By Biafra Reporters | The Biafra Post April 08, 2020 1. Who are the people building roads, railways and bridges in China? Is it not Chinese engineers that passed out from Chinese Universities?. How many brains have they?. 2. The Chinese cannot come to you for help because the Fulani Almajiri has no shame, Chineke ekwela ihe ojoo, where are the Professors of chemical engineers , where are the Professors of Pharmacy in Nigeria?. 3. You read Engineering in the Zoo University, then start riding Okada, saved small money from the Okada business, purchase an android phone then come on Facebook to defend Nigeria, Black man, are you sure you are okay?. 4. Western Europe is more civilized and human because they are the least wicked of all race. Go to China and see our people chased outside of their residence not minding if they contact Corona virus as a result of the exposure or not. 5. I want to remind the so called elder statesmen that are criminally silent, Covid-19 affects the elderly more, keep maintaining silence. 6. Look at yourself in a mirror and you will see that we have failed, we have failed our generations and those yet to come. China that was a very poor and hungry nation alongside other third world countries including us is now those we turn for everything we need. We have no shame, no class, no self respect. We beg America for help, we borrow money from China, we invite China to build our bridges. That is why we need Biafra. 7. Black people are the only race that actively connived with the enemy to kill their own. 8. When the white men left, instead of Africans to do their own version of Berlin Conference, they maintained the status quo, today you say whites are not respecting you, why will they respect you?. You claimed colonialism is bad but when they left, you maintained the boundary they created. 9. All of you have seen how Chad defeated Boko Haram, now Chad is the new giant of Africa. From tomorrow everybody should start promoting Chad as the new giant of Africa. 10. No wonder America refused to release more of Abacha loot because they know you are useless. 11. Until the 5G is understood and certified, it is not welcomed in Biafraland. 12. They said they distributed 6billion. Where is the list of all the people you claimed you shared the money to? Show us the the list. They have burnt the records. 13. They burnt down the building that houses all the financial records of the country now they will go and bribe the Judges, they will then ask for evidence. 14. I like men who are men, you stand on your ground. As a matter of principle and honour, you make a stand! Yoruba people why cant you ask for where your son Yemi Osibanjo is? Yemi Osibanjo is missing, my little child can tell you where Boris Johnson is but a professor in Nigeria cannot tell you where Yemi Osinbajo is not to talk of Jubril Al-Sudani. 15. Buhari when he was alive, he went to the war front, If he were to be alive, he will be at Maiduguri by now. 16. Ordinary Chad went to release Nigerian soldiers held captive by Boko Haram. Nigeria is without shame. 17. Chadian said they were asking Nigerian Military to come while they engaged Boko Haram fighters but they were nowhere to be found. Boko Haram cannot fight Boko Haram. 18. Ask them to open Buhari's office in Aso rock, they cannot open it. Only Abba Kyria. 19. Go and install voice recognition software in your systems, listen to the old Buhari's interview (Voice), and the recent one, then ask the software if the two are the same. It will tell you that they are not the same. 20. Umaru Dikko stole £5billiom pounds as Minister of Aviation and Transportation and set his office on fire. Aisha Buhari cannot travel to the United States of America because she is involved in Haliburton scandal, It is in their blood. 21. They said why are you asking about the money used for Aso-Rock clinic since you are Biafran, I am asking because the money came from Biafraland. Where is the money I ask again?. Abba Kyria consumed 13.5trillion and you said we should pray for him?. 22. Those who claimed they are Nigerians, please who is incharge of your country at present?. Nobody is there.. those inviting the Chinese are they same people embezzling your money in Abuja. 23. Spokesman to Zoo Presidency Mr.Garba Shehu wrote and signed a letter directed to UK Prime Minister Mr. BORIS JOHNSON ; A letter supposedly should be written by the President of Nigeria. He has to write because they have all ran away from Aso-Rock. ..........STANDING ORDER.......... 24. I am calling on all Billionaires in Biafraland to make sure they provide something for their people. If you do not set up something from now till the next time I come on air, I will mention your name one by one and what you stole from the State. We know you all and all your secrets. Go to your villages and do something for your people. Go and demonstrate necessary compassionate care for your people. Closing Remark::::::: BIAFRA IS OUR RELIGION RADIO BIAFRA IS WHERE WE WORSHIP AND CHUKWUOKIKEABIAMA IS OUR GOD FROM ME FROM HERE IT IS GOODEVENING.... Compiled by Comr Nwawube Ezeobi

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