Comr. Onyegbula Solomon | The Biafra Post April 08, 2020 Since the rumored news of the on going installation of 5G network masts in some States in Nigeria, there has been a whole lot of mixed feelings, views, opinions and counter opinions, submission, reasoning and logic, and an out cry as regards to the need for the installation of 5G masts in Nigeria in this period of corona virus global pandemic; isn't it astonishing and a bewildered priority that when the world is left battling and fighting helter skelter to make sure that the outbreak of this Chinese virus pandemic is eradicated. However, inspite of the various views being projected and analyzied, in respect to the project (5G), the truth must have to be said and wholistically too. For it is only then can we begin to really understand some facts about our society and government of Today. We need to ask ourselves this critical questions and in all sincerity answer them without bias or prejudice. Let's try to answer these questions, of what benefit is 5G network in a country that lacks good roads? Of what benefit is 5G in a country that lacks steady electricity?. 1). Of what benefit is 5G in a country whose educational system is bedeviled with corruption and irregularities thereby churning out quacks as graduates?. 2). Of what benefit is 5G network in a country that has Tanko Mohammed as the leader of the judiciary, an impostor as the head of the government?. 3). Of what benefit is 5G to a country whose government is corruption personified?. A country that doesn't obey the fundamental rule guarding human rights of her citizens and care-less about her teeming population wellbeing. 4). Of what benefit is 5G to her?. Is Nigeria better than countries like UK, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands and Sweden that has all the above and yet has suspended the installation of this killer agent 5G network in their countries?. 5). Why the rush to mount these masts now that the Federal government of Nigeria have sent her citizens inside, locked down without providing adequate stimulus measure in the face of this global pandemic?. The questions can go on and on and yet the zoo Nigerian government and their stooges coupled with her disgruntled gullible citizens can't question the government to provide them with answers regarding to the above secret deal. Just like Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB rightly posited, let there be no 5G network mast in the whole of Biafra land until the health and environmental implications are known and certified. And until the basic problems of the society like good roads, piped borne water, steady electricity, housing projects etc are solved, the hurriedly installation of the 5G network masts should be suspended in Biafra land. Enough of this eye service and deceits by this Fulanis'controlled Federal government of Nigeria, unless they have another evil agenda to kill us all, we are still battling with the effect of the lockdown on corona virus and the foolish, unprincipled and non-articulating government of Nigeria are coming out to expand and enlarge the citizens health problems. The hurriedly installation of the 5G network in Nigeria will be counter productive because the poor Nigerian masses with impaired health issues cannot withstand the radiation that emits from the 5G masts which is dangerous to health wise. The Nigerian government should as a matter of fact stop it's further installation and figure out ways of bettering the lives of her citizens and and reducing hers citizens sufferings in this nationwide lockdown. Gradually the Nigerian government is calling for either anarchy or total revolution because she lacks the mental ability to manage her citizens day to day care; the Nigerian government sole aim is scouting around from where to steal funds from world governmental bodies in the name of curtailing the spread of corona virus; this rogue regime of APC has taken the masses for a ride for way too long which will definitely backfire on the cabals because of APC lack the capacity to carry every Nigerian along irrespective of creed and belief. Remember he who brings in an ant infested wood should be ready to entertain the lizards.

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