Biafra:[IPOB Media]: Power Of Information

By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter
June 02, 2020

Real (right) and Fake (left) Buhari
International embarrassment awaits Nigeria as it has come to the conscience of world leaders that Nigeria has neither a President nor a Vice President, after the United Nations High-Level Virtual Event on Financing for Development in the era of COVID-19 and beyond held on 28th May, 2020. The Federal government of Nigeria shamefully ran away from the discourse and claimed to have had technical hitch once it comes to the turn of the impostor with Mohammadu Buhari’s hyper reality face mask to deliver a speech at the event.

The Nigeria impostor abruptly lost connection at the hint that the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, suspiciously stared at him with kin interest, and how 200 million Nigerians can allow themselves to be deceived by Fulani criminal government. Though, IPOB has been at the apex of outlaugh hammering the high scornful deceit by the Nigerian government since 2017, using media as a key backbone of decimation. Many are surprise how IPOB has gone too far and able to have promulgated the gospel of Biafra to the lips of everyone at the time when some folks were made to believe the name “Biafra” sounds like a taboo. Some have said Biafra was dead and buried but IPOB has proven that Biafra is not only alive, but also a beacon of Africa civilization after fifty-three [53] years of genocidal war crime meted against them.

Having observed that media blackout during the genocidal war was the major reason Biafra plight as a people was not heard during the pogroms and thereafter; but today IPOB is quite different in all ramifications as she appropriately embarks, engage on radical media preponderant to pilots the freedom movement. The unveil of news paper hardcopy publications like the "Biafra Times and Biafra Herald" collapsed major Nigeria national dailies mainly because the News Paper was educating with unadulterated truth with facts and figures, it decimated Nigeria on what was left behind.

The Newspaper posed a threat to Nigeria’s cash and carry gutter media journalism. It brought to an end the dissemination of false information. Biafra socialization through Biafra Newspapers, prompted Nigerian government to roll out her combined armed forces mainly her military to embark on media and newspapers confiscation. But instead of IPOB media warriors to back down they remained ever committed and consistent on their quest of enriching the Biafra massage to the doorsteps of her unbelievers.

IPOB is a peaceful group agitating for the sovereign state of Biafra in a civilized peaceful manner; seeking for referendum to determine their fate without fire arms, rather the trojan tyrant Nigerian government inhumanly maltreated its members of which some are still in various secret and undisclosed detentions across the board of Nigeria with no competent court to adjudicate their case.

In the midst of all these tribulations, yet, through media consistency IPOB stands her head tall above the nasty regime and vowed never to succumb to any intimidation from tyrant Muhammadu Buhari Nazi system of government or any of its kind.

IPOB media warriors competitively have won the media war against Nigeria and her foreign collaborators who are in the business of dishing out falsehood to deceive the international community, but too little too late! Nigeria is disgracefully dancing naked in the scene of international politics and helplessly seeking succor for the irredeemable images she is experiencing worldwide.

Worst of it all, doggedness and sustainability of IPOB to soldering actively on Aso Rock expository that revealed the deployment of a hyper reality wearing face mask young man impersonating late Gen. Muhammadu Buhari as the President of Nigeria cum as the husband of Aisha Buhari, immorally demeaning the Islamic norms, marital decency and democratic principles.

Office of the wife of the President that is made not to be existed when Nigerians were told by Late Gen. Muhammadu Buhari that Aisha Buhari belongs to the kitchen to make his food, and in the other room has suddenly becomes the passage of executive orders emanating from Aisha Buhari. The same scrapped first lady’s office becomes prominent after the then Chief of Staff, Mallam Abba Kyari was confirmed dead and buried for COVID-19.

The Fulani political gimmick has gotten to the point that it is no longer hidden any more that Nigeria has no President, no Vice President. Yoruba that ought to rise up in demand of Yemi Osibanjo’s whereabouts, as a conquered race are jittering to speak out.

The young man on hyper reality face mask masquerading as late Gen. Muhammadu Buhari is definitely confined within and inside Aso Rock Villa with no formal media address to his fellow citizens assuming he is a Nigerian or even Muhammadu Buhari, the Impostor can't entertain a live interview as other world leaders are doing all through this COVID-19 trial time.

The information of Aso Rock vacancy was widely spread to the entirety of this earth by IPOB media warriors. And to play fast, the Nigerian government embarked on lobbying diplomats not to leak the information to their various host nations. Nevertheless, as many nations are reopening her borders as Covid-19 pandemic is gradually coming to an end, Nigerian government shall face worst disgrace of its kind more than what they experienced in Japan should that thing claiming to be President Muhammadu Buhari steps out his foot outside Nigeria’s borders attending any international conference.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle ID: @NdubuisiEke07

Published by Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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