Compiled By Biafra Reporters | The Biafra Post April 16, 2020 1. Nigerian Armed Forces have killed more civilians in this Corona Virus period than the virus itself. 2. We are battling with the combination of hunger and starvation, with the double standard from the Yoruba zoo media, the intimidation, the Fulani lootocracy, Fulani terrorism, the deception, photoshops, repreesiveness, dictatorial tendencies from this regime, all their countless harrassment, the sins of the Fulani janjaweed, the worst of which the ones left in Aso Rock presiding over the lives of 200million people handed over to Chinese Company. 3. As the lockdown is going on everywhere even in Anambra, they are busy installing 5g network cables that weakened the immune system. People has been asking what is the connection between 5G and Corona virus?. 4. The correlation is this, 5G weakens the immune system that allows common cold to invade your system like the Corona virus which is a cold virus. 5. All of you listening to me this night, your lives are worthless before the political leaders in Aso Rock. As long as they are comfortable with their family, they will do anything they like with your lives. This gospel tonight is for everybody not just for Biafrans. 6. Your future and that of your children had been crushed down the drain by these criminals called political leaders in Aso Rock and your so called governors. 7. It doesn't matter if they are PDP or APC, they are all the same, they have all failed you and will continue to fail you unless you upgrade your reasoning by revolution which is needed now. 8. Those thinking if Bola Ahmed Tinubu gets to power things will be better for them. Better think twice, Olusegun Obasanjo was there for 8yrs, did your life get any better?, those in Southern part of Biafra Goodluck Jonathan was there for 6 years, what was the outcome?. 9. This revolution must be region by region, the West should organise themselves for it, the MiddleBelt should organise themselves for it, the East is organised already waiting for others to come onboard. 10. How many people are they going to kill if we rise up at the same time to revolt against this oppressive and repressive rogue regime?. 11. Everywhere in the world there was a revolution by the people, in Russia, America. I keep asking black people, at what point will you get to that point to stand up for your right?. 12. They made revolution very difficult for you through amalgamation of three divergent ethnic nationalities so that you can never come together for revolution. Even if the other two accept revolution an Almajiri will never accept it because they listen to their politicians and Emirs. 13. We care about everybody and we are giving you solution to your problem, if you like take it or leave it. 14. You can make your lives better by rising up and saying NO because as it stands now your lives are meaningless in Nigeria caused by your so called leaders. 15. Those Yoruba media supporting evil will be consumed by the evil they support. Yoruba have not learnt anything from the fall of Ilorin which is a Yoruba land answerable to an Emir. 16. Everybody should prepare because the British knows that the Fulanis' are hopeless and useless before they gave them power, they are ready to kill anybody the British wants them to kill. 17. Everybody must go back to their region, exactly what Gideon Orkar had in mind in his coup. 18. Anytime a black person is killed by the police in Africa, they rejoice in Europe because they know we are useless bereft of reasoning. 19. People asked me why I focus on the Yoruba, I said I do so because they are the problem and they collectively know it. 20. When Yoruba media fail to report bombing, they are directly responsible for another bomb going off in another location. 21. I know their eyes are on oil and gas, but i have always maitained that every country in Africa will be given oil and gas, we need to see other African countries develop. 22. What do we need 5G for?. If 5G were to be beneficial, will they bring it to our land?. That's the question you should ask yourself first. Onitsha head Bridge is not built, railways not built, hospitals not developed and you think 5G will be beneficial and they are giving it to you?. 23. We have been bombed in Abule Ado Lagos State and others places. Many more bombs will come unless we rise up and do something about it. 24. Without discipline in a black man we are not going anywhere, the reason why Africans are the way they are is because they are not disciplined. 25. To the law abiding Fulani, I am not your enemy, IPOB is not your enemy, my enemies are the cabals holding you down. 26. Those of you Fulanis' that wants to see your lives to improve, we are here to help you to become free, let them not deceive you with oil and gas, soon oil will be useless. 27. When they come to deceive you for one Nigeria, tell them you want your children to be in the same school with their children, they will fizzle away. 28. They are busy killing people who are hungry, how many terrorists have they killed?. 