Compiled By The Biafra Post 1. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu renders thunderous prayer in the language of heaven(Igbo). 2. On Covid-19 prediction by Melinda Gate, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said, according to Melinda Gate Covid-19 will be horrible in the developing world , she said she saw dead bodies on the streets of Africa. They will not say such things if they do not have enough infomation.
3. Nobody should travel to Biafraland from Lagos or Abuja, the enemies have plans to use it against us. 4. The facemasks that are made in China are contaminated, do not make use of them because you will die. 5. Nobody will come to your rescue, use the way in which they are sharing the relief materials only in the North as an example. 6. What they are planning in Anambra is fraud, there is no case of Covid-19 in Anambra. 7. Chinese is treating our people like rags in China and you say I should be diplomatic ? it is better I die standing on my feet than live a thousand years on my knees. People treat us the way they do because we see evil and keep quiet. 8. We are going to do what the world never expected of a black people. 9. We want to build a Nation, God in heaven will be proud of. 10. Bill gate and co tried to reduce the black African population, they first tried it in South Africa with HIV and it failed them and backfired. They want to maintain white supremacy in Africa. 11. China is the largest country, they needed to reduce their population, 20million people died in China unreported. 12. If China was interested in vaccine, why didnt they vaccinate the whole of China, why bring it to Abuja?. 13. What China is doing with you on Africa is experimentation. 14. Bill Gate's father was part of those who initiated planned parenthood and also part of IBM. Their family business is white supremacy. 15. They are clever, that's why they chose an Ethiopian man as the (WHO) Chairman so you cannot complain. 16. Anybody that Donald J. Trump hates, go and investigate that person. 17. Nigeria claim they are democratic nation but they hope on a Communist country like China to save them. They are ideologically bereft of reasoning. 18. Unless you vaccinate, you cannot be in any public gathering, said Bill Gate. Who is Bill Gate to tell the world what to do?. He is not working with UN, they want you to vaccinate not because they want to protect you from Corona Virus but to kill you off, to sterilize our women. 19. Dr. Fauchy is part of Bill Gate vaccine team, they are gang of thieves. Dr Fauchy and Bill Gate knew Corona will come since 2017. Bill Gate use his personal money and funded the study that led to today's pestilence called (Corona Virus). 20. There is no Corona Virus case in Anambra. Willie Obiano is lying, he wants to bring in the vaccine in Anambra and sterilize our women and mothers. 21. How many people have you seen going to China for medical treatment?. Why then inviting China to treat you?. Welcome to the zoo. 22. Bill Gate has the patent of Corona Virus, we are in multiple danger, we must be extremely careful or we will sink. Until you accept their vaccine (Bill Gate vaccine), they will keep on bringing up new versions of it, that is why they are now saying only vaccine will save you. 23. Africa is the destination, how can Bill Gate sponsor a research that will see to the death of millions of people?. Is that person normal at all?. 24. The people you brought in from China are they not the same people attacking our people in China?. 25. Oh! If common illiterate like Lauretta Onochie, Garba Shehu can convince you (Nigerians) that a young boy of 45 years (Jubril Al-Sudani) is the late Buhari, Chinese will turn you to robots. 26. Africa is paying the heavy price of her ignorance and their years of stupidity couple with her inability to learn. 27. Britain has lost Nigeria, China has taken over. 28. We adopted everything given to us by Britain yet they left us and embraced the Fulani people that hated Western education because Fulanis were foolish. 29. The Chinese came because they knew Aso Rock is empty on the invitation of Garba Shehu who told them that if they allow Nigeria collapse, they will forfeit all the monies owned to them by Nigeria. So they are here to sustain Fulani Oligarchy to make sure they don't lose their money. They are also here to gain more ground as they struggle for power with USA. 30. When Anthony Enahoro moved the motion for self-rule in 1957, it was the Fulanis' that said No!, that Britain should continue ruling them, other African States were shouting "Black Pride" but Fulani chose Slavery. 31. While you are busy unleashing your bitter and black man envy against IPOB, Fulanis' are busy slaughtering your people that have make you not to recognise IPOB, but IPOB is here to save you all including the ordinary Almajiri in the street. 32. They said they are fighting corruption and thirteen billion (13, 000,000,000,000) naira mapped out for Aso Rock Villa clinic disapeared and vanished into thin air. Ask Abba Kyria where the money is and he will tell you corruption is fighting back. Zoo ememu aru! 33. I don't hate anybody, if you mess up, we tell you, if you do well we will praise you. Obiano is messing up today in Anambra. 34. Look at the Boko Haram the Nigerian army have been romancing with years, Chadian army faced them in matter of weeks and dealt with them while the Nigerian soldiers are in Warri killing civilians and threatening to rape our mothers and sisters skin to skin, infecting them with HIV. 35. The real terror group is Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria using the faceless Fulani herdsmen to kill with impunity. 36. Why will someone who is alive wear a mask to address the people. Are you telling me with all your PHD's, you don't have any sense of logic?. 37. There are some cables in Anambra, we hope they are not 5G cables in Anambra, we will destroy them if they are for 5G. We are warning them now. 38. The Nigerian journalists have eyes but they cannot see because of their hatred for the Igbos. If you are afraid of government attack as a journalist, relocate and fire from elsewhere. 39. After my father, my next role model is Dele Giwa, once Biafra is restored a press center will be named after him. He was a brave journalist, defending the truth fearlessly. 40. We must help each other with food. This is no time for black wickedness. The foods we are sending is for those that cannot feed themselves in this period. ...........SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT............ ===> Those selling forms are not IPOB, we are not an online family. 1. Onwukwe Nwanze stands expelled from IPOB 2. Ruby Chukwunenye Mattew stands expelled from IPOB. 3 Akuwara Stand expelled from IPOB :::::::::::::::::::::::::Closing Remark:::::::::::::::::::: Here we speak the truth because Biafra is going to be whiter than white, we cannot condone evil, God is my witness. Biafra is my religion, Radio Biafra is where we worship and Chukwu Okike Abiama bi n'igwe is our God. From me from here it is good evening.

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