By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter April 17,2020

On behalf of Biafra Reporters, with pains and heart felt message, we commiserate with the deceased families in particular and Nations at large respectively that recently got affected by the grim Chinese made virus - politically christened Covid-19 by WHO and Chinese authority in order to exonerate the Chinese government from blame and world sanctions with penalty to be paid for, more especially our heart felt message goes to the US and Great Britain that recorded highest dead toll within 24 hours. May the souls of the departed rest in peace while the culprits face wraths and curse thereof for investing a bio-weapon virus of global mass destructions of human lives with sole interest of depopulation of Africa as a race and exhibition of white supremacy by Bill Gates linage and it's associates. Historically CovidI-19 extremely superseded other occurred epidemics since the existence of mankind, funny facts of this Chinese virus pandemic is more confidential than what mere optical eyes can see and gullible people devoid of reasoning can't comprehend. It sounds funny how the pestle Chinese virus at least taught the world a simple lesson that no Nation is an island that can survive alone without the aids of other Nations. Unifications, corporations among Nations is important than dichotomous combat military war of aggressions. Politics is one amongs the problems facing the world generally, some are yet to understand that Covid-19 is politically engineered and motivated by some proxy International political actors who intentionally, working secretly behind the creation of the Covid-19 laboratory virus and the 5G Network. Dr. Charles Lieber, head of the Chemistry and Biology Department at Harvard University USA and Bill Gate are major actors behind it. Although, not everyone is expected to be intellectually advance to foresee this game of power tussle in International political arena, surprisingly, this might lead to "US capitalist and Chinese communist bipolar cold war and emergence of bipolar New World Order" in favour of the winner. The ugliest effects of this pandemic and the hurriedly installations of 5G network masts same time the world is confined indoors exposed the funny facts that correlates the magnitude intensive hazard both Covid-19 and 5G can inflict on human health. Mysterious muteness of Self-acclaimed Clergy miracle workers at the time their miracle service is mostly needed to heal Covid-19 patients around the world and their inability to bring out tithes, offerings monies for succor means either they are scammers, fake to utilize the miracle potentials appropriately or medical solutions remain the only remedy for any kind of illness than abracadabra miracles from any religious beliefs. Seems by now, nothing or little had been done by most religious dominations to savage their followers at this critical season; it means religious bigots only practice a belief as opium of the masses without critical reasoning faculty to face reality. Scientifically, Covid-19 is a man-made emanated laboratory virus from Wuhan University of Virology, China. Medically, virus has no cure but the continuous boosting of the immune system help resists virus attacking the immune porously whereas, the 5G Network radiates waves or emit particles that weakens the immune system so fast and quick and by so doing gives a head to virus to attack the body blood cell and also beams heat. In a simple tense, the feelings of beam radiation by functioning laptop while carrying it on the laps affects chromosomes and infertility in human’s body same way placing cell phone on one’s chest causes heartbeat or cancer of the heart. The secret behind the power tussle of capitalist super power and communist great power was the Chinese government and scientists invention of monitoring satellites at the outer space which can only be powered by 5G Network, such scenario means humans can easily be remote by power desperadoes using vaccination chips. The Indefinite suspension of sports globally cannot be easily be ascertained with common reasoning and mere outlook, it was basically, to avoid spread of this contagious deadly virus which has never happen in the world of sports. Currently, pool stakers embark on what they called panel draws, it means draws only predicted by assign body in charge without players playing any game just to make flows of transactions. Likewise, some governments, corporate bodies and individuals illegally extort funds from world bodies in guise of fighting Covid-19 like the Nigerian government. Specifically, United States of America led by Donald J. Trump halts the funds going to the World Health Organization is a welcome development in a right direction as most corrupt dependent countries like Nigeria saw it as an avenue to falsify Covid-19 figures that tested positive. In all indications, the purpose of the Nigerian government increasing of the figure Covid-19 positive cases to 373 was her intention to receive fifty million €50M Euro from European Union, nothing more nothing less. Despite, the high survival rate of this pandemic that makes it impossibile of Covid-19 to last long in West Africa due to the harsh atmospheric climate condition of West Africa with 32/34-degree Celsius unlike the temperate climate change of below 20 degree Celsius in most affected European countries was to scam the World Health Organization and other International organizations. Finally, civilize Nations with medical facilities are struggling to curtail the pandemic while ordinary rogue corrupts backward Nigerian State with no Medi-care claims to had healed Covid-19 patients and discharge them without any prove to the world, the medications they used to cure those victims nor do they keep records of those healed for WHO recommendations sounds funny. In most cases, the Nigerian government forcefully subjected people with Malaria symptoms as tested Covid-19 positive patients to back up their dubious deceptive lies. Had Nigeria have the remedy why would this pandemic unseat the de-facto President of Nigeria - Mallam Abba Kyria, who is currently receiving medical treatments intubated in far away Havana hospital in Cuba?. And had 5G Network not a harmful weaponize agent to human health why is the Federal government of Nigeria hasting up hurriedly to install 5G network in Old Eastern Region of Nigeria while ordinary second Niger bridge, Enugu International Airport, SouthEast/South Sea ports are in total lock down, why is the regional bills [SouthEast Development Bill], enjoyed by others cannot be granted in Biafra land?.
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