Biafra: Excerpts Of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's Broadcast Of June 3rd 2020 Via Radio Biafra

Compiled By Comr Nwawube Ezeobi, Comr Ezeobi Jonel | The Biafra Post | June 04, 2020

Introduction====> Mazi Nnamdi Kanu renders a powerful prayer to heaven.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB Leader
1. The agreement between the Fulani and corrupt British political class has been broken by Trump.

2. If you accept any money from the zoo - Nigeria, you are eating a blood money.

3. Facebook is doing all they can to stop us but they will fail, they know the Zoo is gone and forever.

4. It doesn't matter what what they do or the e-rats they recruit, the Zoo must fall in 2020.

5. For those of you who don't know, Biafra will be a Godly nation just as I stated in Israel.

6. We are here to preach this gospel until Biafra is restored.

7. Now that we are here, they cannot be like us and after we are gone, they do wish they be like us.

8. We have come that Biafra will be restored in truth and honesty.

9. Nigeria is suffocating other tribes and killing non-Muslims. That is Fulani jihad not farmers/herders clash.

10. The agreement between the Fulani and Britain has been collasped by President Donald Trump. President Trump signed an executive order upholding the right of international religious freedom.

11. Money that are meant for schools and hospitals, Nigeris is using to bribe diplomats inside United states.

12. If you are intelligent, you will understand what the Zoo is planning to accomplish, you will understand how serious they are.

13. What you are seeing today about Muslim spread of violence in West Africa was highlighted in 2012.

14. Boris Johnson does not want himself to be associated with the fraud going on in Nigeria. That is what the Zoo is panicking about because they know that I know the Zoo is over.

15. The picture I sent to Amaka Ekwo is an evidence that all of them are aware that Buhari is no more.

16. Today the whole world knows that Buhari is no more and even Jubril. Every intelligence in the world knows that Buhari is no more.

17. The reason why they cannot prosecute Bukola Saraki is because they know he knows the person in Aso rock is not Buhari.

18. Why haven't Saraki being prosecuted by the DSS?. After all the noise and allegation against Saraki.

19. Despite the years of looting and rampant stealing by Bukola Saraki, he is not facing any threat of jail.

20. I told SouthEast politicians, If they try to touch you, write a letter and send to a lawyer abroad and tell them you will leak the information about the death of Buhari if they touch you, you will see they will leave you alone.

21. Bukola Saraki played the "gate of jail card".

22. Even the most foolish person alive that met the real Buhari should look at this picture and know if he is Buhari.

23. Any politician in the zoo that can stand on his two feet and say 'to hell with you', cannot be imprisoned, those in prison are the lily livered.

24. I want Yoruba media to be twitted tonight, ask them a simple question, this boy here with Bukola Saraki, is he Buhari?.

25. We cannot be distracted, we are back to give everybody freedom including those being killed in the North every day, even now.

26. Do you see how the zoo delayed the designation of Boko Haram as a terrorist group?. But the SouthEast governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo invited their masters to proscribe IPOB.

27. Fulani were busy bribing people in America to make sure Boko Haram was not designated a terrorist group.

28. God wanted to punish you so that when your children ask why we have mosque in our village square, they will be told his ancestors betrayed his people.

29. Donald Trump yesterday signed an executive order directing state department to take actions on global religious freedom. He assigned fifty [$50] million US dollars to support such effort.

30. There is a well coordinated effort run by the UK, but for the first time we have broken it.

31. As a result of our consistency in IPOB and other conscientious body in the world, USA have come to break that hold UK held on us for ages.

32. Our coordinated diplomatic onslaught is working and the Zoo know it that Nigeria is gone.

33. People ask whether we can get Biafra on Twitter; illiterates everywhere.

34. For the first time, religious freedom for all is a top priority for President Trump and US state department.

35. I went to America and proved to them that what is going on is a well coordinated onslaught against Christians, we held meetings after meetings. They were saying it was a clash between farmers and herders but I proved to them that it wasn't such.

36. I give Elohim the glory, we worked earnestly hard for this to happen.

37. I will destroy the Zoo with what I call diplomatic strangulation. I told them, didn't I?.

38. Igbo man carried a coup that killed less than fifty [50] people they still can't forgive the Igbos till date but somebody called Boko Haram his misguided brothers, even said attack against them is attack against him and you forgive him and voted for him again. Legendary Zoological Republic!.

39. All that time you see us in the United State, this is what we have been battling.

40. An average Nigerian is a bundle of ignorance, no matter the degree they posses.

41. Did I not warn you that Yoruba Churches and media will condition your mind and destroy your lives?.

42. Look at the Zoo, in Igbo land, someone that stole the money meant for road construction is a leader.

43. On June 12th, you will celebrate another criminal (Someone that forged cheque) called Abiola.

44. The money allocated for Enugu to Igweocha Road construction was pocketed by Ekweremmadu and tommorow you see them calling him our leader. Zoo mentality.

45. I went to America and report what was happening in Nigeria, and they told me is Farmers and Herders clash ,and I said no, it is a war on Christianity by Islamic forces and today Trump has signed an executive order to protect rights of Christians (Religious Freedom) all over the world.

46. All of you traitors working for the North, we know who you are. It doesn't matter what you think you are, you are nobody.

