Compiled By Comr Nwawube Ezeobi and Comr Ezeobi Jonel | TBP May 04, 2020 1. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu renders thunderous prayer to heaven just as it has being his tradition. 2. Black Africans inability to make use of reasoning is the reason why they are been ill-treated all over the world. 3. Fulani is trying so hard to spread the coronavirus across Nigeria,& Tinubu, Obasanjo and the Yoruba media are supporting them. 4. There is no Nation that has the code "Live and let live" in the world except in Biafra land. 5. Yorubas should take time and study what happened to MKO Abiola in 1993 that is what is going to happen to Tinubu in 2023 just mark my word. 6. Only Biafra can save Africa, see Hausas are suffering in the hand of Nigeria. 7. The only thing we are good at doing is pulling down those who has come to liberate us. 8. Afonja betrayed his people and he died that is why the Yorubas they lost Ilorin to the Fulanis'. 9. I warned you live on air once you invite the Chinese people will die, today what is happening in Kano, Nigeria thousands of death. 10. Because they are not able to conquer Biafra land, they now resorted into bribing. 11. The whole of Africa we don’t have up to six intellectual, forget the big grammars they speak. 12. They have appointed a member of Miyetti Allah (Terrorist group), secretary to the Federal Capital character In Nigeria - unbelievable!. 13. A one time dictator was packaged and presented as a democrat and Yoruba did it. 14. Bola Ahmed Tinubu advocated for restructuring, after 3 months he changed. 15. Some myopic people will say I'm insulting the Yoruba race. For how long will you stop to support evil?. 16. An average black man don't have pride because for you to have pride you must have shame. 17. No Pastor in Nigeria is truthful. Only Bishop Kukah is closer to truth, others are cash and carry Pastors. 18. Black Africans we love our chains. We see our chains as ornaments. 19. The current Igwe of Obosi is from Igala. 20. Igala is part of Igbo and not the other way round. 21. I am not just fighting for Biafra, I fight for everybody who are in bondage to be free, in Biafra and in whole of Africa. 22. I do not spare anybody involved in evil; if you are evil or an impediment to the development of the people, I will decimate (expose), you completely. 23. You celebrate mediocrity and idiots and government running with Photoshops, that is why you don't have electricity, water and roads. 24. Awolowo connived with Gowon a military man and killed 5 million Biafrans to preserve what a white man created. 25. As long as Fulani live in the big house and Yoruba is the gate man, Igbo can live in the gutter. 26. Covid19; Awka, Enugu and Abakaliki have been contaminated. 27. We have idiots in the East.. Nnia Nwodo knelt down begging Tinubu for governor. 28. I don't understand why a black man will prefer what a white man created and he is proud of it. 29. Big title grammar, can’t make you an intellectual, if you can’t reason objectively. 30. Prof Maurice Iwu has produced cure for Covid-19 but Fulani Janjaweed prefers to go for that of Madagascar. 31. Black Africans once you tell them the truth, you become their enemy. 32. You are fighting for black people and they are busy fighting you but they never fought the white man that conquered them. 33. Having a degree does not mean you are intellectual. Speaking big grammar does NOT make you an Intellectual rather the ability to reason properly does. 34. Black Africans we value anything foreign more than indigenous. 35. Chukwu Okike Abiama will destroy the Zoo. The zoo will be worse than Somalia and they will know that you sent me. 36. You do not know what we pass through in our diplomatic efforts to free Biafra, the Fulani and the Yoruba go about telling the world not to allow us have freedom because we are clever. 37. Yoruba you are digging your own grave. Mark every word I'm telling you. 38. If you are Yoruba, you shouldn't be talking online because your ineptitude and cowardice is a reminder of your lost of Ilorin. 39. Any body from Yoruba that want to fight for Oduduwa come I will give you my support. 40. Everything you do to betray your people has consequences. 41. That is why they are dealing with El-Zakzaky because he is a true Hausa Man. Yoruba when will you learn?. 