By Ndubuisi Eke | Biafra Reporter | The Biafra Post
November 20, 2019

When a government wants to impose or make use of the tools of tyranny they always feel desperate, and eager to silence the people at all cost with different evil bills and actions waiting for motion in the lower and upper Chambers to sweep through. For such a long time now have the writer of this report findings been carrying out secret investigations on The Nigerian Security Outfits and the Nigerian men of the underworld hanging on the Nigerian major highways stealing from commuters, motorists and passengers so as to differentiate the two jobs.

It is highly insane that despite the high rates of bad, dead, dilapidated and break down of connecting roads in the defunct Eastern region of Nigeria today known as South-East and the academically blunder created by the illiterate Nigerian government called South-South that don't exist in World Atlas and navigational charts. This a APC led regime of tyrant Mohammadu Buhari is souless, hypocritical, baised and unrepentant bastard.

Mohammadu Buhari and his security aparachiks do found joy stealing from Biafrans at all fronts in Biafra land this move is perfected by the heavy presence of the Nigerian Police and Army commanding you to step out of your moving vehicle in order to ransom you, The tyrant Mohammadu Buhari's behest with the soulless Abuja cabals mounted the heavy presence of the Nigerian Mopol, The Nigerian Police Force, Anti Terrorism Squad, The Rapid Reponse Squad,Counter Terrorism Squad and The Nigerian Military to bully and exploit the Nigerian public road users inspite of all the hurdles they face plying passengers to their various destinations and catchment areas.

It all started with some journnies from Owerri to Port Harcourt- Igweocha, Igweocha to Aba, Aba to Owerri and Owerri to Ontisha; Umuahia to Aba, Umuahia to Ebonyi, on two occasions the drivers refused to corporate with men of the the Nigerian security. And they'll open fire on the moving vehicle on a broad day robbery of fifty naira (50) to hundred naira (100). This unnecessary opening of fire on drivers that refused to comply had resulted in the untimely and sudden death of two students of the Federal University of Nigeria.

The mode of operations by the high way robbers and the Nigerian security outfits are same, what differentiate them is that one is making use of the Nigerian government uniform, government badge to criminally exploit commuters while the other has none to make use with robbing commuters. From my findings some security officers of the Nigerian government reveal and dole out information to these highway robbers on where their surveillance of the day will get to or not so that they will peacefully rob passengers of their hard earned goods and money before they will intervene while the robbers have gone.

Jokingly the columinst asked a Nigerian Police Force member one day at a time, what if on the verge of bullying and exploiting commuters and your superiors were plying the road and catch you on tape, what will be the consequences or punishment for that, his response threw off the balance when he merely replied my brother forget talk my superiors also make account to Aso-Rock, shivers run down my spine, the only thing that will happen is that I will allow their vehicle passage for that moment and continue with my business because we render account to them to which they use on their frivolous lifestyles.

Another secret finding is that how these men of the Nigerian men of the underworld make use of Nigerian Government Police guns while on robbery attack is what baffles the mind, and in some cases they will fasley report that the boys overpowered them and made way with their guns while they rented it to them for use; Biafra land is under siege at all fronts. The extortion is much that at a pole distance a road block is mounted either by the Army or Police or the both combined in a certain place extorting the public road users.

The British human zoo mightly controlled by the the Sahel Fulanis' are worried by the spate of criticisms, dissent opinions that have greeted the government of tyrant Mohammadu Buhari by the Leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra and Benue people over their refusal to hand over their lands to Fulanis' for expansionism and Islamization agenda of this rigid tyrannical government of Mohammadu Buhari criminally introduced the "Hate Speech Bill" to silence all opposition voices, the bill which passed first reading last week has caused the Nigerian Senate to distanced itself from the proposed legislation of killing the voice of the people which is the voice of democracy because the people is democracy not led.

The acting spokesperson for the red chamber, Senator Godiya Akwashiki, told journalists in Abuja on Monday that contrary to widespread impression, the bill was not the idea of the ninth Senate but rather that of the Deputy Chief Whip Sabi Abdullahi's conviction; He said it was solely being sponsored by the Deputy Chief Whip, Sabi Abdullahi, based on his conviction sniffing life out of the freedom of the press, government critics and a total perfection of tyrant Mohammadu Buhari third time agenda to which will bring in total Islamization and subjugation of the Biafran people's right to demand for referendum.

Also Mr. Emmanuel em a chieftain and legal adviser of the People Democratic Party has this to say "Hate speech bill Buhari’s instrument to third term, Islamization agenda.
The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, National Legal Adviser, Emmanuel Enoidem, has accused tyrant Muhammadu Buhari of plotting a third term and Islamization agenda using the hate speech bill.

Enoidem said tyrant Mohammadu Buhari will use the bill against those who will criticize his third term and alleged Islamization of Nigeria’s agenda.
Addressing journalists in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom state capital over the weekend, the PDP legal Adviser said the bill was a prototype of Decree 4 enacted by the ruthless power monger tyrant Mohammadu Buhari when he was the Head of State, adding that the provisions of the bill will impact negatively on the Nigeria.

He went further by describing the bill before the National Assembly as “criminal and an insult” to the image of Nigeria and democracy.
According to Mr. Emmanuel Enoidem: “The hate speech bill being considered by the National Assembly is the worst form of anti freedom of speech, freedom of conscience bill that is being proposed by any country in the world whether under military or otherwise. It is very negative in intention, it is criminal in action.

This is akin to Decree 4. But if you look at Decree 4 and compare it to the provision of the proposed bill, you will know that it has more negative provision than the one proposed by the military. This bill is targeted at a certain set of people agitating for freedom and a call for Nigeria to undergo through referendum.

“Who defines what is hate speech? If the press keeps quiet about it, they would become the first victim. It is better we stand up and speak against this evil that is coming. The bill is very insulting to the common conscience of the country, it is very insulting to the image of the country, and is very damaging to all of us. We need to stand up and speak against it as a people.

“This bill has two major focus in view: It is going to be a major instrument if Buhari fails to translate himself into 3rd term, because that proposal is in the mill, he will use it as a religious weapon against those who will come against the Islamization of Nigeria. You don’t have to believe it, but it will happen.

“The Ruga project that was stood down is being reactivated in a very subtle manner. They have some vendors now who go about acquiring land because the Federal Government has given Miyetti Allah N100 billion but they are still insisting on the remaining N50 billion because they demanded for N150 billion. That money is for them to buy land privately in different locations in the country, now that is a the penetration strategy.

“As I talk to you, even in Akwa Ibom, the vendors are here to acquire land in the pretense that they want to build hospitals etc. Eventually, the Hausas will come and settle there, colonize the place and make the place a Northern enclave.

“This law that they “ave proposed was supposed to come as an executive bill but they brought in somebody to sponsor it for them as a private bill because they know that if it comes as an executive bill, the intention will be seen through.”

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