47. Once you sabotage your people this is the price you pay.

48. Those of you from Niger Delta, do you see the names of people that occupies NNPC?.

49. Fulani knows if they stand on their own, they can't succeed. So they hide under Hausa to operate.

50. Ask yourself why police are only killing black people, and not the Indians and Asians in the United States?. You killed five [5] million Biafrans because you claimed Nzeogwu carried out an Igbo coup, how many people have died under Buhari leadership?.

51. Nigeria forgave a man that said Boko Haram are his misguided brothers and if you touch Boko Haram you touch them all.

52. The Fulanis' are incharge of your lives and everything in your land and all you do is attack those fighting for your freedom. How do you think that you can get to the NNPC board without being United?. Can our people ever reason?.

53. There is Islam that is prompted by hunger.

54. Hausa people behaved exactly the same way some of you are doing now, traitors, they thought they were smart but Fulani people bred saboteurs amongst them and convinced them that their Kings were corrupt, they helped Fulanis' overthrow their own leaders and enslaved Hausa people till date.

55. Their were Hausa people practising Islam before the Fulani janjaweed came. They were led by a vulture all the way from Futa Jalon.

56. Fulani is so dedicated to their missions that they gave out their wives and daughters to sleep with the Arab slave traders. When the Arabs came to take slaves from Africa, Fulani gave away their daughters away in order to protect themselves and give birth to light skin children to work as spy for them.

57. Am saying this that the few idiots calling themselves Niger Delta will learn a lesson with what happened to the Hausa people who helped the Fulanis' to overthrow their own Kings and leaders.

58. Every Emir today in the North are Fulanis' and those serving them are the Hausas'. Do you see how they gave themselves to slavery?. Those they are killing in Southern Kaduna are pure Hausa people so as to dominate their land.

59. After two hundred [200] years the sins of the fathers are being visited upon their children.

60. I am telling our people that is calling themselves Niger Delta, if you fail to key in to Biafra what is happening in Southern Kaduna will visit you.

61. When you tell the black man the truth, they will look for an allegation and place on your head.

62. The hypocrisy of a black man. You are protesting in Abuja and in Lagos, for the death of George Floyd who was killed in America, who will protest for the thousands of people being killed in Nigeria on a daily basis by the police and other security agents at check points?.

63. George Floyd was killed sadly ofcourse by a law enforcement agent, but in your country people are being killed everyday by the police and nobody is protesting?. Black man and hypocrisy.

64. Some think if you swallow half a dictionary and speak English very well that confer on you the title of an intellectual.

65. I will not stop reminding you, in 2014, I asked for help to provide ammunition for our people and that made me a criminal.

66. Our stupidity is legendary, we are hopeless, that is why every part of the world is moving forward and we remain where we are.

67. The President of SouthEast traditional rulers have asked the people to defend themselves, what I said in 2014 that made me a criminal.

68. They are now telling you to defend yourselves with no weapon against those that are well equipped and with their agents on ground.

69. My phone will not stop ringing, the leaders kept saying "IPOB" come and I ask them, how can I defend you without guns and bullets.

70. I was very certain, I told you they are coming, I didn't tell you it is a dream or vision, but that am sure they are coming.

71. When I told you people that they were coming, what did you do, you invited Abba Kyari to kill us. "Gbue dike gbue dike, ubochi ogu achoba dike".

72. If I were to be a white man and I told my leaders about an impending danger, and they ignore me, if that which I warned them come to pass, they will first consult me to know what to do. But in Africa, they will call you a criminal. You are telling me somehow that those people are normal.

73. Any Biafran politician charting an alliance with Yoruba is a fool because they will always go with the Fulanis' because Fulanis' are their masters.

74. When Biafra is restored, we will build Biafra twenty-four [24] hours every day for complete seventy-five [75] years.

75. Within Ninety [90] days, Trump gave US Ambassador order to Report exactly what is going on in Nigeria.

76. The only Yoruba that challenge Amotekun was a Yoruba Muslim.

77. Without Biafra Africa will be in darkness from generation to generation.

78. IPOB is not a creation of man, we are divine.

79. I don’t lie, I don’t fear any man, I tell you the truth because you can’t do anything to me.

80. If I curse you, you are finished.

81. If you call IPOB where a Fulani man is sleeping, he will start to have convulsion.

82. We have limitless of traitors in Biafra land.

83. Buy all the weapons from China, bribe the whole world, borrow from all country. If I say we are going, we are going.

84. You don't like the way I talk about black people, then we must reason. Ask yourself why blacks are killed all over the world.

85. Fulani knows how black people reason, especially how they reason in the Zoo and they know what matters to them is how to feed themselves.

86. Stop all these sentiments and let's reason. We are useless because we can't reason.

87. Have you wondered why Enugu/Igwuocha expressway has not been built?. Ike Ekweremadu pocketed the money meant for it.

88. The way we black reason is unimaginable. It is very disheartening.

89. Your PG, Igwe and Eze are selling our land to Fulani and when you ask them, they deny it.

90. Somebody that warned you that there is an impending danger is a bad person but someone that pocketed the money meant to work your road for you is your leader.

91. You don't go to war without a general and when the time comes anyị a toghere ha mmanwu ha ekirie.

92. This is where we will be bringing tonight proceeding to an end.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::Closing Remark::::::::::::::::::::::

As always, we reaffirm that Biafra is our religion, Radio Biafra is where we worship and Chukwu Okike Abiama is our God.
From me, from here it is Good evening.

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