Comr. Nwawube Ezeobi - TBP
January 21, 2020
It is often said that common sense is a flower that does not grow in everybody's backyard. The recent over bloated and political motivated shambolic so-called interviews and destructive propaganda being orchestrated by the federal might through the use of vanguard e-rat called Dennis Agbo have gone a long way to explain why Ndi Igbo and the entire Biafra nation had been held down for years. The very pointedBy criticism of Dennis Agbo negative narrative against the Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's led Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) was the endangering of lives of Igbos in diaspora. Learned thinkers and rational men and women were actually reading further to see Dennis Agbo buttress in black and white how IPOB is endangering the lives of Biafrans in diaspora but funny enough, he never backed up his false claims with any concrete nor evidentially facts.
Mr. Dennis Agbo was quick to manipulate the minds of the average readers with the fears associated with wars which he claimed the Indigenous People of Biafra are drumming for. Then I make bold to ask this half baked freelance journalist if self-determination as was encapsulated in the United Nations charter defined it to be a call for War. The Indigenous People of Biafra members living in over 100 countries of the world had always taken to the street to protest against the killings of their people back home, it is never on record that any civilised nation where the Indigenous People of Biafra domiciled had arrested any IPOB member for protesting, this is so because IPOB always sought for protest permit and had always gained such. What Mr. Dennis Agbo failed to tell black Africans was the fact, that it is highly difficult for a Biafran that has no residence permit to protest in the streets of Europe and America. The young paid tout forgot to highlight the fact that IPOB had proven to be "A mighty Iroko tree" where Africans in diaspora takes refuge outside the shores of Africa. The poor intellectually equipped 'mugu' hinted on IPOB being run by only Igbos. Just then I reasoned how unprofessional and immature that blood of a saboteur can be. I may not waste my ink on naming IPOB Principal Officers that are not Igbo, but if he had not heard or felt the impact of any, atleast he must have heard the voice of the lion from Agbo in Delta State politically nicknamed "South South" by the Nigerian government. While other tribes are rising in one voice to face the common enemy which is the forceful domineering of the Fulani hegemony, some Igbo efulefus are still romancing and dining with them so that they would be considered relevant. Mr. Dennis Agbo is just a little church rat that cannot finish a bag of garri dropped to his rat hole. Maybe he thinks making demeaning utterances at IPOB will undermine the Indigenous People of Biafra resolve to restore Biafra not knowing that his likes and that of his negative narratives on IPOB only fuel us the more and energize us the more to crush every paid riff-raff like him on a Nigerian government pay roll. Mr. Dennis Agbo is just a rabble rouser with no promising future nor is he a critical thinker, if actually he is an intellectual should have implore his sense of reasoning and energy by address the so many ills of the Islamization government of tyrant Mohammadu Buhari led APC government, have he written any article nor criticize the rampaging Fulani herdsmen and the answer is No, so how come that IPOB is calling for war in Mr. Dennis Agbo little world of thought. I make bold to state here that not only a misguided Dennis Agbo barking in the euphoria of a paid agent is this article meant for but for all other kitchen saboteurs and house slaves must remember that the wages of treachery against one owns people is capital punishment which will come in tune of death.

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