By Comr Onyegbula Solomon and Comr Nwawube Ezeobi | The Biafra Post DIM CHUKWUEMEKA ODUMEGWU OJUKWU. ( IKEMBA NNEWI, EZE IGBO GBURUGBURU). On 30th May 1967, after due consultations with Eastern Consultative Assembly, was Ojukwu asked by his parliamentary members to declare Biafra, Ojukwu declared the Old Eastern region as an Independent State Known As Biafra. This was because of the coordinated killings of our people across the board in the country - Nigeria. Even in the Military, Police Force and Para-Military, the killings were going on at a very alarming rate. Hence the declaration of Biafra became paramount and necessary, any man worth Ojukwu's salt would also do that to preserve his people from Mass murder encouraged by the Nigerian government. Ojukwu subsequently became the First Biafran Head of State and fought gallantly with his men. He used his Father's wealth to fight for a free Biafran State. Ojukwu was forced into exile after due consultations by his people of Biafra for peace to reign and he thereby handed over political power to His second in Command Col. Philip Effiong. Up till his demised, Chukwuemeka Ojukwu still believes in a free Biafra State. War Field Marshall - Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, the peoples "General" gave up his comfort, gave up the juicy positions and appointments offered to him by the oppressive and repressive Nigerian government against his Biafran people, Chukwuemeka Ojukwu gladly embraced the struggle to save the lots of his people. His intervention is the reason why we have a ground to face Nigeria today. For three good years he led a defensive war of genocide amidst the total blockade on his territory by the Nigerian government war policy of starvation; the Biafrans fought gallantly with little or no weapon. Ojukwu did all he could to make sure that Biafrans never returned back to Nigeria, he held the world to it for denying him and his people freedom. On the 30th of May 2020, we shall remember him for the sacrifice he made for our collective freedom as a people.

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