Written By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter April 14, 2020 In a normal circumstance unlike Nigeria, the Military is skillful with inventive thoughts, they are well honored as a result of their keen intelligent and ingenious contrivance directedness to achieve or aspire a harmonize just purpose. They are harmless to civilians, always proactive, with peaceful reasoning methodology to get good result in a midst of faceoff among parties. In advanced Nations of the world, their solders are among the respected personnel with prestige not because they either handle fire arms very well neither do they instill fear, threaten unarmed civilians or unleash mayhems on innocent population, no! rather, they have sound mentally resourcefulness to reasoning critically with quick understanding to act appropriately to do what is just. Good attributes of Military in a transparent regime finds it pertinent to believe Former Military Head of State’s assertion Ibrahim Badamosi Babagida (IBB), that “any insurgency or terrorism that lasted more than 24 hours, government is behind it secretly”. State sponsored terrorism by the Fulani oligarchy in Nigeria is no longer a secret, the rise of insurgency in Northern Nigeria is unpredictable beyond mere exaggeration with mutual bilateral government and terrorist groups business coordination. Boko Haram, Islamic State of West Africa Province ISWAP, ISIS, Al-Qaeda from magreb and Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, the mouthpiece of Fulani herders are all from and are in Islamic Caliphate of Northern Nigeria. Expansion of terrorism in West Africa Sub-Region triggered heads of governments in the sub region to take decisive measures to form combine Multinational Joint Task Force, comprises of mostly Military from Cameroun, Benin, Chad and Nigeria with its headquarters at N’Djamena, and Nigeria. The self-acclaimed giant of Africa, her Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General - Tukur Yusuf Buratai was appointed as first commander of the rejuvenated MNJTF with main motive to bring an end to terrorism in the sub region. The worst of it all is, the more the Nigerian Military officers partakes in the combine Military joint combat to eradicate terrorism the deadlier terrorist groups emerged stronger in the region with strong bases and hideout in Northern Nigeria’s soil. Recruitment of terrorists’, rapist soldiers becomes a lucrative business for Nigerian Military government courtesy of Fulani controlled Federal government as chief architect and controller general of Military/Terrorist battalions only in West Africa and Nigeria to be precise. The Indigenous People of Biafra has time without number made it abundantly clear in as much as Fulani oligarchy remains at the helms of Nigeria government, unstoppable terrorism will always and still remain a legitimate business as usual for terrorist Fulani political looters. Perhaps, in most cases, Fulani captured terrorists were given Presidential pardon, Presidential treatments with direct government employments in Military and Para-Military institutions of the country. Instead of persecution by the authority in charge, the Nigerian government choose to romance them for acts of terrorism this dreaded group(s) has unleashed on the peaceful members and law abiding citizens of Nigerian masses as captured in the Nigerian government well documentation act known as "The Anti Terrorism Law" as enshrined in the sham 1999 Nigeria Constitution as amended. By so doing infiltration of terrorists in Nigerian will be tamed and controlled to the barest minimum level, rather the Nigerian Military formation becomes a safe heaven for Fulani terrorists to be enrolled. The employment of repentant Boko Haram terrorists become very simple and neat under Gen. Tukur Yusuf Buratai as the Fulani army chief, the secret enrollment of terrorists into the Nigerian Military formation was the sole reason behind Gen. Mohammadu Buhari openly to have quoted thus “an attack against Boko Haram is an attack against the North”. Terrorism is for Northern political interest, Northern politicians and terrorism are interwoven, the practical conspiracy by Fulani controlled Federal government of Nigeria to defeat insurgency remains impossible rather terrorists are embrace as misguided brothers says terrorist Gen. Mohammadu Buhari. Nigerian soldiers as rapist vectors and carriers of HIV/AIDS, stood by and look, tiny Chad unleashed an unprecedented blitzkrieg assaults against the dreaded Boko Haram terrorists the Nigerian government always have emotional affection for, the foolish Nigerian soldiers are seen being mean all times to molest, rape and kill unarmed innocent Biafrans, now they have direct their assault and mayhem to Warri law abiding citizens, a province in Biafra land. Evidence abounds that the Nigerian Military are more rapists and terrorists as soldiers than prestigious, men of valor, honorable men and women wits soldier mind refined orientation. A supposing Military with major responsibility to defend territorial integrity of a Nation’s boundaries against external aggressions turns to life threaten formation in Nigeria, Fulani soldiers littered every nooks and crannies of Biafra land extorting money, pillaging, raping married and single Biafran women both under age by force. Isn't it shameful that Chadian Military recaptured a Nigerian territory back to them by sending the dreaded Boko Haram members to their untimely deaths, Chad is now protecting the territorial integrity of a failed one Nigeria project, Chad Military is not an army of occupation hence they have called on Nigerian Military to come and take over their land or they will remain there instead of the terroist to annexed it. The only online video clip trending where the Fulani soldiers threatened Warri people that they will rape their married women, daughters skin to skin without condom and also to make sure all the Warri women are infected with HIV/AIDS, portrays their skillful ingenious Nigerian Military rules of engagements in Biafra land and the only panacea is the dissolution of this British contraption in Africa in order to stem, eradicate the impact of terrorism in West Africa sub region.

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