By Chinedu .J. Godwin | Biafra Reporter
April 05, 2020

At the time when the world is battling with Covid-19 virus, it is also important to bring to the notice of the world and humanity at large that Nigeria is deadly than this plague that has befallen humanity, only the name Nigeria is worst than Covid-19 virus when compared with lots of inhumane atrocities happening here in Nigeria on daily basis and the rate of deaths caused by Covid-19 virus world pandemic.

The bitter truth is the world's failure and her inability to summon courage and take bold steps towards the total disintegration of this unsalvageable contraption known as Nigeria ever since the expiration of her amalgamation treaty, the creation of Nigeria by the British government is one of the greatest scandal known to humanity and it's spiraling out of control giving credence to the continuous usurping of Indigenous Peoples land thereby renaming them after their own Islamic and Fulani names, the Christians killings that takes effect on daily basis unreported and the ethnic cleansing by Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria also known as Fulani herdsmen; Boko Haram now an affiliation to the Islamic State of West Africa Province ISWAP a world renowned Islamic terrorist organization.

Since the creation of Nigeria in 1914, i.e - 106 years ago, this devil's abode was created in Africa over fifteen million people have died courtesy of the Nigerian government complicit acts of war crimes on innocent Biafrans, Fulani herdsmen menace, Fulani Northern riots and rioters, Nigerian Army political jihad by guiding and giving compass to Fulani herdsmen to maim, pillage, burn humans, arsons and take hostages from towns and villages they decided to invade.

Boko Haram terrorism in Nigeria objectives comes in this catalogue, the burning of religious places, setting of individual houses and cars ablaze, detonating of bombs on public motor parks using the girl(s)child and women and sometimes male folks, using improvise explosive devices on the masses which is politically motivated by the Northern Fulani ruling class in order instil fear into the general Nigerian population so as to remain in seat of power politically and ruling the people with iron fist and otherwise, otherwise in this catalogue is to continue to steal the wealth of this country dry by making free stealing policies.

How can a learned man or woman wish to be in this British government confinement which is same thing as a zoo, Nigeria is just a zoo for human unlike the other zoo where animals are kept for gallery purpose; come to talk of how clueless, backwards and depravity the Fulanis' are running a civilized society, today over a million people are infected with the virus of which no basic Infrastructures is on the ground to combat the deadly virus, no doubt today Nigeria is the grave yard of dreams, talents and aspirations.

Over six decades now the British government are aiding and abetting the virus known as Nigeria at the detriment of over two hundred million people all because of her private and confidential interest; like Covid-19 pandemic Nigeria poses an immense threat to societal stability and economic development across Africa and the world at large, instead it seems that the developed country's of the world and international communities seems accept this abnormality called Nigeria to exist till date without a cause for a rethink.

Complacency and fatalism have replaced determination and activism as the hallmarks of the institutional and governmental response to the menace going on in Nigeria, the British government have always claimed to support the fraudulent territorial integrity of Nigeria, while Biafrans bear the brunt of innocent killing and marginalization. Thanks to what we might otherwise call the miracle of compound interest. The Corona virus disease caused or emanated from the virus SARS-CoV-2, has furthermore exposed Nigeria and her Fulani handlers for the fraud which they are, not minding the huge amount of monies yearly approved for the building of National hospitals, equipping of already built National hospitals from the budget, yet there is no hospital or central virology nor parasitology laboratories that provide Nigerians with the required or standard facilities to combat this Covid-19 virus.

No proper health care whatsoever to boast of rather Nigerian government were seen over a tweet begging an American billionaire to assist them out, it may surprise you to know that some of the doctors and nurses have not being paid for the past ten (10) months. Giving credence to the overcoming fear of Covid-19 and what is to come in Africa, the stigma of Nigeria remains unprecedented, if the likes of Italy, France, England, America and other European countries with advanced health care system and medical facilities have recorded high rate of deaths that tells you what will befall on over two hundred and fifty (250), ethnic nationalities trapped and evilly yoked together in this British government creation called Nigeria.

What is missing from the global response is the sense of humour that Nigeria is unsalvageable and is better disintegrated to enable self-determination for Indigenous people take place rather than forced identity on Indigenous people, instead of the United Nations, European Union, NATO sending aid and funds to the Nigerian State all in the name of fighting insurgency, the world should make haste to prevail on the Nigerian government to call for a referendum or better still the United Nations can coerce on Nigerian government on the need for a referendum to take effect as inalienable rights of all free people, with this the people can decide either to put a stop to Nigeria or Nigeria put a stop to their lives, Covid-19 is the demon that will strangulate Nigeria and her maladministration of so many years of existence as a zoo for human confinement.

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