29. Since January 2017 we have been entertained by British made Buhari, Jubril Al-Sudani and you didn't rise up to say no, now they have given you their Chinese version of Buhari. 30. Have you noticed that anytime this thing speaks from Cuba, there's a hole in his neck?. 31. The money is there to feed you but they will not because they know you are foolish, they brought Jubril Al-Sudani and you did nothing, so they know you will still do nothing if they refuse to feed you. 32. You want to know how America did it, you want to know how Russia did it?. They did it by removing those that are evil, but here in the zoo called Nigeria you see evil and you do nothing. 33. In one of Femi Adesina's photoshop on his own page, one of his leg's is broken, he is wearing sandal on one and shoe on the other one. It is on his page so there is no doubt, go there and look at it. 34. The Chinese has come, you know what they will do?. They will kill as many of us as possible and take over our properties, natural resources because we are dumb. 35. The Chinese came because they reasoned "if 200million people cannot decipher that the man ruling them is not the one they voted for, let's go and experiment with them for they are useless", I must tell you this. 36. I'm telling you this now, the European Union did not go or pay any visit to Aso-Rock, they hired few corrupt white diplomats residents in Abuja, paid them and asked them to stand for pictures. 37. Do you know that Nigerian Foreign Affairs Minister - Onyema claims that the video from China where Nigerians were been maltreated is false ?
A whole Foreign Minister that should be defending his people being treated like animals in China is claiming otherwise. Onyema's father was a traitor who served the white man (the British government), as a Warrant Chief officer, Onyema's father killed his lover and later committed suicide. Betrayal is in their blood. 38. The shameful, degrading treatment of Africans in China has not been condemned by the WHO and UN but when President Donald J. Trump called Corona virus, a Chinese virus all of them rose to condemn Donald Trump. It is time for Africa to rise and think for themselves. 39. If you don't have honour and pride, you are not a human being. Nobody will respect you. The Chinese have honor and pride for themselves that's why they respect them because they know they can reason but here in Africa we can't reason rather we feel sorry for ourselves. 40. Yoruba has no shame at all, if they have shame they will go and retake Ilorin from the Fulanis' before making mockery of any other tribe. 41. Yoruba before you think of becoming a traitor, look at Ilorin, that was how you lost Ilorin because of your double face behaviour. 42. Nigerian Health Minister Osagie said Nigerian government did not invite the Chinese. Then how come the Chinese were welcomed by the same Nigerian government officials at the airport?. 43. It will take Black people themselves to remove themselves from the mess they are in. The earlier they understand it, the better for all of us. 44. Look for people to respect you by the virtue of what you can do. Stop looking for people to love you. Africans are busy looking for Nations that will love them instead of to think of what they can do for themselves to improve. 45. If the people ruling the zoo called Nigeria have your interests at heart will they involve the Chinese that created the Corona Virus to help you. 46. Chinese communist party have sent a Covid-19 Ex-Prisoner in China into Ebonyi State of Biafra land to contaminate the people today to ease their experimentation. I am warning our people over there. Beware of Dave Umahi. Becareful wherever you are. 47. There are signs everywhere that China is not good for Africa but African leaders will never listen because they lack the ability to reason, all they do know is how to steal.

48 There was virus in wuhan in China and China did not tell anybody, they wanted people to die, and they came to USA were they had a trade deal with Trump and Trump signed it, and in that trade deal there was a clause, should there be any natural disaster,any act of god, any pandamic we will no longer honour this deal we are signing today,  

49 China knew about this virus in November, last year and they kept silent until December, do you see it, why China and WHO should be hold accountable, ? That is how civilize country work , because some people have died, some one must be hold accoutable.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::Closing Remark:::::::::::::::::::: Here we speak the truth because Biafra is going to be whiter than white, we cannot condone evil, God is my witness. Biafra is my religion, Radio Biafra is where we worship and Chukwu Okike Abiama bi n'igwe is our God. From me from here it is good evening.

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