Editorial By Biafra Reporters | The Biafra Post April 13, 2020 Shocking we must say!. Biafra Reporters have been in different chat groups on Facebook and elsewhere, where many undiscerned individuals mainly comprising of Nigerian youths and some grown unarticulated folks attacks the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra -Mazi Nnamdi Kanu mainly this perilous time of Covid-19 Pestilence; some were of the view or opinionated; that before the Federal government of Nigeria will extend her hands of benevolence and humanity to the former Eastern region of Nigeria is if the region will gladly renounce Biafra and embrace one Nigeria. Only that statement alone proof to the human conscience and humanity at large that the Federal government of Nigeria wants to capitalize on this evil time of Corona virus disease outbreak to reel out starvation as a means of warfare in order to force the people of Biafra into submission, starvation as a means of waging war against their opponent/group(s) with dissent voice or a movement considered as rival to the tyrannical government in power to use hunger as a means of warfare has been condemned by humanity using strong terms. Under the Roman statute has this to tell "In 1998, the States negotiated on the Rome Statute which included the war crime of “intentionally using starvation of civilians as a method of warfare by depriving them of objects indispensable to their survival, including wilfully impeding relief supplies as provided for under the Geneva Conventions”. In Article 8(2)(c), a paragraph that lists “serious violations of the laws and customs applicable in international armed conflict”. “Other” than the grave breaches of the 1949 Geneva Conventions included in the first paragraph, which also concern international armed conflict (IAC), to which the UN Charter and other world conventions and International treaties has condemned this not using ambiguous words or sentences in order for simple understanding and comprehension. One of Biafra Reporter's decided to plied through the Owerri - Igweocha / (Portharcourt), express way being Easter Sunday yesterday early morning 12-04-2020, to deliver a consignment but what his eyes witnessed was terrible, huge fraud. Extortion and exploitation of Biafrans by the occupational Nigerian Police Force, Counter Terrorism Unit, and the Nigerian Military officers in a mannerless behavior used their Hilux Vans and worn-out motor tires to block the both sides of the express way and were tasking people heavily; if you pay between two hundred naira (#200)and one thousand naira (#1000), you will be allowed passage to continue your journey or they will turn you back telling you to stay at home. One cannot say that Nigeria is a country found on irreducible value system, no form of affinity holding the country only mediocrity that the government and her sold out journalists used to hoodwink the gullible masses into believing that one day, the devil's abode will become a paradise for all to live in peace and harmony. First let's view it in this context, lock down or stay at home was strictly observed by Biafrans seeing their shops in chains and lock pads, while along same express way, all the Fulani people opened their shops and merchandise and were selling with Military protection in handy within the surrounding while Biafrans were forced to stay indoors without relief materials as palliative remedy to cushion for the effect of this Corona Virus pleague ravaging the rest of humanity. Withal; in all their evil gatherings and formations to force Biafrans to die by hunger during this hard times while the same Fulani controlled Federal government of Nigeria provided for relief materials and money incentives, even shared bags of foreign rice the Nigerian Custom seized from Igbo-Biafran traders as poisonous rice, it was shared to the Northerners and some left wing Yorubas, Biafrans were left with nothing, those relief materials the Fulanis were sharing to their people up there in the North were purchased from money made from Biafra oil and gas yet the rogue cabals decided to use starvation on the people of Biafra as they did in 1966-70 bloody genocidal war of blockade. It is appalling that even humanity kept quiet to question the motives behind the hands the Nigerian government is applying on Biafrans, but one thing is sure, in their foolish make a wise decision, Biafrans right from origin were not beggars rather they believe in one adage that says" when you hear a voice of a brother calling in distress, do not run away rather come close and know why the brother is calling", to Igbo-Biafrans to hear the voice of a brother in distress and help him out in his time of need and also to assist the destitutes within the Biafran sane society is the golden rule that guide Igbo-Biafrans. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the Indigenous People of Biafra that he represent in all capacity shamed the Nigerian government by providing for his people dejected and abandoned in this critical time by the Fulani controlled Nigerian government. The uneducated and unarticulated Federal government of Nigeria went to employ for the services of Chinese doctors whose government authority are debasing, demeaning and dehumanizing the so called Nigerian citizens in China, isn't it irony!. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu through this act of showing care for the people he leads, depicts that in a well structured Biafra upon restoration will manage her people and harness on their potentials in order to build up a sane society from the scratch. This well calculated plan by the Federal government of Nigeria to starve Biafrans to death is another phase of running and testing her prototype of what they did to Biafrans during the genocidal war of 1966-70, the era of media blackout; but Biafrans are here to tell their stories and expose this rogue regime atrocities of Abba Kyria who is intubated and Jubril Al-Sudani on ventilator taking treatments; the world should as a matter of urgency, sanction the Nigerian government on the need to withdraw from restricting the passage of indispensable items such as drugs, foods, and other miscellaneous that are of paramount to man during this trial times. Gradually the Indigenous People of Biafra are equipping her hospitals and training of her medical doctors and other medical personnel on what is to come so as to be combatant ready to fight the spread of this deadly virus in Biafra. The lesson to learn from this editorial is to know that Biafra have over stayed her welcome in a failed one Nigeria and ready to go and manage her people since nobody cares about them in one over hyped Nigeria that Biafrans were forced to embrace and their land annexed to be a part of Nigeria, the Indigenous People of Biafra will try as more as they can do, to make sure they put smiles on the faces of the people they lead and at all times attend to their most precious needs, IPOB don't look on Nigeria for anything rather consider her freedom a top notch that must be accorded to them as free people habitating this Earth.

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