By Comr Nwawube Ezeobi
Writer, Reporter With The Biafra Post
 January 21, 2020

Port Harcourt- a city soaked with the blood of the innocent Biafra agitators who rally to celebrate Mr. Donald J. Trump of America. It is exactly 3years today, I embarked on one of the most darkest adventures of my life.
I have always condemned the Nigerian military forces based on the pictures and videos of inhumane treatments and torture I saw online but just as Lucky Dube sang “ you will never understand it until it comes to your doorstep".

Sincerely, just like any other parents, mine were against my wish of attending the Donald J. Trump of America rally in Port Harcourt city even as they are lovers of Biafra, but I was very defiant, adamant, rigid and chose to face the consequences of my stubbornness when I come back (that I almost never did).

It was my first time going to Igweocha - Port Harcourt so I had to make some contacts among who were comr Godwin Joel, a writer and reporter with the Biafra Post news outlet.
I entered the PH city very anxious and excited, I alighted around a place referred to as waterways. I was still waiting for my other comrades to pick me up when I saw a batch of Biafrans carrying different placards in celebration of Donald J. trump and also renting the air with Biafra flags and insignias.

"They were chanting the glorious Biafran victory melodies". I was moved to join even as I knew not where they were heading to, who cares, after all, that’s why I came to Port Harcourt City.

Few minutes of my joining my brothers in this rally, came running after us, the Nigerian military forces, few were in military uniform whereas a good number of them were in mufti, covering their faces with masks and carrying the type of guns and weapons that I had never seen in my lifetime.

I thought I was still in a dream when they opened fire without any signal or warning, my people were running helter skelter in different directions, I quickly moved into a compound that I later found out to be a business firm that was in support of Biafra, they shielded me, and from that point, I could still see the Nigerian forces looting the “spoils of war". They were busy tying those they captured alive like you tie a violent dog with chains all over. The hatred was so visible, my people were heavily suffocated.

Barely two hours later, we regrouped and made towards where they called “airforce road" in order to meet up with thousands of Biafrans blockaded by the military from joining us. At that junction, I could see visibly thousands of my people whom amongst them, I confirmed was Ugonnia Ikechebelu, a brother and friend of mine. Few minutes later I met Comr Joel who later was to be my host and way giver in Port Harcourt and also the very dreaded Mazi Ifeanyi Ojukwu -hardcore Biafran.

I was still trying to take one or two selfies with Ifeanyi Ojukwu when tear gasses started flowing from all angles, before we could move, we found out that we were surrounded.
We scampered to nowhere as live bullets were poured into the booming and stampeding crowd. Men fell, female fell, boys and girls alike fell before my very eyes, I felt the bullet on my head even when it had not hit me, whether from suffocation of teargas or the pouring bullets, I fainted close to three times as I made my way out of the crowd.

While some of our fallen men, also were carried along out of the crowd by their comrades alive, with the able support of comrade Godwin and an Ogoni friend who helped revived me anything I fainted. I saw with my eyes, men that I stood with shouting “long live the United States of America" fall before me. I saw some boys I was joking with fall before my very eyes.

Any single bullet that brought down a brother hit my heart. Any single drop of blood that I saw in Port Harcourt city tormented my soul till date. The blood of my people painted Port Harcourt city red for just no cause; Port Harcourt city became a town soaked in the blood of the innocent Biafrans celebrating the triumph and the victorious emergence of Mr. Donald J. Trump as American President.

To be Continued......

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