By Ebenezer Onwughalu | The Biafra Post September 06, 2020
I sincerely wish to address the formation of the above listed out bodies and individuals mentioned in my caption, at first, I thought it was in a dream but I hurriedly realized that it was a reality before my eyes. My worst day in life was on the 23rd day of August 2020 where my brothers were ruthlessly and unjustly killed by the brute combined Nigerian security forces; in what looked like a gestapo clampdown by the combined Nigerian government armed forces also arrested those left with bullets wounds to die in their van. It is only a tree that you will tell that today I will kill you and it will remain there unperturbed, without provocations on series of times, it seems the Nigerian government security forces has made it a priority to erode on our existence as Igbo by merely tagging every of her senseless killings the proscribed members of the Indigenous People of Biafra were attacked and killed because it is unlawful for them to gather in the open and even in secret so as to give the dog a bad name but this time around, it won't be same old story, the narratives has to change, hence the Nigerian government security forces shoot at us, we promise to rain doom on them. This open letter is to let everyone know about our actions and Inactions towards the Biafra struggle, ideology and what is to come, we have cried enough, we have buried enough of our young Igbo men and women, fathers, mothers and even sisters, all because they chose to identify with the Indigenous People of Biafra right to self-determination, it is not on record anywhere that we have decimated any place, ravaged, maimed or killed any individual like the state pardoned Boko Haram terrorist members and terrorist marauding Fulani herdsmen yet we become object for elimination at all cost by the Nigerian government and her brute security forces. How many times (uncountable), have the Boko Haram sect and terrorist marauding Fulani herdsmen invaded and killed law abiding citizens of Nigeria and the government did nothing rather the Buhari APC led government pamper, dine with terrorists and treat them with kid's glove but always use iron fist on members of the Indigenous People of Biafra to which the senseless and incessant killings must be put a stop to now and forever, it has been crystal clear that the Nigerian government cherishes killing us, took some of our members killed, dead bodies away and arrested as many as they can. I am writing this letter to let the people in authority know that the Nigerian government and her brute security forces cannot continue or go ahead killing us anytime they want, like they are hunting animals in a bush while they romance with terrorists gifting them with scholarships and state pardon, why do the Nigerian state have Internal Displace Persons Camps all over Northern and Middle Belt Nigeria today?. Who created them and what resulted to the establishment of the numerous IDP camps today?. The answer is not far fetched - Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen. The Nigerian government can not continue to prey on us like the weaker animals in a wild jungle where the stronger animals make feast on the weaker animals; Nigeria tend to be a zoo but we must remind them that we are not animals and cannot be equate to that level, it is a must that we must embrace arms, to hell with any uncritical element that will come out to talk nor say rubbish, this has become man to man open confrontation and we in IPOB see it as a welcome development, to kill whoever that kills us - simple, that is natural justice. The Indigenous People of Biafra never go to the Army barracks, Police barracks or stations to attack them but they also finds one flimsy excuse or the other to attack and killed us with their contracted left wing media captioning it "Clash" all the times. The people are the government and not one idiot who sees himself in any political office, every citizen of a country have the right to bear arms as a fundamental human right and that we must make full use of it henceforth, I commend Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for giving out the command, the government cannot arm us rather we arm ourselves and fight on until our inalienable right to freedom is granted, we don't tend to retreat nor surrender, now we must confront anybody that attack us head on. Tyrant Mohammadu Buhari and his cohorts should by now known that the Biafra ideology cannot be stopped not before, not now and ever. My strong and unshakable words to the commissioner of Police by name - Ahmed Abdurraham, is, he should know that the era of killing innocent Biafrans has come to an end, what happened in Emene Enugu is just a test run of what is to come hence we are resorting to bearing arms open without hesitation of any sort. The Fulani terrorists in the Nigerian security formations are using Nigeria as a safe heaven to killing our people, they have tested our resolved for way too long and we must show to them our full strength. You don't want peace we give you pieces, if you kill us we will kill you, simple as that, now that the leadership of IPOB has given order that every Biafran has the right to bear arms against our enemies and killers of our dream future, If any Biafran(s) is seen killed in our land by the brute combined Nigerian security forces, we must make sure that we kill them back without mercy because forgiveness is a sin. It is now blood for blood, eye for eye. To the commissioner of Police and to every person(s), who is involved in the killing of our people should note it down that we are coming with full force that anyone that tries to stop us will first test our full wrath. No mercy this time, let the devil that tempt them to continue killing us guide them as our own devil is invoked too, to guide us. Edited By Ndubuisi Eke Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07 Published/Edited by Anyi Kings Reach Anyi for your article via Twitter @Anyikingsl Facebook Anyi kings E-mail


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