Written By Kelechi Okorie | The Biafra Post May 04, 2020 Had the rogue Nigerian President late Gen. Mohammadu Buhari’s - Nazi holocaust gestapo regime atrocity style known, has he had reasoned very well the global embarrassments that will be meted out on him and his rogue totalitarian regime in a democracy, will know how already no world Presidents take him or consider his government to be relevant, the Nigerian tyrant to save his face would have called for a total National redress through dissent and opinions channels. Nigeria government ignorantly hardened her heart with wishy washy thought that IPOB was a puppy to call for a round table negotiation, the separatist group consciously are consistent to withstand the heat at all odd. In spite the underestimation of this well disciplined separatist freedom movement, Pastor Joshua Iginla, during his church service urged the trojan tyrant to embrace dialogue with IPOB to give peace chance to reign than guns and bullets. The same negligence and deaf ear by the Federal government prompted IPOB to be consistent and formidable, through this exercise of formidability IPOB graduated to socialization class, the puppy exalted so wide and ready to devour the Doppelganger hole in neck mask dummy that impersonates on feigned existence of being the Nigerian President - late Gen. Muhammadu Buhari. The man Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the supreme leader of IPOB is the brain behind the exposure of the ventriloquist doppelganger hole in neck that gullible Nigerians are now queuing up to ascertain the truth behind Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's exposition of the Impostor. Initially, it was complicit and very hard for common Nigerians to understand and believe the fact that the Fulani political desperadoes deployed body mask gesture proximity look alike as the head of the Nigerian State - Muhammadu Buhari. Since the political abnormality of the contracted political decoy parading himself as tyrant Muhammadu Buhari unveils, it becomes an eye opener for some Nigerians to question the rationale behind their President inability to step forward to conduct media chats or address his countrymen via live broadcasts unlike countless recorded poorly edited videos and photoshops used to brainwash the backward Nigerian mediocre to believe their President is still alive. The trending exposure of the hole in the neck of feigned President of Nigeria, triggered many to probe deep that the Fulani political handlers may have been hidden bothering issues to poor 200 million Nigerians after unsustainable hypnotized bored address from a suppose President. Biafra is an ideology that cannot be defeated with guns and bullets says Noble Prize Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka. Had Nigerian government heed to this piece of advice they would have by now skip the unprecedented humiliation and bashfulness from IPOB. The separatist’s consistency drives Biafra agitation beyond rubicon to contemplate backing down where negotiation with Nigeria becomes inconsequential but changing the narratives and status quo becomes imminent. In actual sense, IPOB is not asking what does not belong to them, only but independent state of Biafra, to enable them have sense of belonging as a people and control, protect her territorial integrity against external vandals, to Biafrans it seems they are vulnerable while remaining in a damnable corrupt Nigeria jurisprudence. Initially the Nigerian government failure to adhere to the voice of reasoning, this draconian bricks wall of Nigeria history will be in the oblivion like USSR and it is inevitable. Covid-19 on its natural phenomenon, death trapped down the de-facto Nigerian President Mallam Abba Kyari, whose responsibility was to decorate the mask dress adequately. His unexpected sudden dismissal courtesy of the deadly pandemic implicates Mr. President’s hole in neck and leakage of state speech ahead of the broadcast, the leaked press recorded address has vindicated Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's claims that feigned President’s days are over and out numbered. Peaceful resolution as earlier warned by Pastor Joshua Iginla, ought to had savaged all ethnic nationalities in Nigeria to enjoy serene atmosphere than socio-political upheaval and tension in the Presidency. Difficulties to manage the duo hole in neck President's Impostors - Usman Al-Sudani and Jubril Al-Sudani. Jubril Al-Sudani, is currently trapped in Havana Cuba and the dumb Usman Al-Sudani waver President in Aso Rock respectively has maliciously bring an end to Nigeria indivisibility. A phone call from the US President - Donald J. Trump, to a Nigerian as he verbally made it clear, simply exposes the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to late Gen Muhammadu Buhari - Mr. Femi Adesina. It is now clear to all and sundry that Nigerians have been long be consuming sham and lies peddled by this government to deceive the gullible Nigerians the more that late Gen. Muhammadu Buhari who is resting in his unmarked grave in Saudi Arabia spoke with the US President - Mr. Donald J. Trump while all were deceit and lies emanated from Mr. Femi Adesina.

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