simply means that should IPOB as a reliable grass root peoples oriented emancipation movement folds their hands in no distant time youths above eighteen (18) years of age will be wiped out from the surface of this earth hence, the extermination of Biafran youths will no longer be condone nor tolerated by any conscientious individual. Without any shred of doubt, IPOB might have perfected her international diplomatic offensive variably and invariably, to sustain the impending glomming war. If not for any other thing Nigeria security excesses has gone beyond measure against unarmed innocent civilians, instead of Biafrans to continue to condole themselves soberly over and over, retaliation through arms struggle can be the lasting remedy to avenge the death of our people killed by the terrorist Nigerian government and her security apparatchiks. Nature perfects it that before one seeks for peace and Independent co-extistence he must first prepare for war. The Indigenous People of Biafra volunteers force were happy immediately the Supreme leader of the Biafran struggle - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, gave the order and lifted the banner of war in Enugu according to reliable sources. Nigeria is apparently in the blacklist of so many countries around the world peradventure, IPOB sustains the war Nigeria disintegration becomes imminent. On the other hand, Biafra agitation has gone beyond rubicon to contemplate backing down, as the game changes, the South Sudan option of armed struggle might be the only option for UN intervention to split the human zoo in Africa. Edited by Ndubuisi Eke Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07 Published/Edited by Anyi Kings Reach Anyi for your article via Twitter @Anyikingsl Facebook Anyi kings E-mail


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