Written By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter April 05, 2020 New World Order International politics of interest has been a recent trend curiosity of most advanced nations, using science and technology to cultivate neo-colonialism against the vulnerable under-developed backward continent like Africa. Politics of who gets what, when and how is not exceptional in International politics. Interest is a priority of a given nation; the rampaging life threatening detriments might pose threats to less privileged nations or countries but adamant of those suppose continental leaders and representatives is immaterial and inconsiderable for any dysfunction. Accusations and counter accusations among the super powers like USA, the state of Israel, China, Russia, Germany, North Korea, France etc on outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic was a replication of 1884 Berlin Conference that divided Africa to allowed Europe to control the continent and ushered in colonialism. Now Asia as a continent has joined the technological Super Power Reform of the New World Order while Africa is snoring deeply at sleep. Exceptional of Africa, other continents such as America, Europe and Asia are assiduously working very hard through science and technology to advance and have world at their palms whereas, African leaders are brainlessly dumb to ascertain the train game in International comparative politics; invariably, making Africa continent prone for Europe and Asia as a testing foothold of experimental laboratory. Politics of interest perhaps, advanced and developed nations used two mechanisms to destroyed the world for their own self-centered interest. Politics and religions, these have posed major threats to world peaceful coexistence among others. In most cases, the sole careers or pioneers of this world leaders creates disorderliness and global imp most times and make provisions for solution on problems created but strictly in favor of incited problems created by them - the advanced nations to enable them sustain her periphery of leaving Independent African continent but otherwise very contingent in poor proportion. First, developed Nations of the world creates problems and manage it appropriately while Africa embraces the Western imported dichotomous impediments and baggage without applicable possible complementary solutions employed by Western world to smash the inconsistencies. The United States of America, currently remains the most viable advanced country in the world as of today, both in economy and military technology. Her military weaponry and technological know-how has long been a nightmare for Chinese crackdown should they eventually engage in military combat with USA. As a world policing world power, US possess threat to many envy nations like China, such might probably motivated China used trick to maneuver the New World Order at the detriment of US, to enable her becomes major policy maker at the United Nations Security Council, by so doing the end of US becomes imminent. No doubt, China with her mass indigenous productivity is competitively overwhelming USA economically, in a global economic competition with intention to cripple US sustainable economic productivity; yet the US maintains her standard as a world power. Furthermore, science and technology makes life easy with massive production, on the other hands, dampen the left behind continent like Africa. US saw the danger behind science and technology, thought it wise through her International policies banned the use of chemical weapons by any nation. Like Islamic world nations and sadist opposition Democratic Party, China joins the impertinent queue to decimate US economic wise growth and political stability led by Donald J. Trump’s stewardship in order to unseat him in the forthcoming US Presidential general election. African leaders are daft, brainless and blind to calculate the encapsulated brain behind the Chinese Covid-19 virus and its connectedness with establishing the 5G Chips, as IPOB are consciously, closely monitoring the unfolding New World Order. In a global confinement where world leaders are secretly having meetings to regulate the pandemic with self-centered interest to retain its positions in a league of International politics. Pity Africa continent is excluded in a decision and policy making conference(s) rather they viewed Africa as an experimental testing ground for Covid-19 vaccine for the emergence of New World Order as this findings corroborates with what the French doctors said over enforcing their Vaccine specimens on Africans to ascertain the level at how their ruthless Convid-19 vaccines will work and impair natural body system. They are indirectly or directly called Africans their laboratory rats meant for vaccine experiment.

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