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April 18, 2020

Aba, the commercial, commerce and economical hub of Abia State has abruptly become the epicenter of the Nigerian security agents to exhibit their high headed level of madness to the poor innocent citizens of Aba mainly under this lockdown order by the state and Federal government of Nigeria without grants for relief materials to help them maintain and obey this order. Upon investigation by the Biafra Post Journalists, account of eye witnesses has this to tell.

On the 17th day of April 2020 round 8am, Police men from Ogbosisi Police Station early yesterday morning stopped a Keke man with his passengers; out of fear and inhuman degradation treatments that will be meted on them by the Police officers forced the passengers to took off on their legs, the Police men out of annoyance for not getting hold of any of the passengers for arrest started beating the tricyclist (Keke), man and the next question the Police men asked him was, why did he came out to operate under this lockdown order?.

All of a sudden the Police men on road block started beating the tricyclist (keke) man, the beating become unbearable for him and he - the tricyclist tried to escape from their hands and they chased after him and kicked him down, and he fell down hitting his head on the tarred road, they hit him more harder with their guns and marched him mercilessly with their Military boots until he passed out and died they now took him with his tricycle (keke) away. The youths on sighting this barbaric act by a supposed allegedly Nigerian Police Force who are to direct and help the citizens grouped themselves immediately and started fighting for justice for the tricyclist killed in their present.
The angry youths rose and say no to the Nigerian Police Force for killing their brother for no just cause nor for a crime of whatsoever, out of anger they burnt the car the Police men came with. So the youths now move down to the Police Station and requested for the dead body of their brother that the Police men killed; their reason is/was, the Nigerian Police men cannot kill him unlawfully and at the same time took his corps.

On getting close to the police station, the Nigerian Military Men (Army), blocked the road and stopped the Uratta youths and other concerned citizens of Aba from advancing to the Police Station, the Nigerian Military men demanded for explanations on what was going on, on their request to know, one of the youths narrated to them how it all happened and that all they want is their brother's corps; the Nigerian Military men calmed every situation down and the youths became calmed but refused to leave without the corps of their dead tricyclist brother.

The Nigerian Army enquired from the Police men about the tricyclist body, the Nigerian Police men response was that the victim is not dead but taken to hospital, they youths responded in affirmation that it's a lie, immediately the Nigerian Army left for investigations on the crime scene where it all started, upon departing the area by the Nigerian Military, the Nigerian Police Force - Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) entered the Police Station and those Police men on duty came out with full force and full squad firing live bullets and tear gas straight to the people so as to disperse them; on the process the Nigerian Police Force - Killer Squad (SARS), shot one man on both sides of his legs.

The account of an eye witness as narrated to Biafra Reporters when they arrived - [Name Withheld], "I am an eye witness, now everywhere is hot, the youths has vowed to revenge; imagine killing them in their own land, they went back to the junction and block the road. I as a witness hid somewhere in the Police Station to get this information, not upto 10 minutes the youths left after the incident, the Area Command Abia State arrived with 3 Hilux Vans loaded about nine (9) - ten (10) Police men on each of the Hilux Vans, the set of Federal SARS arrived also with one Sienna Saloon car and eighteen (18) seater Mitsubishi bus, they had a brief meeting thereafter. Where the problem lies is, I was not with my smart phone to capture the video.

In their brief meeting, they said they will advance immediately against the youths and kill them all since they want to die, in this way we can help them to die quick; one of the Police man in that Station by name Abirika was called to bring his car for them to use and he refused and told them boldly that he can't and that those innocent people are his brothers; he left them and they reported him to their DPO, they told the DPO their plan is catch up to five (5)- ten (10) persons or more if possible then shoot at the rest of the youths. They immediately drove down to people's houses and started harassing them in their own houses, some of the Nigerian Police Force beat them up, in that process my Aunty was beaten up (my mother's sister), who lives in that street inside their compound.

All the men living in that compound were forcefully arrested including other houses within the neighborhood. Now at Uratta junction, the youths on protest sighted a white Hilux Van coming with a Police officer on escort duty and block the road and refused them passage, they tried to cross with force and they shot at one boy on his forehead who was telling them to go back; the youths came after them and they ran away with their Hilux Van, the people wept bitterly. The Nigerian Secret Police - DSS on a spot arrived at the venue and asked the youths what happened?.
The youths answered them in an elaborated manner, the DSS now asked of elderly men who can volunteer as eye witness on what really transpired between the Nigerian Police Force, the dead tricyclist and the youths shit at and almost everybody agreed to their demand to witness before them what happened; DSS now promised to investigate the killer Police man, who shot the young man, as the DSS were calming the masses down to give peace a space, the Uratta Police Division and the Area Command Abia State coupled with Federal SARS arrived and chased the people away.

One of the Police officer's by name - Mr. Chinaza opened a teargas canister and the DSS officers cautioned him to stop and he vowed openly that he will start to intimidate people here - that's the youths, so about one hour later, they took away the tricyclist dead body; the youths demanded to know where they were taking him to and they replied to their Umuahia custody; in a short while things were getting calmed, normalcy gradually returned and the people started departing peacefully, the DSS and the Nigerian Navy left the venue as well.
The Nigerian Police men and F-SARS refused to leave immediately like Nigerian Navy and DSS did, later this evening I got a concrete information that the men of the Nigerian Police Force were arresting people that came at the Police Station to identify their dead brother's corps, on getting the information, I went to the Police Station and verified it myself, so my dear journalists this is all I i can say for now. Thanks.



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