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April 13,2020

The leader of the indigenous People of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has taken to his facebook wall to alert Nigerians and the global communities about the on going fraud of the century in asorock, as the Chinese takes over aso rock , according to him Nigerians and the international communities should expect Chinese wonder as China is expected to unveil new impostor of late Muhammadu Buhari , as Buhari set to address Nigerians today by 7pm Nigeria time.
The statement reads in part :

At 7 pm tonight the Chinese version of 'Buhari' will be unveiled to the world. Since January 2017 we have been entertained by the British made 'Buhari' which in actual fact is Jubril Al-Sudani recruited by Abba Kyari to impersonate the late brutal dictator. The mask slipped during the last broadcast in Cuba to reveal a gaping hole in his neck that brought their scam to an end. Now a Chinese company CCECC has taken over the running of Nigeria, let us see what the Communist Party has in store for us. How will their own version of Buhari perform.

The question people are asking is, will the Chinese Buhari be more convincing that the Abba Kyari produced British version that messed up in Cuba? Meanwhile here are some of the fond faces and different shades and patterns of masks the British made Buhari adorned over the years. Which one is your best Jubuhari photo?


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