Biafra: Asari Dokubo Got It All Wrong

By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter
June 04, 2020

Seems our privacy as a people has far gone to public domain in the name of clearing one’s conscience, it’s also important to make it clear to Mr. Uzodimma Ediabali alias "Asari Dokubo", that the worst thing he has done was to insult Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s dead parents; if not for Biafra struggle this couple won’t have been late by now as some of us lost loved ones fighting the same noble cause. It doesn’t in any way neither portrays Asari Dokubo, atleast, as someone with formal education nor does it show maturity after watching the irrelevant deceit oath-taken-video with his words in past tense.

Personally, nothing is special in oath taken either with Quran or Bible respectively, because it is impossible for one to heartedly admit or accept being a traitor but evidences abound he was a culprit in all allegations leveled against him with prove. As earlier noted in the oath taken with the edited version and meaning of the Quran by Asari, is inconsequential hence, it is the same Quran and Bible use in court of law to swear an oath into office yet, they still testify against justice.

Same way, one knew he/she is guilty in court of law but claims not guilty with Quran and Bible while taking oath before court proceedings. Even Fulani herdsmen and Fulani terrorists like Boko Haram and other dreaded Islamic sects recite Quran in most cases before chopping off innocent masses' head.

This sham and shameful pronouncement by Asari Dokubo is not new, most oath takers are evil more than Lucifer himself to an extent the punishment behind oath taken is meaningless before them having sold their heart, conscience to the devil. At least, Asari Dokubo, instigated the petty jejune common criminal and attention seeker Chief Ralf Uwazuruike to look slightly relevant to some while watched him swore an oath with the Bible, the wickedness of man against his fellow men is unimaginable.

Asari Dokubo's malicious utterances against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s dead parents connotes with Great Philosopher Thomas Hobbes’s assertion that “man by nature is wicked, selfish and nasty”. It goes to show the discernible and enlightened minds that once a creek pig remains a pig without formal elementary education and common reasoning to articulate as human before vomiting garbage. If not for any other thing, our felled heroes and heroines that paid the ultimate price for Biafra restoration with their lives so we might live should be a beacon to be anchored highest respect more than any living being inspite of the contributions made so far.

With Asari Dokubo's rage of spite and tantrums spit on their graves, it sounds unappealing and inconceivable insulting Asari’s grandmother, uncles and sisters that died as martyrs in defense of his people’s freedom. Had Asari Dokubo reasoned; his outburst against our dead parents ought to have been ignored in the first place provided he has a good upbringing from his childhood and imbibes with Biafra culture for the living not to insult the dead more especially one that fought for his survival.

Asari Dokubo, you may have been detained severally by the Nigerian government as claimed, for fighting for justice for your people, but you got it all wrong in every ramifications and tenets of logic. On one of your online videos, as a freedom fighter you claimed you are/were, you bragged and showcased your expensive mansion with exotic car before the world dancing “ Puko Solili! Puko Solili!!!” mocking people you considered threatening to you in the same freedom fighting, indicated truly you have skeleton in your cupboard just like Chief Ralf Uwazuruike.

Ralf Uwazuruike goes about with Nigerian security operatives rather than pose threat to his oppressors instead. Uwazuruike is considered a favorite Fulani puppet bought over by the federal government of Nigeria. The mocked mediocre bastardized  video alone by Asari Dokubo, wrote him off as a real freedom fighter but a scammer who fed fat from his peoples oppression. In actual sense and normal circumstance, a freedom fighter does not live peacefully with his oppressor(s) - it is either the activist is in exile, detention or grave.

It is now obvious that Asari Dokubo, is nothing but a Fulani staunch dummy implanted in the midst of Biafra land with absolute motive to destabilize Biafra restoration efforts. Asari Dokubo had in the past said;

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has done far more better to bring Biafra closer than expected than all the agitating groups put together and same time brought Nigeria to her kneels without firing a single bullet.

Turning around when it is not yet night against the same person and his platform-(IPOB), that was recommended tremendously by him vindicates and substantiate that he - Asari Dokubo, is a double agent worst chameleon of its kind. 

It's of no use to sink deep on allegation that Asari Dokubo duped IPOB of her tax payers money in form of contribution to the struggle of emancipation in tune of #20M (Twenty Million Naira. The purpose of writing to him openly is to enable him retrace his steps and reason like a contentious proper human being other than a pig happily living in a dirty swamp environment that eat fat from germs and stubbornly refuse to be rescued out of the contaminated deadly environment he dwells.

Watching Asari Dokubo's online video where he proudly conceived to be happy to be a pipeline security guard for the Fulani controlled federal government of Nigeria at his own backyard is awful and regrettable, Asari Dokubo is busy protecting something in his home town of Ijaw land while the migratory Fulanis from Futa Jalon claimed the real owners of oil in your home land calls for the reexamination of the brain of a so called Niger Deltan.

No wonder Asari Dokubo is living peacefully with his oppressors as a perfect slave nigger in his Niger Delta South-South; what an insult to the memory of our dead parents that fought gallantly before this present generation. The idiotic and complete utter garbage from any moron at this time in our history must end now, our living mortals and immortals [dead heroes and heroines] deserves only but respect from us. Asari Dokubo must take note before the gods make him mad.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07

Published by Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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