Written By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter May 05, 2020 It sounds disheartened to hear the passing away of Emir of Rano, in Kano State, Alhaji Tafida Abubarkar IIa Auta Bawo II, who died after a brief undisclosed illness. Similar to Mallam Abba Kyari’s burial ceremony, the importer of Covid-19 in Nigeria, Federal government of Nigeria flouted all the laydown preventive measures by Nigeria Centre for Disease Control [NCDC], against the spreading of Corona virus. Before everyone’s eyes, government itself that ought to have known better was the arched violator of containment of the pandemic. Quite unfortunate, it was the mediocre of Nigeria leaders that prompted Mrs. Bill Gate's prediction, she asserted that she saw dead bodies littering all over in the streets of Nigeria, Nigeria as a country run by charlatans where some folks believed to be above the law the prediction finally comes to fulfillment. Fulani illiterates’ race to adhered to the maintaining of social distancing and avoidance of gatherings at all cost or physical contacts is absolute unacceptable and bunkum ideology to them. The wide spread of Covid-19 in Kano alone and Northern Nigeria in general with mass death as mysterious as they ignorantly claimed was their inability to observe the simple instructions given by health experts all over the world. Fulani youths in hundreds and thousands were spotted on a live video struggled to touch the decomposed body of Emir of Rano - Kano State, whose the cause of his death was skeptic and medically ascertained invariably, it makes it easier for one to contract the pandemic. Federal government must be blamed for the spreading of this pestilence ravaging humanity. The Nigerian de-facto President - late Mallam Abba Kyari’s rigor mortis body that ought to be cremated or incinerated as among the rules by NCDC for one died of Covid-19 was not followed up by the Fulani Nigerian community, in order to prevent the wide contraction of this infectious disease. The Federal government of Nigeria instead chose to ignore them because they are Fulanis'. Though, counter motion argued the person buried was not Kyari, as evidence abounds, blood stain inside the casket shown of a rigor mortis neck of an unknown individual shot dead by the cabals from exposing their many secrets. The Covid-19 virus does not spill up blood stain on victim’s body. As nomadic and backward as they Fulanis' are, a hired Fulani undertaker was publicly seen on video removing his Personal Protective Equipment PPE outside the burial ground, dump it at the major road and drove away. Neither social distance was observed nor the burial attendees covered their faces with face masks or with flex elbows, tissues while coughing for preventive measures as speculated by medical experts. Emir of Rano’s funeral is not exceptional, it was in line of violating the guiding rules on dispatching of Covid-19, the mammoth crowds at Alhaji Tafida Abukarkar IIa’s II burial ceremony without observing of social distance or protection were enough reasons to spread the pandemic within a twinkle of an eye like bird flu reliable sources reviewed and health experts inferred. Kano State recorded the highest confirmed cases of Covid-19, more than 300 Almajiri children are victims, yet the state governor, Abdullahi Ganduje and other Northern governors are busy stigmatizing the affected poor children by embarking on intra state deportation of infected almajiri children instead of giving them the required proper medical attention, quarantine and isolation. To make the matter worst; on one hand, most of the deported infected almajiri children sent to their various states don’t have guardian or know their families, parents or state of origin and no one to care for them, on the other hand, this bastardized behaviour of these foolish governors makes these children pose threats to massive population infestation. Within a period of time, the Covid-19 casts a spell of confusion in Nigeria, dead in every nooks and crannies more especially in Fulani Northern extraction. At last, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is vindicated as African depopulation density drastically kicks off in Nigeria with intensify compulsory vaccination while Bill Gate has refused same vaccine on his children as confirmed by former Bill Gate's doctor. Meanwhile, the stupidity of Nigerian political elites gave rooms for China to insists on Covid-19 testing kits and vis-a-vis vaccination of blacks as guinea pigs. Notwithstanding, Bill Gate may have sat somewhere having fun of Nigeria's Fulani daft senators for having allowed the force vaccination bill at the floor of house of representative, this evil bill passed first and second reading instant, probably to be enacted into law in future. As civilized and law abiding citizens of Biafra strictly adhered to all WHO preventive measures on Covid-19 as stipulated, let's say, assuming Biafrans were the culprits of NCDC flout order on this pandemic, hell would had let loose for the deployment of all the Fulani terrorist rape battalions of solders in Military uniforms stationed in every street and corner in Biafran land to kill, pillage as always more than Covid-19 itself does.

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