By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter September 06, 2020
Fulani offspring from Sahel arid Northern Nigeria region with Igbo names, if they like let them dance naked consulting their Fulani political godfathers in the North for inducements to aspire for the illusionary 2023 Igbo Presidential ambition on probation whereas, forsaking their own people in their various constituencies to be slaughtered at will by the Fulani controlled jihadists security forces and Fulani terrorist herdsmen. The lucrative trending competition amongs Igbo politicians for godson’s endorsement is mainly for one who conspired seriously against his people more than others in their different Fulani slave camps(States), in order to be considered a chosen Fulani aspirant and candidate. In as much as inconsequential and dubious Igbo politicians are clamoring in anticipation for the seat of the highest political office in Nigeria comes 2023 Presidential election certainly, when the chips are down the Presidential erection among the Igbo efulefus shall wither away like sterile leafs during harmattan period then, politics of who gets what, when and how by born to rule political dynasty from core North Fulani hegemony might probably changes the table of politics in their favor by so doing no single sycophantic Igbo political insolents parading here and there shall be see anymore. Politically, the emergence of snail Nigeria democratic renaissance since 1999 till date is always at the detriment of Eastern region, no single successful election was held without bloodbaths or manipulations from both external and internal factors variably and invariably, making votes meaningless and inconsequential. With abundant of facts, Igbo politicians are stooges and loyal slaves to the Fulani hegemony, the same way Fulani are voluntary happy perfect house slaves to the British government, their submissiveness to their creator always favors them to project an anonymous preferable candidate to Her Royal Majesty for endorsement once that is perfected, automatically the endorsed aspirant emerges the winner irrespective of people’s choice which simply means election in Nigeria is sham, deceit that remains the major reasons Fulani to date always and surely arrogate themselves to the throne of power courtesy of British government backup. Every sane and sound minded person currently living knew Nigeria is at the verge of absolute disintegration including Britain her creator, this is the sole reason why they needed an avenue to breath so as to sustain the dying contraption to remain as one, for that to happen is only by making a continuous rumble sound of Igbo Presidency 2023, using boisterous willing tools from Igbo extraction to buy more time for 2023 Presidential general election. By the way, logically, if it were to go by voting which of course, must definitely be rig in favor of the Fulani political oligarchy will by all means inflate the number of votes cast as they believe with rigged and dubious census as the majority region. After which unsatisfied rig out candidates have only but an option to seek for redress, to appeal in a court of law where a Fulani Janjaweed Sharia Chief Judge will preside over the case and hand over judgement to his fellow Fulani brother, If time is not taken, before the disgraceful swollen Igbo Presidency hallucinatory urge by some braindead Igbo politicians aspiring for new Nigeria through either by restructuring or Presidency will not see the light of the day, the will of the masses to stand tall against Fulani lunatic fringe indivisibility of one Nigeria for emergence of Biafra restoration is viable, imminent and sacrosanct to be persuaded with unlike, self-centered political positions. The undisputable fact is, even the so called Igbo elites lack cohesiveness to speak in one voice and act in the same direction to achieve certain political goals. Their divergent political aspirations prompted the hostile insinuation from the Senate Chief Whip, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, of APC to opines that 2023 Presidential general election is an open basket as the ruling parting does not have constitutional zoning structure in that case he is indirectly informing his followers that Igbo presidency is nothing but cloud of wind that can easily disappear once sunset. The political statement by the Senate Chief Whip, has inherit conflict political perspectives perhaps, due to their loyalty to different Fulani political godfathers from Northern Nigeria extraction. In a nutshell, the Supreme Court governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodimma, sycophantically praised his slave master, the mask wearer impersonating late Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, that is consistently killing his people to continue ruling beyond 2023, that candidacy cannot emerge on tribal basis whereas, Fulani claimed it is their turn to climb the position of Presidency, that tells Ndi Igbo and Ohaneze Ndigbo socio-cultural group that they cannot be allowed to have access to the keys of aso rock Villa, there is every tendency they cannot have access to emerge the owner of the same Aso-Villa. Only if ridiculous Igbo Buharists are reasonable enough to observe and understand in time that they are day dreaming with clear mission is impossible pertaining to the Igbo 2023 Presidency. Edited by Ndubuisi Eke Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07 Published/Edited by Anyi Kings Reach Anyi for your article via Twitter @Anyikingsl Facebook Anyi kings E-mail


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