Image Boko Haram in Northeast Nigeria 

By Comr Nwawube Ezeobi | Biafra Reporter
April 05, 2020

Sane voices has in the past months questioned the rationale behind the internalization of the so called repentant Bokoharam members thus enrolled them into the Nigeria military. Some concerned Nigerian citizens had questioned the sensibility behind the use of kid's gloves for notorious terrorist of International class like Boko Haram whereas harmless groups like Shiite Muslims and IPOB are faced with numerous imprisonments, torture and inhuman degradations.

A day after this incident Biafrans woke up seeing the ugly video of two Fulani Nigerian soldiers threatening Warri people of fire and brimstone. In the video, the soldiers promised Warri people that they are going to rape their mothers and sisters, that they must make sure they infect their mothers and sisters with HIV/AIDS as a retaliation for the mob action that saw to the death of their colleagues.

The question emanating from this shocking video remains "whose style is it to rape women and young girls"?. Over the years the most common feature of revenge and attack by Boko Haram members and terrorist Fulani herdsmen is the raping of our mothers and sisters and turning them to their sex slaves.
The most disturbing fact therefore is the inherent message conveyed by those soldiers.

The so called repentant Boko Haram members and Fulani herdsmen enrolled into the Nigerian Military formation are now manifesting their true nature in military regalia. Our society has gone so bad that those we run to for help have mixed up with those we run away from for safety. Who will save our dying souls?. It has become a glaring fact before humanity that Nigeria and for whatever she stands for has become a pit of hell for sane clime, no law of whatsoever for the monkeys and baboons that their blood will be soaked together.

The time to destroy Nigeria is now, there is no iota of excuse to present to humanity why Nigeria should exist beyond this 2020, lots of inhuman treatments keep on unfolding itself day by day and the government seems to have exhausted her elastic limits on how to mend the killings and lawlessness that has engulfed this Fulani slaughter house; army that her sole aim and objective is to protect her citizens are the ones calling for the killings and raping of her citizens; then what can you make out of such a damnable country if not to disintegrate her.

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