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April 15, 2020
By Biafra Reporter
Exactly one week after the headquarters of the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation was gutted by fire, there has been another fire outbreak at the headquarters of the Corporate Affairs Commission.
The fire, according to sources, occurred on Wednesday morning at the seven-storey building located in Maitama, Abuja.

The building is located on the same street that houses other top government offices such as the National Youth Service Corps, the Nigeria Incentives Risk-Based Sharing for Agricultural Lending and the Nigeria Export Promotion Commission among others.The Registrar-General of the CAC, Alhaji Garba Abubakar, confirmed

At the time of filing this report there is no details as what caused the fire and the extent of damage that occurs. This is a call for a concern as Nigerians are helpless while government properties are been burnt down and the so called president is keeping a blind eyes without addressing what should be called a national tragedy, one would have expected that the president should have as a matter of national emergency addressed  the nation on the burning of treasury house a week ago, while addressing the nation on his recorded national broadcast address on covid 19 pandamic, amidst the public outcry of the fire outbreak but lol and behold the president totally ignored the burning issues without giving any room to take questions from Nigerians press a clear indication of a failed state and a vindication that an impostor is in charge of Nigeria affair ,
Stay tuned with Biafra reporter as more details comes

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