Authored By Kelechi Okorie,
November 15,2019

Freedom ought to be imperative to every free thinker hence; all are born free with strong desire to confront circumstances. Personally, I commend Omoyele Sowor of Sahara Reporters Publisher on his courage challenging undemocratic Buhari/Jubirl led APC terrorist government in a first place. Though, some people faulted his style of #RevolutionNow mantra maybe, due to his illusive support that ushered in the tyrant government through his online media platform that blackmailed Goodluck Jonathan’s regime and FFK, his own brother from same geopolitical zone. To make this column static, there is nothing wrong for Sowore making a demand for justice, equity and fairness for masses outside Nigeria hemisphere but everything is wrong for daring the possibility of achieving same within Nigeria pedigree when her faulty foundation impends the RevoulutionNow activist acquires his desire aim invariably also, he fails to ascertained, public enlightenment before embarking on mission impossible for betterment of Nigerians and her radical transformation of socio political economy of British control business centre. RevolutionNow activism could had have been a reality had the activists channeled it directly to Oduduwa republic the same way, Sowore stringent bail conditions could had long been perfected by lovers of freedom had he calculated well because everybody is fade up to be identify as a Nigerian.

Sowore did nothing wrong known to law he is a prisoner of conscience, invariably, at least, he must had learnt his lesson that Nigeria is nothing but cattle republic where government itself is more concern to hag eloquent critics like him to dead in guise of hate speech with high level of human rights violation but preserves hate actions offenders like Buhari, Boko Haram, Fulani bandits and Fulani political gangsters. Long before now, Nigeria is Fulani estate controls by haramite terrorist Janjaweed caliphate having form strong dynasty with main objectives of permanent conquest, subjugation and enslavement of indigenous population.

No claim can disputes the fact Femi Fani Kayode’s resoluteness and consistency defending bitter truth all time not minding whose ox is gored calls for emulation from all and sundry. FFK always speaks against barbaric Fulani enslavement, artificial boundaries adjustment to weakening the strength of certain regions by Fulani invaders, incessant killings of unarm innocent civilians by same state sponsored terrorists in military uniform. Records entails Dogon is assiduously and confidently defending their ancestral land against the Fulani nomadic herders of the Sahel in Mali, history is likely repeating itself, it was how Oduduwa that defeated Fulani in 1840, same can replicates now once a visionary realist, protectionist, idealist, revolutionist, historian, democrat like FFk advocates emancipation of Oduduwa republic. No need stressing the truth Federal government jeopardizes the uniformity of South, boundaries adjustment or minority commission spearheaded by Fulani political class that caved out Oduduwa ancestral land to Dahome (Benin) was total denial of identity making them neither here nor there to form strong indivisible force. Without any shred of contemplation, Oduduwans in Benin are inquisitive, prefer to return their original home than hanging in artificial boundary created by circumstance contrary from their collective will to either to join the union or not. Had somebody like FFK was present Kwara state a suppose Oduduwa land would not had failed under the caprice, supervision and control of Fulani manipulation. The same way Igbo political slaves aiding Fualani defilement, encroachment, exploitation and exploration of Biafra soil with Ruga settlement by guns and bullets though, IPOB retroactively rebuffing their excesses.

It is worthy to note, that both Biafra and Oduduwa should wake up to go back to their roots, in all indications they are mapped out for total annihilation, self-defense a panacea to retain their identity, by so doing their recognition as a race remains intact. Thinking otherwise someday, somehow Nigeria will be better is nothing but hallucinateing tales by moon light. Certainly, collapse of the contraption is imminent whether Britain likes or not, her High commission to Nigeria Mrs. Catriona Laing touring around to cement breaking of Nigeria is mission impossible as they (Britain) made it to be impossible to achieve equity, justice and fairness within Nigeria hemisphere.

Exceptional of Northern caliphate, no region shall ever smell political power, the rumor of Buhari’s tenure elongation is a tip of iceberg of born to rule ideology initiated, inculcated by their forefathers Othman Dan fodio, Almedu Bello etc. This ground conspiracy has sink deep in their conscience never to allow power shift outside northern political space. The idea of one Nigeria means Fulani enjoying their estate with conception of concentration of power among Fulani political class using north as a willing tools and south as a conquered territory not to have control of their future. Intense analogy proves Fulani as a race is inching closer to Stone Age imp socialization by their great grandfathers. What else can makes a learned activist like FFK to contemplate fighting Oduduwa republic? With all conviction Oduduwa is naturally endowed economically with viable and vibrant manpower, well expose bright intellectuals, industrialists, above all with well organize coordinated definite geographical entity with reasonable millions of indigenes domicile within the socio milieu that will develop the jurisdiction within a twinkle off and eye once she becomes a sovereign nation.

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