42. Gowon that killed 3.5 million of Biafrans, Ohaneze Youth council said they will call to select president for us in 2023, let's watch and see how that will happen. 43. IPOB that is agitating peacefully for Biafra, our so-called leaders told them that we should be killed. 44. Without Rochas Okoroawusa, there wouldn't be Hope Uzodinma. There is always a price when you sabotage your people. 45. For mentioning the name of a killer Gowon, we will set an example with you, Okechukwu Ishinguzo. 46. Yoruba will never fight for Oduduwa and this time Feudal Fulanis' will swallow you alive. 47. Ordinary Miyetti Allah convinced Nnia Nwodo and Igbo governors and they agreed to it to kill us. 48. Anyday we catch this idiot that they say they are Ohaneze Youth, you will regret the day you were born. 49. There are people whose mother's were impregnated by the Fulani Soldiers during the war. Don't be surprised when you see them yapping on Facebook. 50. Anyone who associated with Gowon should not walk freely in our street in Biafra land, that is an order. 51. Because you are making money out of a dysfunctioning system in Nigeria that is why all of you are keeping quiet. 52. A Yoruba woman was killed but you have Yoruba media supporting those who are doing this. Is this not ridiculous?. 53. If after today you still don't know that Aso Rock is empty. Then Bill Gates should use you as his Vaccine experiments. 54. You Hear Of Upper Iweka in Anambra State. Iweka is From Igala. Igbos and Igalas are one people. 55. In Idoma, they have four (4) market days, Eke, Orie, Afo and Nkwo, Idoma people is it a lie?. 56. The crop of leaders we have in Igbo land is so poor and that's why we have the likes of Obiano, Rochas Okoroawusa and Hope Uzodinma. 57. The same Awolowo that chased Azikiwe from the Western House ran to the Efik and told them that Igbos are domineering. 58. In Africa, what we value is our stomach more than freedom. A CBN manager was seen making tea for Almajiri Fulani Janjaweed. 59. The Yoruba in Ilorin are gone. Their allegiance is to the Sokoto Caliphate. 60. The Alaafin of Oyo ruled until the 18th century. He placed a curse on the Yorubas for betraying him. 61. They have reduced the act of governance in the zoo (Nigeria) to Disney World Cartoon Network. Did you see the short clip of Aisha Buhari and Jubril Al-Sudani clapping?. 62. You have a President who can not address you live and you shamelessly wake up the next day to claim you have a President. 63. IPOB that's agitating peacefully for Biafra, our so-called leaders asked that we should be killed. 64. Yemi Osibanjo is in a serious mess in Aso Rock. What Channel TV is doing, is the height of deciet and fraud. They went and Edited a Video of VP and said is Live. 65. You mean 1st May ,2020 (The workers' day). There was No Presidential address from the President in Nigeria, was it like this before?. 66. Nigeria's Vice President interview was fake, edited video and Photoshop. 67. You want me to be in a country where a young boy will pose as Buhari and he is paid $250m to act as Buhari - rubbish, Jubril was paid $250, 000,000 Million US dollars to impersonate the late Muhammadu Buhari. 68. You want me to believe in your one Nigeria, the workers of Dangote refinery are the Indians. What happened to our graduates of Petro-Chemical engineers?. We have the records. 69. Since Facebook in Nigeria wants to protect evil, all of us will be going to tweeter & Instagram to expose the evil Zoo. 70. It was British Labour Party of Harold Wilson that fought Biafra in 1967-70 and not the Fulani. Fulani never win a war except the conquering of Hausa and Ilorin because their leaders were foolish enough. 71. Afonja betrayed his people and he died that's why they lost Ilorin. 72. They went and told White people that these BIAFRANS are too INTELLIGENT that they will topple Japan. Our only crime is being blessed with INTELLIGENCE. Different Countries FOUGHT us not only Nigeria. 73. If you have pride, you will not call yourself a Nigerian. 74. If they claim they are practicing true Sharia, Islamic laws in the zoo, by now Aisha Buhari would have been stone to death. But they wouldn't do it because Nigeria is a zoo, an Animal kingdom. ::::::::::::::::ANNOUNCEMENT:::::::::::::::::::: I will be live every Wednesdays and Sundays by 7pm Biafran time. Biafra is our religion, Radio Biafra is where we worship and Chukwu Okike Abiama is our God.

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