By Ebenezer Onwughalu | The Biafra Post January 21, 2020 The word ''BIAFRA or BIAFARA'' means come and lets live together, it doesn't matter your body pigment once you can and will abide by the Biafra irreducible cultural values. Biafra as you can see is mixed up with people of different tongues but same value systems mainly from the defunct Eastern part of Nigeria which the enemies [The Nigerian Government], broke them into two and named one section of it South East and the other South South. Biafra transcends to some parts of Edo State, Kogi State and Benue State with different indigenous local languages but uses a central tongue when trading commodities as in the olden days. Our struggle for a free Biafra State has far-reaching significance than what is obtainable in Nigeria of today which is galvanized with hatred, mass killing, nepotism, tribalism, religious intolerance and ethnocentrism. It is the latest recrudescence in our time, that we must preserve the long old aged struggle of the black man for his full liberation and civilization as a human, Biafrans have been the recurring victims of a wicked collusion between the three traditional scourges of the black man. The Biafra struggle is not a mere resistance that would be purely negative, it is a positive commitment to build a healthy, dynamic and progressive state, such that would be the pride of a black men and the world in general. It is important to note that Biafra is an ancient Kingdom that existed five thousand years ago in Africa before the British government invasion of the Biafran soil to create what is today known to be Nigeria, the people of Biafra decided to secede from the unholy union created by the British imperialists government in the name of a dark and evil area called Nigeria because of the bloody killings of the Biafran stocks right from the year 1945 even before Nigeria had her Independence to 1966 and the very brutal genocide against her people between 1967 to 1970 even till date going unabated. Biafrans are a blessed stock by Chukwu Okike Abiama himself and are talented which makes the British and Nigeria government jealous of them. The Biafra struggle is very paramount and necessary to all Biafrans because in ''BIAFRA AFRICA DIED''. The blood of the innocent Biafran children, mothers and that of our fathers have been spilled everywhere in Nigeria yet the struggle for Biafra is still very much stronger, when a people are subjected to a higher degree of inhuman degradation for which there is no other word or adjective to use but the right word for it - "GENOCIDE". They have the absolute right to seek an identity apart from that of her aggressors. A Biafran once said to me ''you can kill us but you can never destroy our ideology", and he was rightly telling that to a Nigerian soldier who came to murder them in cold blood for having the Biafra insignia - flag. It is not a matter of guns and bullet he enchanted. Every democratically civilized Nations of the world should set aside her official engagements with Nigeria and recognized the ultimate price that Biafrans has paid to be a free people amongst the comity of Nations, this approach calls for peace talk between the world governmental institutions, Nigerian government and Biafra government in exile to pacify and chart a way out, Biafra struggle started right from the time of late War Field Marshall Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and now to Mazi nnamdi Kanu. The struggle for Biafra which the Indigenous People of Biafra strongly believes is necessary for all the Biafran stocks caged in Nigeria because they are the blessed people of God Almighty. I make reference to a Russian citizen statement during the genocidal war on Biafra " A country that is not yet two months old that can manufacture monster bombs (Ogbunigwe) and rockets must be feared.....'' He actually implied that this people should be set free knowing fully well that Biafra is the "Pride of Africa" .

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