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April 10, 2020

Those that live by propaganda must surely die by propaganda, this was prayed by Enyinnaya Abaribe, on 29th day of January, 2019 during the Senate plenary session at the Senate house. Abaribe is a Senator representing Abia South Federal Constituency. Most Senators misunderstood the word as a mere talk devoid of relevance; while Mazi Nnamdi Kanu - the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra has long ago posited that Fulani controlled APC led Federal government of Nigeria will be helplessly swallowed alive for war crimes committed against Biafra together with Yoruba media preponderant.

Like play, like joke, Yoruba media gone mute as frontline Fulani political kleptomaniacs deserted Aso-Rock, the epicenter of power concentration in Nigeria, the President signatory and promulgation of bills into law is now left for ordinary political appointees as Covid-19 pandemic mysteriously takes over power from de-facto president Abba Kyari. The main Trojan boss and employer of face mask impostor and rogue political decoy parading himself as late Gen. Mohammadu Buhari under Mallam Abba Kyria tutelage, that most gullible Nigerians canvassed their votes for during the 2015 Presidential election in Nigeria.

To some, it took them by storm to believe the mass exodus of Aso-Rock heavyweights, Vice President, Professor Yemi Osibanjo that ought to delegate administrative power as required by the constitution was consciously infected by the Fulani cabals that strictly won’t let power sneak out from their Northern hegemony. The 2023 Yoruba Presidential ambition frightened the Yoruba people neither to speak up nor demand for their son’s whereabouts, so shameful!.

The Covid-19 has successfully and smartly pinned down the Nigerian political looters, probably to teach others alike a lesson. Currently, Mohammadu Buhari’s Chief of Staff is in Havana Cuba hospital breathing through life supporting ventilator machine leaving his neck hole face mask contracted impostor helplessly behind. The consolidated official letter written by the corrupt Presidency to British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson that contracted the Covid-19 illness was signed by Garba Shehu; Mr. Garba Shehu signatory on that supposed allegedly letter written by impostor Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani has shown to the level how this Covid-19 virus pandemic has extremely truncated the Fulani power mongers seriously.

Everybody in Nigeria pretends as if they never knew that the widespread of Covid-19 in Aso-Villa was caused by Mallam Abba Kyari when he went and acted as the President of Nigeria in an electricity project deal he signed with Siemens company in Germany, in Germany or maybe elsewhere he had been acting as the President of Nigeria that he contracted this deadly disease that have position him in solitude for his non-compliance to Nigeria Center for Disease Control directives for him and others at large to undergo for Covid-19 test at the airport/borders while entering the shores of Nigeria territory.

Mallam Abba Kyria, the regiment crook leader criminally and quickly wrote to the National Assembly to condition all incoming Senators from abroad to summit themselves for Covid-19 test in order to pretend or look as if he is healthy without contracted the virus and secondly his signature was on that very letter instead of that of Mr. President's signature as the head of government without knowing he is the arc importer of the pandemic that infected Vice President Yemi Osibanjo and other top government officials. As primitive and parochial as Fulani brainless feudal government can be, they failed to acknowledge the fact that both the President and his Vice health status is a national issue other than privacy.

A democratically elected President is always answerable to the masses hence, the President were voted in by the people's mandates, it is not a hidden fact that British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, was admitted in St. Thomas Hospital, London receiving treatment on the same Covid-19 pandemic unlike the Nigerian President whose health status remains confidential to the few that he never won election on counting by their numbers in Aso-Rock. The mimic reincarnated young Mohammadu Buhari that couldn’t identify himself during a media chat implicated the complicity of the body double for reasonably Nigerians to have suspected if truly he is the real Gen. Mohammadu Buhari.

Inferiority complex of some indigents eating scrubs from their masters table are hell bent to argue this reality as conspiratorial theory, no problem! Please Mr. President Sir, why are you being marooned and hidden away in faraway Cuba by the bedside of your Principal - Mallam Abba Kyria?. Why can’t you come out publicly if not being marooned in Cuba not to act as President Mohammadu Buhari until Abba Kyria become healthy again?. Why are you afraid Mr. President Sir, to address your fellow Nigerians as other world leaders are doing at this critical time of pandemic is globally wrecking havocs?. Only if poor mental reasoning Nigerians have tough reasoning faculty to comprehend the tricks the Fulani politicians game on them, the answer is not far to fetch.

#RevolutionNow protest by Omoyele Sowero, is due and now over ripe for Nigerians to register their displeasures against the deceptive stage manage mask imposition of body double as President Mohammadu Buhari by Mallam Abba Kyria and the host of other Fulani cabals in Aso-Rock. The Yoruba should not be timid on this, demand for your son Professor Yemi Osibanjo whereabout to be deputizing the affairs of Nigeria or better still swear in as the new President of Nigeria since Mohammadu Buhari has demised.

Are the Yorubas afraid to speak up because of Mr. Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu 2023 Presidential ambition that is not promised more important to them than asking about the whereabout of their son - Professor Yemi Osibanjo?. Playing second fiddle to enable the bullion Van looter Mr. Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu to emerge as the next President of Nigeria might end up being a drama tittle tales by moon light. Lesson for all, the Indigenous People of Biafra consistently fought for the unconditional release of their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu during his illegal detention by Fukani rogue trojan APC regime full of all manner of atrocities.

Every Nigerian must pay attention to observe the ground Military unconstitutional plans to take over power by all possible means, now that Covid-19 has rendered useless and incapacitated both the Impostor parading himself as President Mohammadu Buhari while the Nigerian Vice President is also missing in action to delegate his constitutional demand obligations in Aso-Rock, this simply means that Nigeria is on autopilot heading to the abyssal or hadal zone of the ocean . The disintegration of Nigeria is imminent and coming at the appropriate time because it seems and has become a glaring fact that the Nigerian masses has been ride on like fools by the Fulani political hoodlums, the only remedy for serene peaceful fresh breath is the total dismemberment of this British government human zoo in Africa, else Somalia will be a paradise compare to what will happen to Nigeria.

Isn't it surprising that the Fulani politicians has turned this Covid-19 pandemic period to a time of looting the state treasury and setting the office of the accountant general of the Nigerian Federation ablaze where all the Nigerian financial records are kept for assessment because they all know that Gen. Mohammadu Buhari is dead and nobody will have the temerity to question them. This is government of the Fulani, by the Fulanis, and for the Fulani; so case closed.

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